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29 May 2008

I just watched a very good interview on Democracy Now; Juan Gonzalez interviewed author historian Tariq Ali for more than half the hour. I recommend that people check it out at

Mr. Ali has a new book entitled, Street Fighting Years. It is his historical observation regarding the 1960's. The !960's, of course, is, as I have noted before, when I began to awaken from the slumber and relative security of childhood and adolescence. It was rock-and-roll, radical ideas and revolution; the 1960's was sex, good drugs, imagination, dreams , hope; and it was oppression, suffering, violence, despair, frustration and desolation. And I am only speaking of what the 1960's were in the United States.

There was a whole bunch of stuff going on around the world. Big stuff! Social and political revolutions in all of Western Europe, parts of the Soviet Union, in the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Knowing about these things, about events and struggles happening in places other than the quasi-revolution that occurred in the United States, having knowledge of history is so damned important. It is perhaps one of the most powerful weapons, cunning strategies and overwhelming tactics citizens possess collectively. In any age in any country informed engaged involved citizens that have awareness and understanding of not only their own history, but the history of others have the greatest amount of control and authority over government action and function.

Unfortunately, this condition does not exist very often, or for very long. It is no secret that most American citizens-people born here-know just shy of diddly-squat about our country's history, and even less about the rest of the world. And, as a matter of fact, the history a great many Americans do know is the Caucasian Protestant Mythological account. You know exactly what I am referring to; White is Right, Jesus is Lord and protector of the United States-that there is no question but that God is on OUR side.

The story about Columbus discovering America, Pilgrims coming for religious freedom, a Declaration of Independence and The Rebellion; The American Revolution for life, liberty, and the individual pursuit of happiness. The thrilling story about a new kind of government, a wonderful and unbelievable Constitution in a new nation. One in which all are equal before the law, justice, personal liberty, speech and expression were guaranteed and outside the reach of government. Yes, according to the myth, The United States of America is indeed God's country. Well, much to our chagrin, and my sadness, this nation has been, and presently is God's country.

To be quite honest God can have the country, but He needs to get out of our government, and stay out. The true purpose and only reason for government is to serve, uphold and promote all citizens equally. Government derives its just power from the consent of the governed- the people its citizens; conversely, the people the citizens- the governed are obliged to exercise the full force and scope of their power. I am convinced this can only become animated and true when there is a shift of power away from profit, power, position and piety in law and government. And with a shift of power, focus and attention toward human beings, that is to say, the governed- the people our citizens. Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government contains the foundation, facts, system and process necessary to achieve this Shift In Power.

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James B. Tinsley,B.A.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


27 May 2008

When I noted on 22 May that I was adopting a "blog upon inspiration" process in the hope of creating a more spontaneous and dynamic environment I fully expected to be here somewhat more frequently, and certainly before now. Although no "comments" have yet been made regarding my previous posts, I am happy to say that I made two new "friends" at Blog Catalog over the weekend; catatonickid and ditto (I think that spelling is right?) if not I will correct it. Speaking of friends and Blog Catalog, if any reader is so inclined they can rate this blog using the widget below at the right side. Readers are also free to use the email-this-blog link at the end of the post to send a copy of this to friends and enemies alike. Of course at some point I would really like it if people started leaving comments. Maybe I should be careful about what I wish for.

I do not know about others, but from time to time I have an experience that I refer to as the 'turning of the cosmic kaleidoscope.' For those who do not know, a kaleidoscope is usually a monocular 'spy glass' type instrument that has sand or glass-some sort of colored crystal-like substances in one end. A person looking through the opposite end while holding it up to the light and turning the section containing the crystals can watch new symmetrical patterns appear as they tumble. This tumbling and creating new symmetrical patterns is the best description of what I experience.

