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5 June 2008

Happy Birthday to Teri Barber Sharum!
Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, Los Angeles, Ca. 1968

The cycle rolls on.

I believe myself to be a person of reason. I believe that anger is a waste of time and energy, that lamenting about wouldda, shouldda, couldda issues are self-serving rationalization and destructively distracting. I abhor ad homonym language and commentary, character assault and stupidity. It is a rare moment when I will engage in making an outright blatant and unreasonable remark about another person. This is, unfortunately, such a moment.

George W. Bush, president of the United States and Yale University graduate is too stupid. Yes, I know that he is not, generally speaking, STUPID; and knowing that is what makes my calling him too stupid an unreasonable statement- one that is not based upon reason. After all he was smart enough to hire Karl Rove, Al Gonzales, Condi Rice, et al. So the question to be answered is, why would a person of reason that knows better, say something like this?

My sources for news and information on a daily basis are at present BBC World Source, NPR "Morning Edition", Democracy Now "The War and Peace Report- all at my computer; on television, PBS-The News Hour. So, the other night(on or about 1 or 2 June)I am watching The News Hour, the story is about Bush II declaring that he will veto a "Carbon Emissions-Cap and Trade" bill currently be debated in congress. They cut to a sound-bite of Bush II speaking before some group and the president remarks that (and I must paraphrase),he will veto the legislation because of the amount of debt it would create, that he just could not justify putting that kind of a burden on future generations- he said that he simply will not do it.

The first thing out my my mouth was, "man, this guy is just too stupid!" I am continually amazed at this man-our president- and his adeptness at being stupid. It is almost like he is a stupid-savant, someone born possessing an extraordinary natural talent or gift for stupid. One of the gifted-stupid. It is certainly fortunate he was born Caucasian and to a wealthy family. If he had been poor white-trash, white working class or black he would just be thought of as another dumb red-neck, or stupid
ni--er. Like that commercial says,"a little tweak can make a world of difference." Rich and stupid, no limit; poor and stupid, tuff luck.

What so enraged me is that Bush II adamantly declares his opposition to a bill that is at least an effort to acknowledge the issue of climate change and create debate and discussion by congress. Something that, as anyone knows, it has until recently refused to do. The primary reason he gives is one that feigns concern for future generations being strapped with unnecessary and burdensome debt. What makes me call him too stupid, is the fact that he and his administration have cheerfully, willingly and proudly already borrowed the complete up-front cost of our war against terrorism, civil and human rights in Afghanistan, Iraq, the United States, and other parts of the world. Nearly one TRILLION dollars at the end of FY2007. And that is just the amount that can be found in public records.

According to various sources such as War Resistance, the Seattle Times and others, as of the end of 2007 right at one trillion dollars had been borrowed to finance America's fear, defense industry and security contractors. If the interest payment is added to the amount borrowed so far every person in the United States currently starts every day nearly $500.00 in debt. It does not sound like much, but just take a minute and think. EVERYONE-every man, woman and child, every newborn, every person about to die, CEO's and junkies, Beauty Queens, feminists and hookers. Everybody starts every day and, as a citizen, owes $500.00 for money our government borrowed and spent.

Money spent on something that is impossible to achieve and is in reality an illusion; security. Security, like God, like Heaven and eternal life and promises of mercy and forgiveness; like miracle and the inspired "word of God"; like hell and demons and Armageddon, the Rapture, Allah and Mohammed's dreams. All this crap is an illusion created by the fear in our minds, by our imagination, by fraud and by lies. So, for Bush II to proclaim his determined opposition to anything due to a concern about the burdens of excessive debt on future generations is, in my humble opinion, too stupid. Go Yale...

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James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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