Thursday, December 31, 2009


"Liberty cannot be sacrificed for the sake of temperance, for the sake of morality, or for the sake of anything. Liberty is of more value than everything else."
R. G. Ingersoll

In the new year, 2010, I predict nothing substantial will change. Living standards, conditions, and expectations of average American citizens will continue to deteriorate; orthodox Christian fundamentalists, evangelicals, and Biblical Zionists will re-emerge as the primary driving force of common politics, foreign policy and homeland security, with respect to terrorism, Islam, and Israel. By the end of 2010, after the election, battle lines will be even more sharply drawn, fortified fronts established, and, as a result, further division of the people of the United States into many fractions vying for influence, power, and authority will set the stage for more frequent violent conflict. 

The religious zealots insanely pursuing Armageddon and the Rapture, will begin to directly challenge the wealthy elite minority faction for full control of financial matters and constitutional politics, that is to say, the politics of war and federal power. I predict the anti-Christians and anti-religionists will become much stronger, louder, and reactionary. Labor, teachers, nurses and other professionals will return to organized union to conflate their number and enhance their power in preparation for battle. Within each of these major forces untold numbers of smaller more targeted and sectarian fractions will begin to grow and, by year's end, be more numerous and obvious. 

I predict that in the coming year, 2010, the most wealthy will increase their money and power, the rest of us will continue to let them take our wages, our power, our health, our intellectual development, our labor, and our lives. I predict by the end of 2010 Americans will have less liberty, less equality, less, money, education, general welfare and security. By the end of next year citizens of the United States will be more subjugated to God and less human; more enslaved to religion and state, less free to speak and act; more afraid of our government and each other, less confident and empowered. 

For the new year, 2010, I prophesy that ignorance, cruelty, and hypocrisy, the perpetual fruit of ALL RELIGIOUS ORTHODOXY, will dominate the mind of the nation, exert unnatural influence on our politics, and thereby substantially increase suffering, despair, and dissatisfaction. As a result of this the darkness of decline will deepen, and, absent any counter-action, the process of America's deterioration and ultimate failure will continue to accelerate toward an eventual conclusion in the not-to-distant future.

There is always the possibility we, as a nation, could make that next leap forward in intellectual development to realize that Human Beings, not some imaginary vengeful jealous God-thing, are the true source and most important valuable asset on planet Earth. It is possible by doing this and then acting to support, enhance and empower people that we might begin to reform our Humanity, then our nation, and finally the world. There is a slight possibility that we will make health care, education, living conditions, personal choice and security, that is to say, human liberty, equality, and happiness more important, more valuable, more desirable than excessive profit, power, or piety. 

The probability is, unfortunately, that we are so afraid, so subjugated and controlled, so weak, ignorant and superstitious, we will do little or nothing. The probability is we will continue to grovel and serve our masters, heavenly and earthly; that we will believe and propagate the lies, fraud and terror perpetuated by religious orthodoxy and our Untied States government; that we will compromise until there is absolutely no liberty, no justice, and no chance for any equality, whatsoever. 

"Compromise is the process by which hypocrites deceive each other." R.G. Ingersoll

I close hoping the best for every person in the United states, and around the world. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance. 

James B. Tinsley, B.A.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Christianity Destroys United States;
Declares American Spirit is Blaspheme

"Infidelity is liberty; all religion is slavery." (R. G. Ingersoll)

A great deal has transpired since our last contact just over a month ago. The most alarming events and happenings all appear to indicate that the worst is indeed occurring. Everything will remain the same as it ever was; the Status Quo will prevail, and nothing to improve or contribute to human progress, citizen's progress, will change. In fact, the powerful and wealthy elite occupying America's pseudo-Aristocracy and ruling class are in the process of codifying our retribution for daring to be impudent enough to demand to see a doctor and interfere with projected quarterly profit. 

Mark my words, the so-called "health care, or insurance reform" that will become law by year's end, will ultimately be recognized and exposed as yet another massive transfer of public taxpayer wealth (our hard earned and desperately needed cash) into the possesion and control of the richest one percent. An elite minority of select people that currently own more wealth and assets than 95% of those that earn less combined. Again, 1% of Americans own and control the flow of more cash and assets than 95% of Americans put together.

Yes, I know many will think that I am just saying that because Michael Moore happens to use this fact in his latest movie. It is not true. I first encountered this number several years ago while reading a book by journalist, tax expert and investigator, David Cay Johnston, formerly with the New York Times Newspaper. I have also heard the same statistic used by several economists in the past year. The point is, 95% of us all together have just slightly less economic power and resources than 1% of us. How does that happen, how is it even possible?

Throughout human history those who seized, assumed, inherited, were Divinely chosen, or thrust into power by abused and desperate subjects, employ the same means to manipulate and pacify, subjugate and control the restless rabble. Every major or influential society, state, nation, confederation of nationstates, and empire in the whole course of human civilization has been, and remains so today, the same in this regard. Even the self-declared, self-appointed "Greatest most powerful democratic nation in human history," the United States of America, is the same as every other that came before, or exits today. 

The most effective and cost efficient means used byr those in power to remain in power is fear, or terror; also, division, despair, and dependance. These tools of authority are always reinforced with state or government approved brutality-physical and mental, restricted liberties, imprisonment or death. It is also a fact that a government can only brutalize, frighten, and abuse the people for just so long before chaos and anarchy destroy the system bringing down the entire society. 

Besides, it is utterly impossible to change a person's beliefs and convictions by any amount of force. So, in order to minimize the harsher methods of excercising power and authority, the ruling elite in most of your more durable longer lasting civilizations offer their citizens promises of a better tomorrow, a brighter more plentiful future for their children. 