It occurs completely unexpected and randomly. The best that I can describe what happens is to say, whatever variable that sets the kaleidoscope in my brain in motion, for as long a time as I have-given the circumstances of the moment-to "space out" and let my mind go, dots connect, things, events and perceptions normally tumbling around in my thoughts come to rest. For a very brief time a new pattern becomes vivid and clear- a new symmetry emerges. I tell you all this because what I have deduced over the years that I have been conscious of this experience is that when it happens change of significant proportion is in progress. That is to say, though big changes-either personally or within a larger social context- may not be visible or even perceived by myself or others, is in motion-already happening.

I do not 'see the future', it is more like multiple epiphanies, putting the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle, or filling in the last word of the crossword puzzle. So, this thing that happens is, to me, a moment where my brain finishes assimilating a bunch of information it has been gathering from perception throughout my conscious life and, if I am paying attention, I get a glimpse at the solution of that one process. By now I am sure one who is reading this cannot help but wonder, "What does all this have to do with Memory-Mendacity-Memorial?"

To be perfectly frank I am not completely certain. However, during this past Memorial Day weekend there came a moment when, out of the 'blue', I remarked out loud to my animals, "Things have changed." When that statement spontaneously erupts the "kaleidoscope experience" could happen at any time. It is kind of a precursor that I have become aware of over the years. The point is that what ever is going to change is already a done deal, it is happening now and will become reality. I just realized how psycho-psychic voodoo Ouija board that sounds. But that is not what I mean, or believe, or am saying in any way.

I do know that a lot of well-known people have been dying-Utah Phillips, Sydney Pollock, Dick Martin. Tens of thousands have died in Burma and China; they continuing dying in droves in Dar fur; South Africans are doing quite a bit of killing. Of course there is always a lot of killing going on throughout the Middle East; its a veritable kill-a-palooza in that part of the world every day. America is doing a lot of killing-either directly or indirectly. One thing is for sure if there is a buck to be made United States interests are involved up close and personal or by proxy.

More evidence that a significant shift in symmetry is ongoing is the slow fade to black by the Clinton campaign combined with the sound of 'general election' machinery being cranked up as the forces of the Status Quo gear up to protect profit, property, position and power currently held by America's pseudo-aristocracy of elite minority faction rule. Before I go I will tell you what my greatest fear is concerning this years presidential election.

I am convinced that, barring any unforeseen event or variable, Barrack OBama will be our next president and democrats will command a secure majority in both houses of congress. Notwithstanding this, my biggest fear and concern is the blow-back that will take place when the millions of young voters, and those who returned to participate in our election process after years or maybe a lifetime of disenfranchisement-and I include Mr. OBama among this number- when it becomes clear and they fully realize that any so-called "change" that may be the result of this historical election cycle will be nothing more than cosmetic, a slight adjustment in perception or interpretation of the rules and how they apply. When this occurs if citizens react as they have in the past and extricate themselves from the process to focus on self-interest this will, in my humble estimate, signal that the United States of America has reached the point of inevitable decline, that our nation's failure is no longer a question of "if" but "when."

If we do not change our system of government to one that exists solely to serve all citizens absolutely equally in an unqualified ethical manner; if we are unable to elevate our living citizens to a higher priority, see and treat citizens as being of greater value than profit, property, position or power; and unless our government and society begin to love people more than we fear God, attend to the affairs of this world this life and stop allowing the worship of a tyrant in heaven to integrate with and undermine our Constitutional foundation our fate is sealed. If average citizens of America fail to do these things with in the next 25 years-give or take a decade-this nation must continue its decline and will fail. It will no longer be recognizable as what we now think of and know as the United States of America.

Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment. I will appreciate it. Have a great week, we will continue exploring a Shift of Power soon. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


22 May 2008

Before diving into and wrapping up this initial discussion about absolute equality and why the United States not only can, but must, begin as soon as possible to provide all citizens with free health care I must tell some thoughts that have been rumbling around my brain in the past few days.

