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27 June 2008

Due to the recent sudden death of long time close friend Dennis Fecher I have been doing battle with depression in addition to working through the usual grieving process. As a result I have found it difficult to write or do much of anything for very long...I keep thinking "what is the point?" Singer/songwriter Tom Waits, my favorite living recording artist, observes in one of his songs that (I am paraphrasing), "all the good in the world can be placed inside a thimble and there would still be room for you and me," and, "there is one thing you can say about mankind; there is nothing kind about man." This is precisely how I have been feeling lately. But, the truth is that if I am going to continue living, as long as I am alive and cognizant, it is my human obligation to do what little I can to make every possible effort and use any limited ability that I may possess to promote and enable human happiness and progress. With this thought in mind it is time to continue exposing and explaining Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government.

In 1792 French philosopher, C. F. Volney, published the conclusions of his exhaustive multi-year research and study regarding what makes a nation or empire strong, healthy, and prosperous, and what brings about decline and dissolution. In his work entitled, The Ruins of Empires, Volney writes:

"And this spirit of egotism and usurpation produced two effects equally operative and fatal. One is a division and subdivision of societies into their smallest fractions. The other a pressuring tendency to concentrate power in a single hand. ..This has in all instances been the constant progress of societies."

In other words, according to observable and verifiable historical evidence, as leadership and government become increasingly egotistical and arrogant ultimately seizing power by force and denying citizens their rights, there are always two fatal results; the people are divided against each other and this creates pressure to give all control to a small elite minority faction. This ruling minority is usually the super-rich and powerful. This process has been constant and consistent throughout the history of human civilization and continues today, even at this very moment.

What is the driving force of this process? What is it that creates the condition for and causes nations and empires to always progress in this manner, to always decline, ultimately fail and fade from prominence?

In my original manuscript, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good, I state unequivocally that, "Religion and its influence are the source of failure for all governments, and all nations." I realize this statement sounds way over the top, outlandish and too simplistic for most people to accept. However, I believe it is true and that I can prove it. At least I can prove it logically, but because I want to use this posting to delve deeper into the rationale for the development of Humanistic Equalism and begin laying the foundation of my overall argument, I will not present the proof of my reasoning at this time.

First, concerning the rationale for Humanistic Equalism. It is undeniably obvious that there have been, and are, two fundamental and tremendously import elements or qualities that the United States of America lacks; humanness and equality. By that I mean that for all the rhetoric one hears, in spite of the extensive effort by historians, and more than two hundred years of exhaustive education about America as the "shining city on the hill"- a new and different system of government, an experiment in democracy of, by and for the people-the truth is that the United States system of government is an instrument of the wealthy and powerful elite minority faction. Yes, there have been very brief periods when a seemingly overwhelming majority of citizens came together for the benefit of common working people and the poor. But all such movements ultimately failed because from the time of the Constitutional Convention until today the ruling faction has given just enough rights, liberty and benefit to enough of the so-called middle-class so as to garner support, maintain the Status Quo and quash widespread demand for radical change. The United States is, in effect, no different than any type or system of government that has ever existed.

Again, a statement that at first glance appears to be without merit and ridiculous. I guess in some limited ways it might be, but when examined honestly and in detail the overall conclusion must be that when one gets to the bottom line citizens in America are only as "free" as the government allows us to be. There is no doubt that even a poor common person can become wealthy and powerful in America given the right circumstances, but the same has been, and is, true in all nations and under all systems of government. Regardless of whether that government is theocracy, divine monarchy, anarchy, despotism, tyranny, dictator, fascist, socialist, or communist. Given the right set of circumstances a poor Jewish Austrian can rise to near world domination and an average peanut farmer from Georgia can become president of the United States. The point is that, regarding our nations lack of humanness, America, like every nation that has ever come to power subjugates and exploits the average citizen, the poor, the immigrant and the displaced in favor of property, profit, power and position.

Since I have already written several posts concerning equality, that is to say, absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens and will undoubtedly devote much more attention to it over time, I will only say here that true equality has never been any part of life in America. Although I do find it very interesting that equality is so closely associated with and related to the United States. Not only in its teaching of American history but around the world. Or, at least it was until the administration of Bush II.

So, after nearly thirty years of reading, research, discussion and debate, it became unmistakeably clear that in order to fundamentally change America and its future, in order to stop our country's inexorable progress towards decline and eventual failure requires a system and process of government predicated strictly and foremost on its living citizens and absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for ALL citizens without exception; thus, Humanistic Equalism. Therefore, I will argue that our only best hope going forward is to overthrow the present broken and corrupt body of government in America, and institute the system and process described by Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government.