I ask each reader, off the top of your head, what can you think of that uses division, despair, dependence, and fear in conjunction with the threat of force, punishment, or death. While at the same time attempts to console and bribe your acquiescence, your support and devotion, by offering hope for, and promises of, a better world. A heaven, if you will. Not now, but later. The most obvious answer, to my mind, is religion. In the United States, that would be Christianity, that is, Christian orthodoxy. 

The Christian God, in fact, all gods, supreme beings, creators and supernatural powers, infinite and omnipotent, were created by humans to manipulate and control others; to stay in power. Yes, the concept, or idea of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful being or force was invented as a way to explain this harsh and scarry universe in which we live to our savage ancestors. But, isn't it true that the one that purports to communicate with or have knowledge of "the answers," that can explain "why," fundamentally holds the reins of power and control?

I submit that the overwhelming majority of pain, suffering, torture, slavery, slaughter and cruelty human beings have inflicted in the past, and continue inflicting upon each other today, is perpetrated, that is initiated, by priests, pontiffs, and preachers. As long as any God is believed to be above and over humankind and the affairs of this world liberty and equality are nothing more than mere words. Empty meaningless sounds used as nouns. 

Let me be clear. I do not care one bit, nor is it any businees of mine whether someone believes in or worships some God or God-force. I do not hate religious people, or think that every Christian is bad. I do not hate or despise people. I hate and despise creeds; I abhor dogma and sectarian doctrine. As far as I can tell most believers are honest, and most ministers sincere. If a person decides that religious belief and worship is necessary to their well-being and happiness, I have no problem with it. I will fight and die to ensure they have that right. But, the instant that supporters and promoters of religion, any religion, attempt to legislate their beliefs, enact there creed or commandments to be enforced by the full force and authority of law, I will do whatever it takes to stop it. 

Religion and religious dogma are irrelevant and immaterial to the actions and function of government. Government must be for this world. It must be for human security, for the progress, proseprity, and happiness of all citizens absolutely equally. The United States of America is in the condition it is currently in because nearly everything this nation has done since before the American Revolution, until this very moment, has been done to establish the Holy Bible, God, and Jesus Christ as supreme, and Christianity as the one true religion. Christian orthodoxy, its promoters and ardent supporters, are bringing our great country to its knees, they are in the process of causing the ruin of America. 

Unless, and until, the citizens of America, whether believers in religion, or not, act to scrub our laws and government officials clean of the entanglement and influence of Christian orthodoxy. That is, unless, and until, we take aggressive action to eliminate the deleterious and insideous influence of ignorant superstition from the purpose and function of our government, our nation will continue to deteriorate, decline, and will, in the end, fail. We still have a choice: either God, or people. It is in our hands. Until next time...Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A. 

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


3 September 2009

It is four days shy of three months since my last posting. Until just recently I drifted, or was thrown, into and out of various states of mind and being. All were overwhelmingly on the negative side of the continuum; sadness, frustration, depression, anger, despondency, rage. At one point near the middle of July, I literally woke up one morning saying out loud, "fuck it! the truth is that, as a general rule, people do not give a damn, we care about nothing but 'me.' It's all about I, me, mine." I spent the next several days thinking about why I, or anyone, should make any effort to make it better. Why do I keep imagining that anything that I might do, or say, will make any difference? Never did figure out the answers.

What I did decide is that, in spite of the futility, I will speak and write my honest thoughts, I will stand by my convictions to the very death. Even though I am fully aware that I am pissing directly into the wind, am speaking gibberish to idiots, and suffering with fools, I will not, I must not abandon the cause of human progress, prosperity, and happiness. Regardless of expected failure, I will, I must do all that I possibly can do to ensure that every citizen of the United States has, and is guaranteed, absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights by government. And, finally, I determined to undermine, to castrate all religion; and ultimately to disabuse Christian orthodoxy and their imaginary God of all authority, power and influence.

Understand, I do not say such things out of malice or hatred. Nor, do I excoriate from superiority, or out of arrogance. I, too, am an American citizen, and as such, I am no better, or worse than any other person; and conversely, no one-absolutely no other person is better than me. Some, however, are worse.

Take for example our current social war over health care, health cost, health insurance, health access, health privilege, and health rights. How is it even possible that we, as a nation, a people, a society, do not, cannot, will not, act to give every citizen of the United States proper, unrestricted basic care for all matters of physical and mental health from conception to coffin. How can anyone that claims the title Christian do anything else? What would your Jesus do? Actually it is a trick question. Those that market Jesus as love, mercy, forgiveness, as an advocate for the weak and downtrodden; as healer, as friend of the poor and enemy of the rich, must stand for universal and unrestricted care for all, or admit they are hypocrites. While those that kill physicians over what they insist is a "Right To Life," and wish to kill and destroy all dark skin people and Muslims in a vain and vindictive effort to avenge being driven from the Holy Land and the empty sepulchre of Christ by the followers of Mohammad. For those that hate all that is human, and love Jesus because they know He did not come to bring peace on earth, but instead came with sword to set daughter against mother, and son against father, must insist that their Jesus is the Holy Prophet of money, privilege, and power. They know, without any doubt, only the unclean, wicked, and evil will go without care. That Jesus, and His Father, God, will protect and care for all who are worthy.

Can any person with any degree of intellectual development and cognitive ability honestly say that we, as a nation, a people, a society, consider even one dollar to be more valuable, more important, more necessary than one human life, any human life? My friends we are adrift on a Ship of Fools, led by an ignorant Congress and President. We are stupid Americans.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


7 June 2009


As we dig deeper into the meaning and purpose of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, keep this in mind: Time flows, or moves, in only one direction-forward.