I am more than a little frustrated that I cannot generate more interest in this blog, or inspire those that do stop by to make some comment. I have certainly tried. It is, I have concluded, for various reasons that I will not go into, but suffice to say, it is most likely due to my own ignorance about what makes a blog attractive to others. So, going forward from this post I am going to try a different tack. I will be posting more often-when the inspiration hits me,- I will try to "lighten up," and I will do my best to stop being so erudite and preachy, academic and educational. In other words, to be more spontaneous.

For example, normally I pre-write my post and the post I wrote for today is almost four handwritten pages, but instead of using it, I will simply tell you what is on my mind regarding the stupidity and cruelty of allowing more than fifty million people in America to be denied or unable to receive all the health care needed for a relatively happy and productive life.

As stated in my last post in support of Bloggers Unite for Human Rights the seed at the core of all human cruelty and suffering is religion. In America it is Christian orthodoxy. In all the annals of mankind, no God has ever succored those that are truly innocent, the weak or the oppressed. There is absolute no credible evidence that any God has ever been more than a phantom created and perpetuated within and by the human mind. The majority of Christians, at least those that claim to be "true" or "real" Christian believers, are not kind, loving and gentle. They have been throughout history the most aggressive, heartless, shameful hypocrites, bigots, and anti-human happiness force ever known.

How many times have we said, or heard said, that our children and future generations are our greatest treasure; that we must do this or that for our children and grand-children? How can any Christian, or any person for that matter, make such a declaration and yet refuse to insist upon providing every child of American citizens with all the free health care that is required throughout the course of a lifetime? How is it possible for any person that lays claim to the idea that Christ or Jehovah is their lord and savior even entertain the idea that caring for all our citizens health is wrong, or that it should be available only in exchange for money? How can there be any rationalization or justification by wealthy corporate executives, powerful politicians and influential preachers and pundits that say they are believers in the glory of God and mercy of Christ; who righteously proclaim that profit and property are more valuable than people and take precedent over the well-being of all our citizens is any part of the Bible or their Christian convictions?

The truth is, it is all a fraud and a lie. It is the most glaring and obvious indication that, in spite of all our discovery, invention, mechanical development and technological advance; in spite of everything mankind has achieved in the past five thousand years, the relative comfort and material wealth we have accumulated and possess, people have not evolved and progressed, have not changed. That is to say, humans treat each other almost exactly the same as we always have. If one thinks differently, believes differently, comes from some place else, acts or talks in an unfamiliar manner or language, or belongs to that "other" group or race, then they must be regarded with suspicion, ostracized, and if they give the slightest indication they may be threat to the Status Quo they must be neutralized, eliminated-KILLED.

In the past five thousand years, or more, there have been three constants concerning civilization that have not evolved or changed, that exert dominance and control over the way people think and act toward each other: RELIGION, GOVERNMENT, and GREED. The last two arise from the first. Political correctness, humanitarian effort or movements, so-called democracies and republics declared to be of the people, by the people, and for the people, Christian "charities" (I place quotes around the word because Christians do not give any thing away-there is always a price, a payment to be made)- none of these things, or rather all of these things are a chimera, illusions people have conjured up to show how the human race is no longer a cruel and barbaric species. All people believe humanity is more advanced, that we are truly clever, classless, and free-especially in the United States. But the human race in 2008 is not, at its most fundamental level, in any real and demonstrable way different from our most ignorant ancient and savage ancestors.

Though we may indeed be more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, more devious, destructive and somewhat better fed than all those that came before us. There is no indication, no verifiable evidence that we, as a species, are more compassionate, more loving and understanding, and certainly we are no more humane. In spite of everything, human beings have failed to cultivate humanness. This is what lead me to create, organize and develop Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, the reason I wrote it into a manuscript and started this blog.

