Thursday, September 3, 2009


3 September 2009

It is four days shy of three months since my last posting. Until just recently I drifted, or was thrown, into and out of various states of mind and being. All were overwhelmingly on the negative side of the continuum; sadness, frustration, depression, anger, despondency, rage. At one point near the middle of July, I literally woke up one morning saying out loud, "fuck it! the truth is that, as a general rule, people do not give a damn, we care about nothing but 'me.' It's all about I, me, mine." I spent the next several days thinking about why I, or anyone, should make any effort to make it better. Why do I keep imagining that anything that I might do, or say, will make any difference? Never did figure out the answers.

What I did decide is that, in spite of the futility, I will speak and write my honest thoughts, I will stand by my convictions to the very death. Even though I am fully aware that I am pissing directly into the wind, am speaking gibberish to idiots, and suffering with fools, I will not, I must not abandon the cause of human progress, prosperity, and happiness. Regardless of expected failure, I will, I must do all that I possibly can do to ensure that every citizen of the United States has, and is guaranteed, absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights by government. And, finally, I determined to undermine, to castrate all religion; and ultimately to disabuse Christian orthodoxy and their imaginary God of all authority, power and influence.

Understand, I do not say such things out of malice or hatred. Nor, do I excoriate from superiority, or out of arrogance. I, too, am an American citizen, and as such, I am no better, or worse than any other person; and conversely, no one-absolutely no other person is better than me. Some, however, are worse.

Take for example our current social war over health care, health cost, health insurance, health access, health privilege, and health rights. How is it even possible that we, as a nation, a people, a society, do not, cannot, will not, act to give every citizen of the United States proper, unrestricted basic care for all matters of physical and mental health from conception to coffin. How can anyone that claims the title Christian do anything else? What would your Jesus do? Actually it is a trick question. Those that market Jesus as love, mercy, forgiveness, as an advocate for the weak and downtrodden; as healer, as friend of the poor and enemy of the rich, must stand for universal and unrestricted care for all, or admit they are hypocrites. While those that kill physicians over what they insist is a "Right To Life," and wish to kill and destroy all dark skin people and Muslims in a vain and vindictive effort to avenge being driven from the Holy Land and the empty sepulchre of Christ by the followers of Mohammad. For those that hate all that is human, and love Jesus because they know He did not come to bring peace on earth, but instead came with sword to set daughter against mother, and son against father, must insist that their Jesus is the Holy Prophet of money, privilege, and power. They know, without any doubt, only the unclean, wicked, and evil will go without care. That Jesus, and His Father, God, will protect and care for all who are worthy.

Can any person with any degree of intellectual development and cognitive ability honestly say that we, as a nation, a people, a society, consider even one dollar to be more valuable, more important, more necessary than one human life, any human life? My friends we are adrift on a Ship of Fools, led by an ignorant Congress and President. We are stupid Americans.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.