Everything, absolutely everything in the known universe operates, that is proceeds, adheres to, one process. It is the process of birth, stabilization, decline, and death. This process is the signifier of change. Change is the actual observable experience of this process. Change is the consequence, or result of cause and effect, which is the natural law that underlies, drives, literally every aspect of what we call life. That is being alive, living. And finally, change is the natural expression of time. In other words, as a result of cause and effect nothing remains the same from moment to moment. Therefore, change is always occurring and cannot be stopped.

If we accept these statements to be true, and they are, then we face a perplexing paradox. The paradox is that in spite of knowing full-well (and I do believe that every human being, on some level, does know) that change is inevitable, a fact, a certainty, we-humankind- resist change even at the cost of our own life. Why?

This conundrum has perplexed me for decades. Why has humanity throughout civilized history wasted so much of it's physical energy and intellectual power trying to stop that which cannot be stopped? This puzzle is one of the primary reasons behind the creation and development of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, which brings us back to point of this blog.

The primary premise from which the logic of Humanistic Equalism Philosophy for Ethical Government flows is that if the sole reason for a government to exist is improving the lives and condition of all citizens by establishing, then guaranteeing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all, it will be an ethical government.

So far in this review at the beginning of the second year of publishing Shift of Power, I have emphasized the Humanistic element. I contend that meaning, or purpose of life, as far as we are concerned, is about only one thing: human beings. Human prosperity, human experience, and human happiness. The first law of nature is life, that is, to survive, to live, to stay alive. Thus, it is for human development and improvement society and government should, indeed must, exist.

The second law of nature is equality, or, as I have defined it within the context of my work, absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen. Equal, or equality, is not synonymous with fair. Fair is a subjective concept that flows from, is a product of equal. Equality is a principle. To put it another way, fair treatment is relative and subject to interpretation, while equal is either the same, or it is not. Equal and equality is constant. As such, if government functions treating every citizen, private and corporate, equal, then it must be fair. Within the context of my work, Equalism (here-to-fore unknown), arises by adding the suffix "ism" to the root word equal.

This next bit is somewhat technical, so please bear with me. The suffix "ism" means action, process, or practice that implies doctrine, theory, or system of principles. In the case of this political philosophy, Equalism is narrowly defined as a doctrine, or theory regarding the improvement of human life that is animated by the principle of equal, or equality with respect to the function of government. It contains a system that describes the process to actively apply the theoretical principles of absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens. Now, what does this mean in plain language?

After nearly fifty-seven years I have concluded that every human being inherently, naturally desires to be secure, happy, and treated as equal. Even the most ardent conservative, and the most dogmatic liberal must agree to this. What I mean is, I am convinced that human beings, every human being on earth, comes into this life with this desire. This is our natural condition, it is intrinsic to our nature, it's in our DNA. Of course, human history will testify that we have pursued fulfilment of this desire by mostly negative means, that is, fear, hatred, discrimination, and war. Human history is the story of coercion, force, conquest, and oppression. I submit that the source of these means and methods is religious orthodoxy and I argue in my work that religion's influence and entanglement in the function of government is the source for the failure of all states, nations, and empires.

Until we, human beings, act and govern exclusively and expressly for the purpose of improving and advancing the human race; and until we institute a governing process whereby EVERY citizen is regarded as having absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights our species, indeed civilization, cannot advance. There is no doubt that technology, communication, science, medicine, and all of our material existence will continue to develop. Our society, our social condition, the way we treat each other however, will remain just as it is this very moment.

Society today, that is, the way people treat each other and the way governments act and function have not changed noticeably in over five thousand years. The truth is humans are just slightly less barbaric than our cave dwelling ancestors. We may be more sophisticated, more subtle, more politically correct in our barbarism to each other, but we are barbaric none the less. I realize this is a strong statement that most people immediately reject as asinine and absurd. I wish it were not true. I encourage readers, once your outrage subsides, to simply take some time to seriously reflect and think about the news of any given day. If what happens around the world, and in your home town everyday is not inhumane and barbaric behavior, then the formal dictionary definition of barbarity, barbarism, barbaric must be changed.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.
REVOLUTION ACTION ALERT: Please speak out vigorously, forcefully, and loudly as often as possible to demand that Congress and President Obama enact SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH CARE and eliminate all useless fraudulent corporate for-profit health insurance. You can start by checking out and

Sunday, April 26, 2009


25 April 2009

Keep us doped with religion, sex, and T.V. We think we are so clever, classless, and free. But, we're still fucking peasants, as far as I can see.
(paraphrase, John Lennon, "Working Class Hero," 1971)

Continuing our review of the meaning and purpose of a new political philosophy, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. It is the next natural and logical adaptation in the evolution of government systems. "Why, or how," one might ask, "is it the next advance in government?"

The simple answer, the short answer is that Humanistic Equalism makes the citizen's lives with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all the reason, the justification for government to exist. As was noted in my last posting (16 April 2009), thus far in human history has been conceived, instituted, and carried out for one overriding primary purpose: To protect the status quo. By that I mean, to ensure continuing dominance of the wealthy elite minority faction ruling class over, and at the expense of, the common citizen.

Dr. Howard Zinn, historian, activist, and author of, People's History of the United States, points out that early Twentieth Century historian Charles Beard "warned us that governments-including the government of the United States- are not neutral, that they represent the dominant economic interests, and that their constitutions are intended to serve these interests." If one examines the political clauses of our United States Constitution in light of the economic implications behind them, then the document becomes not simply the work of wise men trying to establish a decent and orderly society, but the work of certain groups trying to maintain their privileges while giving just enough rights and liberties to just enough of the people to ensure popular support.