I know that government, religion, or force are not capable of changing the nature of people, of making us better or really improving the terms and conditions of life. Only we humans can do that. But if we did have a system and process of government that existed exclusively to protect and promote improvement of conditions in which people live, the advancement of humane and human society, and dedicated to establishing human happiness; a government that acted, functioned, and treated all citizens absolutely equal, and that required unqualified ethical conduct within its institutions and agencies. If we had government that strictly prohibited and precluded the overt or covert influence of any religious dogma, doctrine or creed upon its policies and laws; and one that considered property and profit as the product and means not the purpose and ends of government, we will stand a better chance of substantive, measurable and lasting evolutionary growth and development as a species, as a culture and society.

Our only hope, our only true path to redemption and salvation depends entirely upon us. The entire future of all mankind, all the grand victories and aspirations of the world must be accomplished and achieved by humanity, and humanity alone.

If do not agree, or if you do; if you agree or disagree only somewhat, say so. Leave a comment, do not be afraid or shy-speak up! You can send this to a friend (or enemy) using the email icon below. Save this blog to your favorites or bookmarks or blog roll, tell someone about Shift Of Power. Please come back to visit. And, if you are so inclined, you can rate this blog using the button at the bottom of the side panel. I look forward to our next visit! Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


15 May 2008

Although I had intended to continue a series of postings concerning the absence of absolute equality and the lack of adequate affordable health care in the United States, which is, in my opinion, a clear demonstration of America's own Human Rights failure. I am compelled to deviate from that and contribute what little I can to the effort of Blog Catalog and Amnesty International, along with thousands of other concerned citizens and people around the world to elevate awareness of the ongoing and inexcusable Human Rights violations being committed on every continent and by every nation on earth.

Nearly all of the topics listed as the focus of today's event, and those listed on the Amnesty International web page are the deceptive fruit upon the branches of one huge ugly tree whose trunk extends from a single root germinated from a seed planted at the beginning of Human civilization. I am, of course, talking about the poisonous tree of Religion, the unnatural worship and subjugation by people to some supposed being, intelligence, or power that is believed to be infinite and supreme.

"But wait," says the religionist, "My religion, my God, my Christ, the Allah or Buddha I believe in, is the source of all that is love and mercy, forgiveness and redemption, salvation and hope." Even those that do not necessarily "believe," "practice," or "support" any particular doctrine or creed still cannot bring themselves to denounce or deny the the existence of some power, some thing, that is beyond or greater than humans ability to comprehend and understand. Very few people in the world can face the facts and admit that, as far as we can discern, there is no greater force or higher intelligence than human force and human intelligence. Yet, it is true. There is absolutely nothing in the entire universe more valuable than a living human being. The fact is that everything people regard as having value is made valuable because of and by human beings. Without humans even a God is worthless.

The fundamental perception and general belief is that corrupt governments, cruel dictators, authoritarian military juntas or ego maniacal tyrants are responsible for locking up someone for their political expression, or for reporting on the neglect and abuse of groups or whole segments of a country's population. Most people believe that it is a president or congress, prime minister or parliament, supreme council or renegade revolutionary that conducts war on terrorism, profiles certain racial, ethnic or sexually oriented individuals or organizations, targeting them for arrest and torture in places like Guantanamo prison, Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Manhatten, or Texas. Many believe that it is greedy multi-national corporations, ideological think tanks,or resource seeking empires that give arms and support to killers, thugs, and thieves in order to suppress the desires of locals or oppress popular movements for reform and justice.

But corrupt governments, pseudo-aristocratic legislators, military rulers, dictators and tyrants; corporations, think tanks, empires and thugs are only a symptom of the real disease. They are physical manifestation, the sores of the leprosy, the bloated stomach of starvation; the gang rape of a young child. The actual source of the infection, the virus, the germ or act of defilement; the true progenitor of the plague that is the experience of all abuses and violations of the basic rights of every living human being is belief in some infinitely wise, powerful and beneficent God or power or force who is superior to and independent of nature.

