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25 April 2009

Keep us doped with religion, sex, and T.V. We think we are so clever, classless, and free. But, we're still fucking peasants, as far as I can see.
(paraphrase, John Lennon, "Working Class Hero," 1971)

Continuing our review of the meaning and purpose of a new political philosophy, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. It is the next natural and logical adaptation in the evolution of government systems. "Why, or how," one might ask, "is it the next advance in government?"

The simple answer, the short answer is that Humanistic Equalism makes the citizen's lives with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all the reason, the justification for government to exist. As was noted in my last posting (16 April 2009), thus far in human history has been conceived, instituted, and carried out for one overriding primary purpose: To protect the status quo. By that I mean, to ensure continuing dominance of the wealthy elite minority faction ruling class over, and at the expense of, the common citizen.

Dr. Howard Zinn, historian, activist, and author of, People's History of the United States, points out that early Twentieth Century historian Charles Beard "warned us that governments-including the government of the United States- are not neutral, that they represent the dominant economic interests, and that their constitutions are intended to serve these interests." If one examines the political clauses of our United States Constitution in light of the economic implications behind them, then the document becomes not simply the work of wise men trying to establish a decent and orderly society, but the work of certain groups trying to maintain their privileges while giving just enough rights and liberties to just enough of the people to ensure popular support.

I encourage everyone to take some time and read the "Federalist Papers." Especially those that would argue that our United States government was created and subsequently adopted because it guarantees everyone equal protection, equal opportunity, and equal rights. The Federalist Papers is a series of essays written by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison. They were published as anonymous articles in favor of adopting the Constitution. There is not room here to go into detail of the various arguments put forth by Jay, Hamilton, and Madison, but suffice to say, they reveal a great deal about the true nature of our Constitution.

However, pertinent to our discussion, it is worth taking note of an argument expressed by James Madison in Federalist #10. Madison's greatest fear for our new Republic was unrest, even rebellion, caused by disputes among minority factions spreading throughout the thirteen states. Madison believed that, "These disputes arise from the various and unequal distribution of property." In other words, the problem was how to control factional struggles that come from inequalities in wealth.

So, according to James Madison, primary author of our Constitution, the solution was to have a large nation extending over thirteen states because then "it will be more difficult for all who feel it to discover their own strength, and to act in unison with each other..." That is, all grievances, dissent, and dissatisfaction among people would remain local, or at worst sectional; they would be contained and controlled.

As for Alexander Hamilton, his feelings and philosophy were well known. He was very clear when he wrote, "All communities divide themselves into the few and the many. The few are the rich and well born, the other is the mass of the people... Give therefore to the first class a distinct permanent share in the government."

Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness or property, and equal protection under the law are elements of American Mythology. Equal rights, equal opportunity, equal representation are a fabrication, a lie. All of these concepts are nothing more than bullet points in an advertising campaign, a marketing scheme. They are merely one means of selling the world and common citizens on the idea of American Exceptionalism. Not one of these things has ever been true, not for one minute of one day.

From its adoption in 1789, and continuing through this very moment, our Constitution faithfully serves to protect and extend the privileges and interests of the wealthy elite minority faction ruling class. By doing just enough for small property owners, farmers, and the middle-class the wealthy elite is able to sustain a broad base of support. This tactic enables them to keep control using only minimum coercion with maximum enforcement of law. All this is made believable and acceptable in the name of patriotism and unity.

After reading this, when you leave this site to continue with other matters, consider this. To divide and conquer is the oldest, most sure means of seizing power. The most reliable means of holding power is giving just enough to just enough of the people. The United States of America is the product of both these methods.

We will continue this discussion next time. Until then, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.
REVOLUTION ACTION ALERT: The iron is hot, time to strike it! Please take action as soon as possible. Email, call, write to your Representatives, Senators, Attorney General Eric Holder, President Obama. DEMAND without equivocation that a "Special Prosecutor" be appointed to fully investigate, then prosecute any and all Constitutional violations and criminal acts committed by G.W. Bush, R. Cheney, et al. during the period from January 2001 through 20 January 2009. A so-called "Truth" commission, a Senate investigation will not do. If activities such as an unconstitutional illegal declaration of war, torture, extra-legal spying on American citizens, and many others are allowed to go unexposed and unprosecuted a dangerous legal precedent will then be in place. If this is permitted then we, as a nation, will have fundamentally changed the perceived generally understood meaning of what the United States is supposed to be. To act go to and .

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16 April 2009

As we begin charting the course that Shift of Power blog will take during this second year of its publication, I think it is time for a review of the meaning and purpose of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. I will start with some words by the father of modern Capitalism, Adam Smith, and French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau with respect to government.

Pryor to the advent of economic terrorist Milton Friedman's Chicago School of Economics reformation in the last quarter of the Twentieth Century, Adam Smith's, Wealth of Nations, was considered sacrosanct by a majority of economists and capitalists in America. In this free market holy work Smith writes candidly about the fundamental character of government regarding the issue of "class." Smith says that, "Laws and government may be considered in this and indeed in every case as a combination of the rich to oppress the poor, and preserve unto themselves the inequality of the goods which would otherwise be soon destroyed by the attacks of the poor...". What he is saying is that all government is designed and created to protect the interests of the wealthy elite minority ruling faction from the common people by oppression, and to preserve a condition of inequality.

At about the same time in France, philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau published a work regarding the results of his examination into how government and laws came to exist. In his book entitled, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, Rousseau surmised that, "society and laws gave new fetters to the weak and new forces to the rich, irretrievably destroyed natural liberty, established forever the law of property and inequality, changed adroit usurpation into irrevocable right, and for the profit of a few ambitious men henceforth subjected the entire human race to labor, servitude, and misery." In other words, government and laws were created and instituted to enslave the weak by establishing as a right of the wealthy elite minority ruling faction the protection of their property and profit, thus subjecting all others to a condition of labor, servitude, and misery.