Please, let me know any thoughts you may have. Send this post to a friend or enemy using the link below, and if there is time in your schedule rate this page by clicking the button at the bottom of the right panel. I am feeling somewhat better after communicating with you and look forward to continuing soon. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Monday, June 16, 2008


16 June 2008

And so it goes. This past weekend(13 June-thru 15 June 2008) two men I thought of as friends died. NBC "Meet The Press" anchor, Tim Russert, experienced a fatal heart attack; Dr. Dennis Fecher was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2007. One friend, Dennis Fecher, I knew intimately and for nearly thirty years; the other, Tim Russert, I knew only as millions of viewers over the past seventeen years have known him, as an honest reliable man. Dennis Fecher was a person of great intellect, of science and reason; Tim Russert also possessed a high degree of intellect, was a man of religious faith and reason. I will miss them both for vastly different reasons; one I only met with vicariously, the other I hugged goodbye when parting company last Saturday afternoon 14 June 2008. Because both of these men were an ongoing source of inspiration, encouragement, and challenge, because both men were given to promote human progress, the improvement of government and life, and most importantly, to a better quality of living; because the people that know these two men testify as to their exuberance for family, work and to living every minute of evry day, I wish to dedicate this posting regarding the definition of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government.
In loving memory of Dr. Dennis R. Fecher and Tim Russert.

HUMANISTIC EQUALISM:(noun) Philosophy, system, and process concerning the ethical conduct of government within society arising from the intrinsic inherent value and dignity of human life conjoined with absolute equality.
A philosophy of politics and government reasoned as follows:
Given that, within a societal context, the value and dignity of citizens' lives are intrinsic, inherent and inarguable. And, given that within the same societal context, the benefit gained and value added by guaranteeing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights to all citizens is undeniable. It may therefore be concluded that a philosophy, system, and process of government based exclusively on human progress and absolute equality must of necessity be an ethical government.

In other words, if the philosophical underpinnings of a government system and process are focused entirely on that which will enhance and improve the lives and living conditions of all citizens; and if government "sees" and deals with every citizen absolutely equally, then the end result must be a government that is truly ethical in all its function, activity and conduct.

I realize that it is hard to believe, but in all of human history there has never been a government system or any kind of controlling authority or body created and instituted based first and foremost on people and equality. No known government in all the annals of mankind ever elevated the people over property, profit, power, and position. Not one.

Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is a genuinely new proposal for politics and government. Others, such as Locke, Hume, and Rousseau, assert the "social contract," the citizens' real value, and the need for those governed to give consent along with the tremendous amount of power they possess; but none go so far as to say that the only acceptable reason for and purpose of government is the progress and prosperity of its citizens. And I have not found any evidence that guaranteeing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights to ALL citizens has ever been seriously discussed with regard to the way government treats the people it serves. In fact, the idea of government serving citizens in any form or fashion is only as old as the United States of America.
I submit that Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is the next logical adaptation in the evolutionary process concerning systems of government. I would like to know any thoughts someone may have and encourage all to make a comment. More to come soon. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


11 June 2008

When I find myself wandering around my mind, unsure about which direction to go or what exactly I should, or need, to do next I usually return to the point of origin. Well, I realized recently that I was out there wandering aimlessly around my mind so I am now returning to my original point. I began recording this blog, Shift Of Power, in early April 2008 in order to inform, explain, provoke and promote.

I developed and committed to the written word what I believe to be a new philosophy for politics and government, Humanitstic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good. (All rights reserved, 2007.) Due to circumstance of birth, decisions made, and the realities of life at the beginning of the 21st century it occurred to me that there was little if any possibility these ideas, this philosophy and unique new approach to politics and the conduct of government could be or, would be, injected into the vein of public discourse and debate. In other words because I am poor, unknown and without "connections"; because the ideas are disturbingly radical, the premise sound and reasoning rational, and finally because everything that Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government implies represents a genuine threat to promoters and defenders of the Status Quo, this new plan with potential would remain nothing more than a madman's exhortation into the wind. Ah, but vanity is a powerful stimulant while need necessitates invention and creation. Thus, Shift Of Power came to be.

In my mind I envision this blog as the means by which I can put Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government on the public record within the market place of ideas. I can use the blog to inform anyone that may be interested about the philosophy's existence, explain it, and provoke disagreement, discussion and debate in an effort to further refine the philosophy, system, and process as a result of readers input over time. I imagined that if the blog was successful I could somehow find a way of publishing or having published my original manuscript, then after twelve or fourteen months of exchange with blog readers, of making my argument and taking yours into consideration, would then re-write Humanistic Equalism and issue a second edition with revisions based on readers input.

Obviously I was idealistically and blissfully ignorant about the realities regarding the universe of websites and blogosphere. It is a lot tougher out here than I thought or would have believed it to be. Even though at times I struggle against the youthful forces of impatience and impetuosity, still think that I am a young raging bull wanting everything to happen right now. I am fully aware that I am an old bull-oh, I still want everything that I want, only now I know the most action, most success and satisfaction is simply a matter of time. As the southern rockers, Little Feat, said, "Thing happen in their own sweet time." All I have, all any of us really ever truly have that is ours and ours alone is time and that which we love.