Famine is not caused by some enraged and revengeful deity, sickness is not produced as punishment, no God has ever intervened in behalf of the weak and innocent. There is a vast difference between religion and justice, worshipers of the same God take delight in cutting each other's throats, and no God at any time interferes with the order of events. The civilization of humanity and the recognition and acknowledgement of the rights of humans has, throughout history, increased just to the same extent that religious power has decreased.

In support of the real ends of life: absolute equality, liberty- of thought, action and expression; that every human being be granted the same rights as every other human being, and to render some small service to the cause of human rights, progress and happiness I submit these remarks and commit my energy and time. It is better to love humans than to fear God. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


10 May 2008

Last time the focus was primarily on equality-Absolute Equality to be specific. It should now be perfectly clear that, in so far as government policy, function, and conduct, all citizens must be seen and treated as having absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights. I submit that this is especially true with citizen health concerns.

"We have to solve this or that problem, not only for us now, but more importantly, for our children. Our children and grand-children are America's hope for the future and our greatest treasure." It is safe to say that most of us will hear, or maybe even say something to this effect nearly every week.

Let me ask you some questions, and I must demand that you be honest with yourself and your answers. Do we as citizens-does our government-make policy, function or conduct business and governance consistent with this statement or its sentiment? Do we, on a day-to-day basis, make plans and decisions with our children and future generations foremost in our thinking? Do we, as a people, as a nation, really believe that our posterity is our most precious and valuable treasure and asset? Or, are such statements and declarations about a deep concern for the well being of those to come after us, nothing more than religious and political rhetoric employed to manipulate American citizens by creating fear?

Reader's that are intellectually and emotionally honest cannot defend America's history or present day actions. They must admit the overwhelming majority of decisions and actions we take are motivated by egotism, by self-interest and profit, comfort and convenience. There is no credible evidence that our citizens or government has ever consistently created policy, functioned, or conducted our affairs on behalf of future generations. Yes, there have been occasional brief moments and some limited policies and programs ostensibly enacted and promoted with future generations in mind, but, if examined closely one discovers that, as a result of compromise, the real motivation is always profit, power and position. American hypocrisy is appalling and shameful.

To my mind, if we and our government truly believe that our children and grand-children are our most precious and valuable asset and treasure, we would have been providing free health care to all citizens from the beginning, or at least for the last fifty years. Why is this even an issue? Why do we fight tooth and nail to resist any attempts to cultivate a healthy population? The answer is complicated and I will address it in my next posting. For the moment I want to concentrate on two factors that, as far as I am aware, have never really been part of the debate. Both factors concern aspects of health care cost.

First, with regard to the total amount of money our federal government currently spends on health care and health related matters. To be honest, I do not know, nobody does. I have been actively trying to put all the numbers together for more than four years. It is possible to find figures for some of the larger expenditures such as medicare, medicaid, social security disability, veteran's administration, etc., but not the total amount for all health related spending.

There are a plethora of smaller unknown extensions, exceptions, sub-programs and grant aid. Not to mention what government gives to universities, private industry, and hospitals for research and development. Something that I have never heard or seen correlated to health care spending or included in the debate. There is a great deal of spending, either outright or as part of tax legislation, that most Americans have no idea even exists. As a result I have found it impossible to calculate even a 'ballpark' figure for the amount of money currently being spent by our federal government on all health and care related programs and activities. Maybe a reader will know and share it with us.

The point is, I am convinced that if we took ALL the money currently being paid out by government and put it all in one pile, there would be more than enough cash to pay for every citizen to have the best health care from conception to coffin. In addition, if every citizen-private and corporate- that should pay taxes actually paid them; or if, as in my proposal for Equal Taxation, those that qualified paid an equal percentage of their taxable income or profit, there would be plenty of money to ensure all citizens absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights regarding health care.