I encourage everyone to take some time and read the "Federalist Papers." Especially those that would argue that our United States government was created and subsequently adopted because it guarantees everyone equal protection, equal opportunity, and equal rights. The Federalist Papers is a series of essays written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison. They were published as anonymous articles in favor of adopting the Constitution. There is not room here to go into detail of the various arguments put forth by Jay, Hamilton, and Madison, but suffice to say, they reveal a great deal about the true nature of our Constitution.

However, pertinent to our discussion, it is worth taking note of an argument expressed by James Madison in Federalist #10. Madison's greatest fear for our new Republic was unrest, even rebellion, caused by disputes among minority factions spreading throughout the thirteen states. Madison believed that, "These disputes arise from the various and unequal distribution of property." In other words, the problem was how to control factional struggles that come from inequalities in wealth.

So, according to James Madison, primary author of our Constitution, the solution was to have a large nation extending over thirteen states because then "it will be more difficult for all who feel it to discover their own strength, and to act in unison with each other..." That is, all grievances, dissent, and dissatisfaction among people would remain local, or at worst sectional; they would be contained and controlled.

As for Alexander Hamilton, his feelings and philosophy were well known. He was very clear when he wrote, "All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. The few are the rich and well born, the other is the mass of the people... Give therefore to the first class a distinct permanent share in the government."

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness or property, and equal protection under the law are elements of American Mythology. Equal rights, equal opportunity, equal representation are a fabrication, a lie. All of these concepts are nothing more than bullet points in an advertising campaign, a marketing scheme. They are merely one means of selling the world and common citizens on the idea of American Exceptionalism. Not one of these things has ever been true, not for one minute of one day.

From its adoption in 1789, and continuing through this very moment, our Constitution faithfully serves to protect and extend the privileges and interests of the wealthy elite minority faction ruling class. By doing just enough for small property owners, farmers, and the middle-class the wealthy elite is able to sustain a broad base of support. This tactic enables them to keep control using only minimum coercion with maximum enforcement of law. All this is made believable and acceptable in the name of patriotism and unity.

After reading this, when you leave this site to continue with other matters, consider this. To divide and conquer is the oldest, most sure means of seizing power. The most reliable means of holding power is giving just enough to just enough of the people. The United States of America is the product of both these methods.

We will continue this discussion next time. Until then, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.
REVOLUTION ACTION ALERT: The iron is hot, time to strike it! Please take action as soon as possible. Email, call, write to your Representatives, Senators, Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama. DEMAND without equivocation that a "Special Prosecutor" be appointed to fully investigate, then prosecute any and all Constitutional violations and criminal acts committed by G.W. Bush, R. Cheney, et al. during the period from January 2001 through 20 January 2009. A so-called "Truth" commission, a Senate investigation will not do. If activities such as an unconstitutional illegal declaration of war, torture, extra-legal spying on American citizens, and many others are allowed to go unexposed and unprosecuted a dangerous legal precedent will then be in place. If this is permitted then we, as a nation, will have fundamentally changed the perceived generally understood meaning of what the United States is supposed to be. To act go to and .

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16 April 2009

As we begin charting the course that Shift of Power blog will take during this second year of its publication, I think it is time for a review of the meaning and purpose of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. I will start with some words by the father of modern Capitalism, Adam Smith, and French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau with respect to government.

Pryor to the advent of economic terrorist Milton Friedman's Chicago School of Economics reformation in the last quarter of the Twentieth Century, Adam Smith's, Wealth of Nations, was considered sacrosanct by a majority of economists and capitalists in America. In this free market holy work Smith writes candidly about the fundamental character of government regarding the issue of "class." Smith says that, "Laws and government may be considered in this and indeed in every case as a combination of the rich to oppress the poor, and preserve unto themselves the inequality of the goods which would otherwise be soon destroyed by the attacks of the poor...". What he is saying is that all government is designed and created to protect the interests of the wealthy elite minority ruling faction from the common people by oppression, and to preserve a condition of inequality.

At about the same time in France, philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau published a work regarding the results of his examination into how government and laws came to exist. In his book entitled, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, Rousseau surmised that, "society and laws gave new fetters to the weak and new forces to the rich, irretrievably destroyed natural liberty, established forever the law of property and inequality, changed adroit usurpation into irrevocable right, and for the profit of a few ambitious men henceforth subjected the entire human race to labor, servitude, and misery." In other words, government and laws were created and instituted to enslave the weak by establishing as a right of the wealthy elite minority ruling faction the protection of their property and profit, thus subjecting all others to a condition of labor, servitude, and misery.

If anyone takes the time to do the research you will find there are many others throughout human history that have reached and expressed similar conclusions, myself included. In my original manuscript, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good, I insist that never in the history of human civilization has any government existed exclusively for the purpose of enriching all citizen's lives. There has never been a government system with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights guaranteed for every citizen. So far, every known government, including our present United States government, has been designed, instituted and enforced to favor the wealthy elite minority ruling faction by oppressing the rest of the population. To put it another way, all government thus far protects property, profit, power, and position through enslavement of we, the people.

I contend that Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is the next logical adaptation in the evolution of government systems. The system and process of government derived from the political philosophy of Humanistic Equalism codifies the principle of human progress and liberty over property and profit. It establishes that, with respect to function and purpose, government shall maintain absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for EVERY citizen, that it must treat all citizens, whether individuals or corporations, absolutely equally. Of course, these ideas are contrary to our present system of government, and they are diametrically opposed to the fundamental tenants of Christian orthodoxy.