The point I am making is that by returning to the origin of Shift Of Power, by exercising patience and by doing what I want to do for as long as it takes or until I die, which ever comes first. Eventually the idea and meaning, the truthfulness and possibilities espoused and revealed by Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government will become known. I know that if it is what I am convinced that it is-the next logical adaptation in the evolution of government, the first new type and approach to the institution and conduct of government system and process offered in more than five thousand years- if Huanistic Equalism is true and valid it will be adopted at some point in time. If it is not what I think that it is, it will be exposed, discarded, and disappear.

In a few days I will present the "official" definition of Huamnistic Equalism and begin explaining the premise and reasoning that the philosophy, as well, subsequent system and process for Humanistic Equalism government is based. Until then feel free to leave a comment, email this blog to a friend or enemy, rate this blog, and save it to your favorites or bookmarks. Remember, the mind necessarily clings to old ideas until prepared for the new. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


5 June 2008

Happy Birthday to Teri Barber Sharum!
Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, Los Angeles, Ca. 1968

The cycle rolls on.

I believe myself to be a person of reason. I believe that anger is a waste of time and energy, that lamenting about wouldda, shouldda, couldda issues are self-serving rationalization and destructively distracting. I abhor ad homonym language and commentary, character assault and stupidity. It is a rare moment when I will engage in making an outright blatant and unreasonable remark about another person. This is, unfortunately, such a moment.

George W. Bush, president of the United States and Yale University graduate is too stupid. Yes, I know that he is not, generally speaking, STUPID; and knowing that is what makes my calling him too stupid an unreasonable statement- one that is not based upon reason. After all he was smart enough to hire Karl Rove, Al Gonzales, Condi Rice, et al. So the question to be answered is, why would a person of reason that knows better, say something like this?

My sources for news and information on a daily basis are at present BBC World Source, NPR "Morning Edition", Democracy Now "The War and Peace Report- all at my computer; on television, PBS-The News Hour. So, the other night(on or about 1 or 2 June)I am watching The News Hour, the story is about Bush II declaring that he will veto a "Carbon Emissions-Cap and Trade" bill currently be debated in congress. They cut to a sound-bite of Bush II speaking before some group and the president remarks that (and I must paraphrase),he will veto the legislation because of the amount of debt it would create, that he just could not justify putting that kind of a burden on future generations- he said that he simply will not do it.

The first thing out my my mouth was, "man, this guy is just too stupid!" I am continually amazed at this man-our president- and his adeptness at being stupid. It is almost like he is a stupid-savant, someone born possessing an extraordinary natural talent or gift for stupid. One of the gifted-stupid. It is certainly fortunate he was born Caucasian and to a wealthy family. If he had been poor white-trash, white working class or black he would just be thought of as another dumb red-neck, or stupid
ni--er. Like that commercial says,"a little tweak can make a world of difference." Rich and stupid, no limit; poor and stupid, tuff luck.

What so enraged me is that Bush II adamantly declares his opposition to a bill that is at least an effort to acknowledge the issue of climate change and create debate and discussion by congress. Something that, as anyone knows, it has until recently refused to do. The primary reason he gives is one that feigns concern for future generations being strapped with unnecessary and burdensome debt. What makes me call him too stupid, is the fact that he and his administration have cheerfully, willingly and proudly already borrowed the complete up-front cost of our war against terrorism, civil and human rights in Afghanistan, Iraq, the United States, and other parts of the world. Nearly one TRILLION dollars at the end of FY2007. And that is just the amount that can be found in public records.

According to various sources such as War Resistance, the Seattle Times and others, as of the end of 2007 right at one trillion dollars had been borrowed to finance America's fear, defense industry and security contractors. If the interest payment is added to the amount borrowed so far every person in the United States currently starts every day nearly $500.00 in debt. It does not sound like much, but just take a minute and think. EVERYONE-every man, woman and child, every newborn, every person about to die, CEO's and junkies, Beauty Queens, feminists and hookers. Everybody starts every day and, as a citizen, owes $500.00 for money our government borrowed and spent.

Money spent on something that is impossible to achieve and is in reality an illusion; security. Security, like God, like Heaven and eternal life and promises of mercy and forgiveness; like miracle and the inspired "word of God"; like hell and demons and Armageddon, the Rapture, Allah and Mohammed's dreams. All this crap is an illusion created by the fear in our minds, by our imagination, by fraud and by lies. So, for Bush II to proclaim his determined opposition to anything due to a concern about the burdens of excessive debt on future generations is, in my humble opinion, too stupid. Go Yale...

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James B. Tinsley, B.A.