This brings us to the second factor that, so far as I know, has never been raised or elaborated on. Has anyone ever considered that, even if all the chaos and devastation predicted by those that have prevented the United States from providing free unlimited health care to our citizens came true in the short term, they would be resolved and begin to reverse within one full generation-about 18 to 20 years? But only if the care is conception to coffin with no restrictions. Why is this true?

Because by the time the first full generation of citizens that have received all the necessary care one needs throughout the course of a lifetime is giving way to the second generation two things will have happened. One result is that the paradigm for health care in America will be completely inverted. In other words, our health care system and everything related to it will become one of prevention and preemption, rather than the reactive treatment, management and emergency system we now have. Nearly 100% of medical care in the United States today is reacting to illness after we are sick; it is treating and managing illness and making emergency repair. Ask any physician. In the United States we do not "cure" disease, we treat, we manage and we delay the full effect-for the moment.

Yes, there is a minuscule amount of time, money, and effort now directed toward prevention. More than ever before. But compared to the whole, it is in effect, nothing. Imagine if two or three hundred billion, or two trillion dollars was invested every year for 18 to 20 years to create and maintain a healthy population. Within one full generation many of our current medical crises and so-called epidemics,such as obesity, diabetes, chronic heart disease, even malnutrition could be resolved, eliminated. If this nation produced one full generation in which ALL citizens received complete and unlimited care from conception to coffin many, if not most, of the health related problems and maladies we have been battling-some for a hundred years or more,- would disappear. Thus, the real cost of all heath related expense becomes dramatically lower.

By the end of the second full generation to be born and live under these conditions-about 50 years or so- disease and sickness would be the exception. If all our population is able to become more healthy with each successive generation, with science and medicine being able to advance more broadly and consistently in concert with the shifting paradigm, citizens will be progressively more vigorous and healthy. The question we must now answer is: Do we want to continue to live in a sick and unhealthy nation where one's potential and good hea;th is determined by the circumstance of birth; depends upon whether one is born into wealth or poverty?

Please give this question, and the ideas presented here some thought. Make a comment and tell me what you think. If you like, you can send this article to a friend using the email link below. While you are here take a second and add this blog to your "Favorites," or "Bookmarks." And, if you are so inclined, you can rate this blog by clicking on one of the buttons to the right.

We will continue this discussion next time. I will delve deeper into why we are so cruel to one another; why we say one thing and do another; why we act contrary to our own best interest, and, most importantly, why health insurance companies and so-called "health care providers" must be eliminated and then outlawed from any future existence in America. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Monday, May 5, 2008


5 May 2008

Is inequality the price we pay for civilization?

Most everyone confuses FAIR with EQUAL. We are told early on that, "life is not fair," which is no doubt a true statement. Neither life, nor society is fair; never has been, never will be. It must follow then, that if life and society is not fair, neither can be equal. FAIR and EQUAL are two very different ideas, and Equalism is not about fair.

In an April post I briefly approached the subject of absolute equality and Equalism. What is Equalism? To start with it is the second principle in the philosophical doctrine of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Conduct of Government. It is, perhaps, the keystone in the arch of a Humanistic approach to government and politics. I will define it for readers more precisely.

"ism" is a suffix added to the end of a root word that means action, process, or characteristic behavior. It is a state or quality that can imply doctrine, theory, or a system of principles. Therefore, in the specific context of Humanistic Equalism, when "ism" is added to the root word equal, creating the term Equalism, the meaning is narrowly defined as describing the active practice and process concerning the doctrine and principle of equal, or equality. In other words, Equalism, is a system whereby absolute equality is actively applied.

When I was researching the word "equal" I discovered an interesting notation that turned out to be extremely important in crafting the narrow focus of this new term Equalism as it applies within the context of Humanistic Equalism. The notation to which I refer points out that until very recently the word equal has always been considered in terms of absolute equal -that two or more things were either equal or they were not. However the advance of Relativism seems to have thrown the "absolute" nature of equal into question. Therefore, so that readers have no doubt upon the matter, I chose to reclaim the traditional "absolute" nature of equal for use in regard to this newly developed political philosophy, wherein, Equalism means absolutely equal.