I find it perversely amusing that nearly everyone considers the creation of a government dedicated to human needs, human liberty and progress, as well as absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all to be radically anti-American, even un-Christian. Yes, everyone declares without hesitation that they believe in freedom, liberty, and equality. But, the truth is they only believe in freedom, liberty, and equality for themselves and their group. I submit that nearly every American is ready and willing to die fighting for, or kill anyone who challenges their particular perception of liberty, freedom, and equality.

In other words, generally we say that other people, other nations
can determine their own government, laws, religious exercise and social structure. However, unless it is the same or very similar to ours, odds are that, at some point, we will bring the force of our military to bear against them in an effort to force our "great American Democracy" upon them. This includes forcing the acceptance of Christianity and its practices. The point is we, in the United States, scream and cheer for freedom and liberty, but only as long as it is American freedom and liberty. We preach and promote the tenants of equality, but only as long as the wealthy elite are treated more equal.

We will continue this discussion next time. Before taking my leave, I wish to introduce a new feature that will appear at the end of my posting called, "Revolution Action Alert." It is exactly what it sounds like, an exhortation to take some action with regard to a specific problem. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.
REVOLUTION ACTION ALERT: Please take time to email, call, or write your Representatives, Senators, Attorney General Holder, and President Obama and DEMAND that a "Special Prosecutor" be appointed to investigate and prosecute G.W. Bush, R. Cheney, et al. for any and all Constitutional and criminal violations committed during the period from January 2001 through 20 January 2009. Our nation cannot move forward until this is done. Please tell your friends and family to do the same. We must not be afraid of Truth.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


1 April 2009
Today is the one year anniversary for this blog. When I sat down on 1 April 2008 to write and publish my first blog entry I had no idea about what to do, or how to do it. Though I have figured a few things out, I am still quite ignorant. I am still struggling to improve, to make this blog more exciting and widely read. To that end, I anticipate making a variety of changes, additions, and hopefully, improvements in the coming weeks.
I first published this blog shortly after completing the second draft of a manuscript entitled, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good.
It is an original non-fiction work expounding a new political philosophy that I started writing in 2006.
As an "unknown" author, as yet unpublished in book form, I concluded it is highly unlikely that any publisher would be willing to get behind the unorthodox radical ideas posited by Humanistic Equalism. Ideas such as human progress, prosperity, and happiness, or absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen. Or, the insane idea insistent upon the proposition that if a government is concerned first and foremost with people, instead of profit, piety, position, and power, such a system and process must result in an ethical government.
As the late John Lennon tells us, IMAGINE.
Is this even possible? Or is it nothing more than smoke induced idealism? Are we still too savage, to uncivilized to envision and institute a government that functions to enhance, embolden, and embrace all citizens, that endows everyone with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights with respect to the actions and treatment by government? Is the human brain still so undeveloped, so superstitious that our mind cannot conjure or conceive of creating a system and process of government that is truly free, completely and inviolably divorced from the interference, the explicit influence of religious orthodoxy? Why is it beyond our capability to imagine a government devoted to improving the condition of human life? That is to say the lives of all citizens.
There was no doubt in my mind, no reputable publishing house would be bold enough, progressive enough to gamble on a nobody espousing such heresy. I reasoned that the most likely outcome will be some type of self-publishing, or e-publishing arrangement. As this was, and is, the case it occurred to me that writing and publishing a blog about Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government could be a great vehicle to introduce it and establish a foundation. Thus, Shift of Power appeared in the blogosphere one year ago.
I continue to employ this device as the primary means of introducing, defining, describing, and demonstrating the principles, concepts, system, and process of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. One of my primary objectives is to apply this unique new political philosophy to our current conditions and circumstances in order to validate it's value and viability. I endeavor to prove my hypothesis that Humanistic Equalism is the next natural logical progression in the evolution of government. I am firmly convinced that until common citizens exercise our tremendous power to overthrow our current bad government, then replace it with a better one, nothing we do will retard the accelerating decline of our nation. To this end, I actively encourage my fellow citizens to unite, challenge the status quo and carry out another revolution. We must find it in ourselves to act as our forefathers and mothers did and wrest power from an elite minority ruling faction, a pseudo-aristocracy. I declare that it is our duty and obligation to alter the course of the United States of America and fulfil the legacy of our United States Constitution.
I hope my readers will continue to stop by and tell others about Shift of Power. Look for the modifications beginning soon. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


25 March 2009

We can only truly resolve our health care system dilemma by instituting single-payer health care.

While I am in no way or form suggesting the elimination of private health care in favor of so-called "socialized" medicine. I am absolutely certain that as long as any citizen is required to pay any third party entity for access to basic health care we will be unable to effectively address our current on-going crisis. There is only one solution that will fully accomplish "health care for all", Single-Payer, or Medicare for All. The vehicle for this is ready to be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for debate and vote. That vehicle is HR-676.

I wish to make myself perfectly clear with respect to health insurance companies, H.M.O.'s, or any kind of third party administrator/ provider. They are all nothing more than fraud, legalized fraud. They take our money, stand between citizens and a healthy life, and provide absolutely no part of caring for any person. They contribute nothing to our health, nothing to our nation's well-being or prosperity, nothing to our children's future, nothing to our society. They are parasites. profiteers, liars, thieves, and con-artists.

Who doesn't want a single-payer system? Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Republicans, most Senators, and President Obama.

Conversely, who wants a single-payer federal health care system? 59% of all physicians, nearly all nurses unions, a majority of small, medium and large businesses, National Chamber of Commerce, and most importantly 70% of our citizens. That fact alone should be enough to make it happen.

