Thursday, October 8, 2009


Christianity Destroys United States;
Declares American Spirit is Blaspheme

"Infidelity is liberty; all religion is slavery." (R. G. Ingersoll)

A great deal has transpired since our last contact just over a month ago. The most alarming events and happenings all appear to indicate that the worst is indeed occurring. Everything will remain the same as it ever was; the Status Quo will prevail, and nothing to improve or contribute to human progress, citizen's progress, will change. In fact, the powerful and wealthy elite occupying America's pseudo-Aristocracy and ruling class are in the process of codifying our retribution for daring to be impudent enough to demand to see a doctor and interfere with projected quarterly profit. 

Mark my words, the so-called "health care, or insurance reform" that will become law by year's end, will ultimately be recognized and exposed as yet another massive transfer of public taxpayer wealth (our hard earned and desperately needed cash) into the possesion and control of the richest one percent. An elite minority of select people that currently own more wealth and assets than 95% of those that earn less combined. Again, 1% of Americans own and control the flow of more cash and assets than 95% of Americans put together.

Yes, I know many will think that I am just saying that because Michael Moore happens to use this fact in his latest movie. It is not true. I first encountered this number several years ago while reading a book by journalist, tax expert and investigator, David Cay Johnston, formerly with the New York Times Newspaper. I have also heard the same statistic used by several economists in the past year. The point is, 95% of us all together have just slightly less economic power and resources than 1% of us. How does that happen, how is it even possible?

Throughout human history those who seized, assumed, inherited, were Divinely chosen, or thrust into power by abused and desperate subjects, employ the same means to manipulate and pacify, subjugate and control the restless rabble. Every major or influential society, state, nation, confederation of nationstates, and empire in the whole course of human civilization has been, and remains so today, the same in this regard. Even the self-declared, self-appointed "Greatest most powerful democratic nation in human history," the United States of America, is the same as every other that came before, or exits today. 

The most effective and cost efficient means used byr those in power to remain in power is fear, or terror; also, division, despair, and dependance. These tools of authority are always reinforced with state or government approved brutality-physical and mental, restricted liberties, imprisonment or death. It is also a fact that a government can only brutalize, frighten, and abuse the people for just so long before chaos and anarchy destroy the system bringing down the entire society. 

Besides, it is utterly impossible to change a person's beliefs and convictions by any amount of force. So, in order to minimize the harsher methods of excercising power and authority, the ruling elite in most of your more durable longer lasting civilizations offer their citizens promises of a better tomorrow, a brighter more plentiful future for their children. 

I ask each reader, off the top of your head, what can you think of that uses division, despair, dependence, and fear in conjunction with the threat of force, punishment, or death. While at the same time attempts to console and bribe your acquiescence, your support and devotion, by offering hope for, and promises of, a better world. A heaven, if you will. Not now, but later. The most obvious answer, to my mind, is religion. In the United States, that would be Christianity, that is, Christian orthodoxy. 

The Christian God, in fact, all gods, supreme beings, creators and supernatural powers, infinite and omnipotent, were created by humans to manipulate and control others; to stay in power. Yes, the concept, or idea of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful being or force was invented as a way to explain this harsh and scarry universe in which we live to our savage ancestors. But, isn't it true that the one that purports to communicate with or have knowledge of "the answers," that can explain "why," fundamentally holds the reins of power and control?

I submit that the overwhelming majority of pain, suffering, torture, slavery, slaughter and cruelty human beings have inflicted in the past, and continue inflicting upon each other today, is perpetrated, that is initiated, by priests, pontiffs, and preachers. As long as any God is believed to be above and over humankind and the affairs of this world liberty and equality are nothing more than mere words. Empty meaningless sounds used as nouns. 

Let me be clear. I do not care one bit, nor is it any businees of mine whether someone believes in or worships some God or God-force. I do not hate religious people, or think that every Christian is bad. I do not hate or despise people. I hate and despise creeds; I abhor dogma and sectarian doctrine. As far as I can tell most believers are honest, and most ministers sincere. If a person decides that religious belief and worship is necessary to their well-being and happiness, I have no problem with it. I will fight and die to ensure they have that right. But, the instant that supporters and promoters of religion, any religion, attempt to legislate their beliefs, enact there creed or commandments to be enforced by the full force and authority of law, I will do whatever it takes to stop it. 

Religion and religious dogma are irrelevant and immaterial to the actions and function of government. Government must be for this world. It must be for human security, for the progress, proseprity, and happiness of all citizens absolutely equally. The United States of America is in the condition it is currently in because nearly everything this nation has done since before the American Revolution, until this very moment, has been done to establish the Holy Bible, God, and Jesus Christ as supreme, and Christianity as the one true religion. Christian orthodoxy, its promoters and ardent supporters, are bringing our great country to its knees, they are in the process of causing the ruin of America. 

Unless, and until, the citizens of America, whether believers in religion, or not, act to scrub our laws and government officials clean of the entanglement and influence of Christian orthodoxy. That is, unless, and until, we take aggressive action to eliminate the deleterious and insideous influence of ignorant superstition from the purpose and function of our government, our nation will continue to deteriorate, decline, and will, in the end, fail. We still have a choice: either God, or people. It is in our hands. Until next time...Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A. 

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