It means absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen. It means that government must be the promoter and guarantor of absolute equality in its actions and functions. "Not possible," some readers are thinking. Perhaps that is true; it is especially true as long as citizens remain subjugated to protect and preserve the Status Quo. If, however, we, the people, reclaim and exercise the full force of our power, throwing out our current ineffective and corrupt government, and apply a new and different philosophical foundation to the framework of our United States Constitution, a true, meaningful, and lasting shift of power can and will occur.

I have established that life, society and government are not inherently fair; nor can human beings be forced to be fair by law or any other means. We live within a society of individual citizens that are by their very nature concerned first and foremost with self-preservation, their own needs, desires and ambitions. Society is a living body, a swirling jumbled mass of personal necessity and aspiration. One that is constantly changing and adapting. Government, on the other hand, is an institution, a creation and construct, man made and laid upon citizens. Thus far, as a general rule of human history, government is neither fair nor equal; how could it be in light of the facts?

Since "fairness" is a perception, a subjective judgement that can be facilitated by equal and may lead one to act fairly under certain circumstances, even in the absence of the condition of equality. Since fair treatment cannot be legislated or forced upon citizens in their dealings with each other; and since government is an artificial institution arising from the citizens in order to serve their various needs. I submit that it is the responsibility and duty of government to establish and maintain the condition of absolute equality with regard to its activities and functions, thereby providing equal treatment, consideration, enforcement, opportunity, support and choice for all citizens. That is to say, if our government is predicated on the condition of absolute equality of status, privileges, and rights for every citizen, it will by its very nature be fair.

For example, in an earlier post I introduced the Four Changes I am convinced that our nation must make if we are to have any hope of reversing the inexorable process of decline and eventual ruin now unfolding all around us. These changes are: Equal Taxation, National Service Benefit Development, American Citizen's Good Health and Care, and United States Universal Public Education. Every one of these changes depends on, and will only work if they are applied and affect every citizen absolutely equally. Everybody, including our Founding Fathers and the Framers of our Constitution, agrees that equality is fundamental to human life and liberty; when it comes to the idea of equality everybody talks a good game. But the factual truth is very different.

Equality is great, as long as this group, or that special interest is, for whatever reason, treated a little more equal. Equality in the minds of certain pious persons, certain victims of abuse, certain members of government and, of course, all those that are among the wealthy powerful members of the elite minority faction ruling class is good so long as it does not infringe upon or threaten their position, their privilege and their expectation of being the "most" equal. As time goes forward I will discuss each of the Four Changes noted above extensively with relation to Equalism and equality. I am going to start with truly universal free womb-to-tomb health care for ALL citizens because it is such a huge issue in the 2008 presidential contest, and because the ignorance and stupidity preventing us from having free lifetime health and care is literally killing us.

Now that readers have a clearer and better understanding of what Equalism is, and what I specifically mean when I use words such as equal and equality it will make our next meeting and discussion concerning the condition and future of our health, our care, and our continuation as a nation much more meaningful. As a preview I will tell you that everything we are currently being told by the major presidential candidates is pure unadulterated smelly crap. Everything they say is a calculated lie, until we, as citizens, overcome our own credulity and ignorance, until we shut down and permanently prohibit such flagrantly fraudulent institutions and businesses known as health insurance companies, and health care providers, families will continue to fall into ruin, soldiers will continue suffering the fate of political deal making, and many, many more babes and children will die unnecessarily.

I am very anxious to know your thoughts and encourage readers to leave any comments they may have. If you think someone you know might be interested, you can email this post to them directly from here, and finally, while you are here and thinking about it please save "Shift of Power" to your bookmarks or favorites. I will communicate with readers again on or before 9 May 2008. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.