On Democracy Now! recently I heard about a group that is being organized to demand that single-payer health care be included in the debate and ultimately enacted. I am actively participating and strongly encourage everyone to visit their website, sign up and get involved. Obama is doing exactly the wrong thing and unless we bring him to heel, make him realize that he works for us, and force him to do what we want I promise you nothing of any real substance will change for most American citizens. The website is I also advise that everyone should google HR-676 and read it.

Think about this. With single-payer every citizen will have REAL choice regarding doctor and every aspect of basic primary health care. No co-pays or deductibles for doctor visit, hospital, prescription or therapy.
We can eliminate the bureaucracy and cost of the Veteran Administration and every veteran will get all the care they require, they will be able to simply make an appointment for treatment where-ever they want and go to the doctor when they need to go. Veterans will be able to get the care they deserve and were promised without all the bullshit.
Small and medium size businesses will no longer have to be concerned with trying to pay for benefits or offer them. Therefore, they will be more profitable. Large corporations, such as American auto makers might not be forced out of business. All business would become more profitable.
More than 50% of all family bankruptcy could be prevented. Infant mortality would become minimal, all children will be healthier. Even if the initial cost is outrageous (which is extremely doubtful considering the billions our government is already spending on subsidies), within one generation (about 18 years) all medical related costs would begin to decline rapidly. And, within two generations (about 30 years) medical costs will be greatly reduced and remain relatively flat thereafter.

President Obama has betrayed his own belief. Pryor to becoming the Democratic nominee, for his entire public service career, he repeatedly declared that "single-payer is the only way to go." Now that a brother is in the White House, has been permitted to join the ranks of pseudo-aristocrats among the elite minority faction ruling class he is in subjugation to money and power. He is doing everything in his power to protect and enhance the profit, power, and position of his fellow elites at the expense of every common American citizen. He, and his kind must be stopped. We, the people, gave him the power he has, we endowed him with all the authority he now wields, we permitted him to rise to the top. And WE CAN TAKE IT AWAY.

Please start telling everyone to email, write, call their Representatives and Senators. Tell them to email, write and call the White House. After you have gone to and signed up, tell them to do it. If I do not act now, if you do not act now, if we all do not demand that everybody should be provided free health care for life and do it now, then this opportunity will be wasted and we will all remain sick and poor. God Damn It! Do something NOW!
Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


4 February 2009

Citizens arise! Stand up! Realize the tremendous overwhelming power that we possess. Take to heart the words of Thomas Paine that " the rich are slaves to power and money; the rest of us are a slave to the rich." (paraphrase)

President Obama is trying. He is saying many of the right things. By "right," I mean that he talks the talk of the people, of the progressive. But, his actions continue to favor the status quo and the elite minority faction ruling class.

Let us consider the issue of health care for example. President Obama talks quite sincerely about radically altering our current health care system, of seeking "universal" coverage, of lowering costs and making it better for all. He absolutely knows and understands that this aspect of American life is out of control, that is is literally killing us. Our president acknowledges that the outrageous cost of health care is an unbearable burden on business, that it sends thousands of individuals and families into bankruptcy every year. Yet, he, and most of the people around him, continue to talk about change in terms of "insurance."

The care of our health is not, and should not be considered as a matter of insurance. Why do I say this? Let me ask you, "What is insurance?" "What is its purpose?""Why do we buy insurance for our vehicles, our boats, our personal property, our houses and our life?"

Insurance is a bet based on risk. Insurance is a way to hedge against an unknown unforeseen unexpected event or circumstance. Vehicles can be involved in accidents, boats can be wrecked by storm, personal property can be stolen or damaged, a house can be destroyed by fire, tornado or termites. One's life can be ended suddenly at any moment. However, such things are only a risk, not a certainty. For these type of occurrences insurance serves an acceptable function and has a valid purpose.

In other words, for all these and other such things insurance can be a wise purchase or investment to offset the unknown unfortunate risk inherent to the nature of life. It can prevent complete financial ruin, ease the pain and suffering related to an accident, or provide the means to continue in the event of a tragic sudden loss of life. When it is attached to chance or possibility determined by risk insurance can be a good bet that is beneficial to all concerned. But, with human health there is no chance or possibility and the element of risk does not exist in the same way or to the same extent.

Micro-organisms, bacteria, virus, plants, trees, animals, ecosystems, and the human body all require proper care, conditions, and circumstances. Relatively speaking all organic natural life depends on a specific and near perfect environment to be born, develop, grow and reach maturity. All living things a subjected to countless brutish obstacles and forces within nature. Consider the innumerable miscarriages that occur everyday in women that become pregnant, or the flowers, fruits, and vegetables planted that fail to take hold and grow.

My point is that all living things demand constant attention and care to become and remain viable, to develop and reach maturity. Even after reaching maturity they require constant regular maintenance. This is an undeniable inarguable fact. With respect to living things, especially human life, there is no insurable risk, chance, or possibility; something can and ultimately will go wrong. Regardless whether a person is fortunate enough to be born with excellent health, to have an accident free exceptionally healthy childhood, to reach maturity and middle-age with a strong body and mind. Such a person cannot avoid the eventual inevitability of old age sickness and decline. It is in this regard that I say there is no chance, no possibility, no risk. I feel confident stating that no human being has ever lived from conception to coffin in perfect health without any physical harm, illness, injury or accident.

Therefore, the idea or concept of "insurance" as it relates to human health is a fallacy. It is a lie and a fraud. It is contrary to all reason, all logic, all evidence. One cannot in any way be "insured" against that which is known, natural, and unavoidable.