If anyone takes the time to do the research you will find there are many others throughout human history that have reached and expressed similar conclusions, myself included. In my original manuscript, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good, I insist that never in the history of human civilization has any government existed exclusively for the purpose of enriching all citizen's lives. There has never been a government system with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights guaranteed for every citizen. So far, every known government, including our present United States government, has been designed, instituted and enforced to favor the wealthy elite minority ruling faction by oppressing the rest of the population. To put it another way, all government thus far protects property, profit, power, and position through enslavement of we, the people.

I contend that Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is the next logical adaptation in the evolution of government systems. The system and process of government derived from the political philosophy of Humanistic Equalism codifies the principle of human progress and liberty over property and profit. It establishes that, with respect to function and purpose, government shall maintain absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for EVERY citizen, that it must treat all citizens, whether individuals or corporations, absolutely equally. Of course, these ideas are contrary to our present system of government, and they are diametrically opposed to the fundamental tenants of Christian orthodoxy.

I find it perversely amusing that nearly everyone considers the creation of a government dedicated to human needs, human liberty and progress, as well as absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all to be radically anti-American, even un-Christian. Yes, everyone declares without hesitation that they believe in freedom, liberty, and equality. But, the truth is they only believe in freedom, liberty, and equality for themselves and their group. I submit that nearly every American is ready and willing to die fighting for, or kill anyone who challenges their particular perception of liberty, freedom, and equality.

In other words, generally we say that other people, other nations
can determine their own government, laws, religious exercise and social structure. However, unless it is the same or very similar to ours, odds are that, at some point, we will bring the force of our military to bear against them in an effort to force our "great American Democracy" upon them. This includes forcing the acceptance of Christianity and its practices. The point is we, in the United States, scream and cheer for freedom and liberty, but only as long as it is American freedom and liberty. We preach and promote the tenants of equality, but only as long as the wealthy elite are treated more equal.

We will continue this discussion next time. Before taking my leave, I wish to introduce a new feature that will appear at the end of my posting called, "Revolution Action Alert." It is exactly what it sounds like, an exhortation to take some action with regard to a specific problem. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.
REVOLUTION ACTION ALERT: Please take time to email, call, or write your Representatives, Senators, Attorney General Holder, and President Obama and DEMAND that a "Special Prosecutor" be appointed to investigate and prosecute G.W. Bush, R. Cheney, et al. for any and all Constitutional and criminal violations committed during the period from January 2001 through 20 January 2009. Our nation cannot move forward until this is done. Please tell your friends and family to do the same. We must not be afraid of Truth.

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1 April 2009
Today is the one year anniversary for this blog. When I sat down on 1 April 2008 to write and publish my first blog entry I had no idea about what to do, or how to do it. Though I have figured a few things out, I am still quite ignorant. I am still struggling to improve, to make this blog more exciting and widely read. To that end, I anticipate making a variety of changes, additions, and hopefully, improvements in the coming weeks.
I first published this blog shortly after completing the second draft of a manuscript entitled, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good.
It is an original non-fiction work expounding a new political philosophy that I started writing in 2006.
As an "unknown" author, as yet unpublished in book form, I concluded it is highly unlikely that any publisher would be willing to get behind the unorthodox radical ideas posited by Humanistic Equalism. Ideas such as human progress, prosperity, and happiness, or absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen. Or, the insane idea insistent upon the proposition that if a government is concerned first and foremost with people, instead of profit, piety, position, and power, such a system and process must result in an ethical government.
As the late John Lennon tells us, IMAGINE.
Is this even possible? Or is it nothing more than smoke induced idealism? Are we still too savage, to uncivilized to envision and institute a government that functions to enhance, embolden, and embrace all citizens, that endows everyone with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights with respect to the actions and treatment by government? Is the human brain still so undeveloped, so superstitious that our mind cannot conjure or conceive of creating a system and process of government that is truly free, completely and inviolably divorced from the interference, the explicit influence of religious orthodoxy? Why is it beyond our capability to imagine a government devoted to improving the condition of human life? That is to say the lives of all citizens.
There was no doubt in my mind, no reputable publishing house would be bold enough, progressive enough to gamble on a nobody espousing such heresy. I reasoned that the most likely outcome will be some type of self-publishing, or e-publishing arrangement. As this was, and is, the case it occurred to me that writing and publishing a blog about Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government could be a great vehicle to introduce it and establish a foundation. Thus, Shift of Power appeared in the blogosphere one year ago.
I continue to employ this device as the primary means of introducing, defining, describing, and demonstrating the principles, concepts, system, and process of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. One of my primary objectives is to apply this unique new political philosophy to our current conditions and circumstances in order to validate it's value and viability. I endeavor to prove my hypothesis that Humanistic Equalism is the next natural logical progression in the evolution of government. I am firmly convinced that until common citizens exercise our tremendous power to overthrow our current bad government, then replace it with a better one, nothing we do will retard the accelerating decline of our nation. To this end, I actively encourage my fellow citizens to unite, challenge the status quo and carry out another revolution. We must find it in ourselves to act as our forefathers and mothers did and wrest power from an elite minority ruling faction, a pseudo-aristocracy. I declare that it is our duty and obligation to alter the course of the United States of America and fulfil the legacy of our United States Constitution.
I hope my readers will continue to stop by and tell others about Shift of Power. Look for the modifications beginning soon. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.