As long as President Obama and the so-called "experts" continue thinking, speaking, and acting based upon a premise of "insurance" there will not be any substantive change to our system or the cost of health care. The wealthy will stay healthy while the rest of us get poorer and sicker.

Health insurance companies and so-called "providers" such as HMO's are nothing more than government sanctioned fraud that carry out legalized theft. They do not provide any part of health care, nor do they insure us against the unavoidable ravages of time and old age. In so far as the definition and purpose of insurance these things are not insurable.

By associating the care of our health with the capitalist profit business model of "insurance" we are making money more important than people. We are allowing profit to be more valuable than human beings. Permitting health insurance companies and the like to continue existing and operating in America is immoral. If President Obama and our leaders insist on supporting self proclaimed health insurance providers to go on stealing our money, wasting our time and our resources this is sufficient cause for Revolution. We, the people, must force our leaders to protect our right as citizens, our human right to be healthy.

There is near unanimous agreement that our present health care paradigm is wrong, that it needs to be changed. In the United States our health care is reactive. In other words, health care in America generally only happens in response to symptoms, to sickness, to emergency. Our health care is not designed and constructed to prevent or cure, but to treat or control. It is built upon the idea of making money.

In order for all citizens to have the best opportunity, the greatest possibility for a truly vigorous healthy life we must completely change the premise and paradigm upon which the system is built and functions. Our government is legally bound by our United States Constitution to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty" for all citizens. This is not some pie-in-the-sky wish, or abstract desire. This is the legally binding obligation of our federal government.

So, I say again, Citizens arise, stand up! Do not compromise, do not accept promises or excuses. Our leaders and our government are not above our law or our Constitution. We are not their slaves. Our government is just that, OUR GOVERNMENT. Our leaders serve at our pleasure, they work for us. President Obama, every member of his administration, every Representative, every Senator, every judge, every Justice, every police person and military person is there to serve and protect every citizen of the United States of America. They all work for us. But unless we exert our power and force them to do what we demand, to serve our needs, to act on our behalf neither our leaders, nor our federal government will do it.

Next time I will demonstrate that providing free health care to all citizens is practical, possible and exactly the right thing to do. Until then please Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


25 January 2009

I am feeling extraordinarily radical, so please bear with me. First, some context.

Last fall I joined Daily Kos hoping to contribute to their partisan Democratic Party discussion. I truly wanted to play devil's advocate and stimulate some lively interaction and possibly promote my blog, Shift of Power.

As it turns out I only made three or four diary entries. I realized very quickly that not all, but certainly the vast majority of DKOS participants are historically retarded and naive to the point of extreme credulity. They are venomous and arrogant. I suspect the reason for this is that they are mostly young middle and upper middle-class Caucasians below the age of thirty-five. But I digress.

The point of my DKOS experience is the diary entries. I attempted to employ sarcastic humor in all my writing. DKOS readers were not amused. In my first diary I claimed and offered evidence the BARACK OBAMA IS A LIAR; in my second I claimed and offered proof that OBAMA IS A PHONY, A GREAT BIG PHONY, and in my third diary I stated that it appeared that OBAMA DONS KNEE PADS in order to be comfortable while performing the Lewinsky Love Massage upon the elite minority ruling donor class, and select members of the pseudo-aristocratic Status Quo. I went on to say that Obama had successfully become the perfect Democratic Party whore. I then offered evidence to support my statement and ended by asking a series of questions regarding some of the candidate's most recent actions and statements. This was in mid-September when the bottom began falling away from under our economy during the 700 billion dollar Wall Street rescue.

I received many many responses to each of my entries. Interestingly, the evidence I presented was never challenged and not one of the questions raised was answered. Out of several thousands responses there was no serious issue-oriented comment. I am beginning to think that I now understand why.

From 4 November 2008 through his inauguration 20 January 2009, and since, President Obama continues to reinforce my initial conclusion. At the end of his first very active and busy week our President has said nothing, nor taken any action or signed any order that substantively demonstrates that he is anything other than a liar, a phony, and a perfect Democratic Party whore. I stand by my original assessment of the man.

Now, based on what I have said thus far, what I am going to say next may surprise you. In every DKOS diary entry, and every time I have written about Barack Obama here or elsewhere, I have always supported his rhetoric. I always hoped he would get the nomination, was convinced he would win, and was deeply moved when he did win. Watching the inauguration was emotional and inspiring; and when he took the oath of office (ignoring that Roberts screwed it up) it brought tears to my eyes.

Our nation has done something exceptional. I strongly believe that we, as a people, are greatly enhanced by our act of freely electing a person of color to be our chief executive. I am glad and proud that Barack Obama is our president. Now, he must unequivocally prove his character and worth. He must be a leader and actualize his self-declared values, beliefs, ideas and plans. He must clearly and overtly demonstrate that he is NOT a liar, a phony, or a Democratic Party whore.

And, we must make him. Every citizen needs to become or stay involved. Every citizen needs to stay on Obama's ass like a bad headache and force him to do only what is best for all citizens. We, the average people, have to push President Obama to be a real leader for all the people. He has to keep us well informed, answer our questions, be honest, and most of all he must feel free to tell us who in Congress is preventing the will of the people from being done. If our president will be honest and open with us then we will direct the full force of our pressure and turn our wrath upon anyone in the House of Representatives or Senate that stands in our way. This is called Revolution.

Obama and his campaign started this Revolution and now we must see it through. When I call for Revolution I do not mean violence, killing, and bombings; nor do I mean destruction or chaos. I am fomenting a Revolution of political philosophy, of ideas about the true purpose and function of government, its conduct and activities. I am convinced that the weapons and ammunition for a truly radical Revolution were written into the United States Constitution by the framers. If citizens accept their responsibility and exercise their power to the fullest extent the only way to stop us will be to kill us, and they cannot kill all of us. They may have the guns, but we have the numbers.

There seems to be a general consensus that if we really want change, if we really do want President Obama to succeed, then he will have to be supported and pushed hard from the "bottom." That's us, common people, average working people, the working poor and those in poverty. We also need substantial help from those in the middle-class, as well as the technical and management class. This idea that Obama's success can only happen if there is continual and relentless pressure from the "bottom" is prevalent among a wide variety of informed respectable observers, especially on the liberal left and among progressives. Many conservatives agree.

This is what I mean by Revolution. We, the people must make demands, stand our ground, make no compromise. This is our nation, we the common people are the true source of all power, all wealth, and all the labor that creates it. There are millions more regular people than there are within the elite minority faction ruling class. The truth is without us the powerful and the super wealthy would have nothing.

Revolution is the word. Congress and Obama are the targets. It is the right time to overthrow our bad government and institute a new more effective one. Let us unite, organize, and move en mass to make our nation and President Obama the greatest and most successful in history by doing what is right and best for human progress, prosperity, and happiness by guaranteeing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen.

Until next time, Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


19 January 2009

Hello, again. I have greatly missed my relatively regular communication with readers. When I last posted in mid-November I had no idea it would take until mid-January 2009 to return. I wanted to write, thought frequently about writing, kept intending to write, but to no avail. I was through the looking glass trying to embrace the chaos of reality. My absence and neglect was unexpected and unavoidable.

I truly hope that all who read this had at least some joy and received some memorable benefit in the course of the holiday season just past. I hope that most are well and have, so far, been able to escape the most devastating effects of our nation's relentless economic decline. And, finally, it is my most sincere wish that those who read Shift of Power will think about and will talk with others about the need to break with the past. The United States, citizens and government, must seize the moment and abandon failed systems, processes, and political philosophies. We must create a new government, a new system with a new process that is based upon a new and genuinely different political philosophy.

We must act now! At this point in the new year, at this moment in history, we, the people, are entering a period with much that is new. We are in a new year, we have an historic new president, a new congress, new majority, new hope and new opportunity with tremendous POTENTIAL for substantial change and growth. Conversely, our citizens and nation are also precariously perched on the so-called "tipping-point" regarding many issues on many fronts. The future of our country, our society, and our culture is firmly within our collective grasp.

Every day every week from one year to the next, evidence demonstrating the inexorable deterioration and decline of the United States continues to mount. As it does, I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt the only best hope is government exclusively devoted to human needs along with equal status, privileges, and rights for ALL citizens by ethical conduct. This means that our nation and citizens will be required to stand up and finish the Revolution inspired and organized by Barack Obama. We have to demand that President Obama REFUSE to compromise our health care and education; and we must make him make congress insist that all citizens, all corporations, all who are economically prosperous, including religious and so-called non-profit institutions, pay an equal share of taxes through Equal Taxation. All citizens must be willing to insist upon themselves and their fellow Americans to willingly give a period of service to America.

If the United States is to be the nation of life, liberty, justice, and equality. If we, the people, are truly the sole source from which our government derives it's just power. If our leaders and system of government is honestly the benefactor of, and dependent upon, the consent of the governed. If any of these things are true, and if the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, then it is not only our responsibility it is our duty, our obligation, and our right to overthrow a bad government.

As United States citizens we do not have a choice. We are required to rid ourselves and our posterity of ineffective leaders and failed policies in order to institute a better more responsive system of government. The election of Barack Obama is only the first small act toward this end. Do not forget that he, and the new majority in congress, are DEMOCRATS. They owe many favors to many interests and, more than anything, their overriding desire is maintaining their power and position. Political parties will not and cannot significantly change the structure or direction of America. Only the American people have the ability and power to do that. So, unless enough of the people are willing to force President Obama and the new congress to work for, legislate for, and create policy for people instead of property, profit, power, and position this momentary condition of hope and national unity will pass without the desperately needed change we voted for and were promised.

Throughout 2009, and for the remainder of my lifetime, I will redouble my effort and continue striving to explain a new system and process of government, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. It is a political philosophy that will allow us to do what has never been done, or even honestly attempted in the history of human civilization. I will endeavor to demonstrate the fundamental truth and benefit of embracing and adopting Humanistic Equalism as the foundation and basis for a new system and process of government.

Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government provides the means for a system and process wherein human progress, prosperity, and happiness are the primary concern and reason for government to exist. It contains the philosophical building blocks for a system and process that puts in place and guarantees absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for EVERY citizen. And, Humanistic Equalism will lead to unqualified ethical conduct within and by every aspect of our federal government.

I have no doubt in my mind or heart that, as of this moment in history with respect to the development of human intellect and the advance of civilization, Humanism and absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens is the best and most obvious path. In the history of human civilization it has never been done and, so far, all systems of government have failed; all nations, all empires have fallen. Our nation, our "empire" is decaying rapidly and new ones are on the horizon. It is a natural fact that everything eventually dies, but the question Americans must answer is, "Is it time for the United States of America to die?"

There is, and can be, no argument that our country has been, and is currently in a state of rapid decay, that our eventual decline and death is accelerating. To arrest this process, to revitalize and reinvigorate our entire country will only become a real possibility when we, the people, and our institutions of government make human progress, prosperity, and happiness with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens through ethical conduct our primary aim and purpose.

I hope that readers will contribute to this discussion. I invite readers to make comments, to tell others about these ideas, to share this blog, and, most of all, to return soon for more. Till next time, Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B. A.