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27 May 2008

When I noted on 22 May that I was adopting a "blog upon inspiration" process in the hope of creating a more spontaneous and dynamic environment I fully expected to be here somewhat more frequently, and certainly before now. Although no "comments" have yet been made regarding my previous posts, I am happy to say that I made two new "friends" at Blog Catalog over the weekend; catatonickid and ditto (I think that spelling is right?) if not I will correct it. Speaking of friends and Blog Catalog, if any reader is so inclined they can rate this blog using the widget below at the right side. Readers are also free to use the email-this-blog link at the end of the post to send a copy of this to friends and enemies alike. Of course at some point I would really like it if people started leaving comments. Maybe I should be careful about what I wish for.

I do not know about others, but from time to time I have an experience that I refer to as the 'turning of the cosmic kaleidoscope.' For those who do not know, a kaleidoscope is usually a monocular 'spy glass' type instrument that has sand or glass-some sort of colored crystal-like substances in one end. A person looking through the opposite end while holding it up to the light and turning the section containing the crystals can watch new symmetrical patterns appear as they tumble. This tumbling and creating new symmetrical patterns is the best description of what I experience.

It occurs completely unexpected and randomly. The best that I can describe what happens is to say, whatever variable that sets the kaleidoscope in my brain in motion, for as long a time as I have-given the circumstances of the moment-to "space out" and let my mind go, dots connect, things, events and perceptions normally tumbling around in my thoughts come to rest. For a very brief time a new pattern becomes vivid and clear- a new symmetry emerges. I tell you all this because what I have deduced over the years that I have been conscious of this experience is that when it happens change of significant proportion is in progress. That is to say, though big changes-either personally or within a larger social context- may not be visible or even perceived by myself or others, is in motion-already happening.

I do not 'see the future', it is more like multiple epiphanies, putting the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle, or filling in the last word of the crossword puzzle. So, this thing that happens is, to me, a moment where my brain finishes assimilating a bunch of information it has been gathering from perception throughout my conscious life and, if I am paying attention, I get a glimpse at the solution of that one process. By now I am sure one who is reading this cannot help but wonder, "What does all this have to do with Memory-Mendacity-Memorial?"

To be perfectly frank I am not completely certain. However, during this past Memorial Day weekend there came a moment when, out of the 'blue', I remarked out loud to my animals, "Things have changed." When that statement spontaneously erupts the "kaleidoscope experience" could happen at any time. It is kind of a precursor that I have become aware of over the years. The point is that what ever is going to change is already a done deal, it is happening now and will become reality. I just realized how psycho-psychic voodoo Ouija board that sounds. But that is not what I mean, or believe, or am saying in any way.

I do know that a lot of well-known people have been dying-Utah Phillips, Sydney Pollock, Dick Martin. Tens of thousands have died in Burma and China; they continuing dying in droves in Dar fur; South Africans are doing quite a bit of killing. Of course there is always a lot of killing going on throughout the Middle East; its a veritable kill-a-palooza in that part of the world every day. America is doing a lot of killing-either directly or indirectly. One thing is for sure if there is a buck to be made United States interests are involved up close and personal or by proxy.

More evidence that a significant shift in symmetry is ongoing is the slow fade to black by the Clinton campaign combined with the sound of 'general election' machinery being cranked up as the forces of the Status Quo gear up to protect profit, property, position and power currently held by America's pseudo-aristocracy of elite minority faction rule. Before I go I will tell you what my greatest fear is concerning this years presidential election.

I am convinced that, barring any unforeseen event or variable, Barrack OBama will be our next president and democrats will command a secure majority in both houses of congress. Notwithstanding this, my biggest fear and concern is the blow-back that will take place when the millions of young voters, and those who returned to participate in our election process after years or maybe a lifetime of disenfranchisement-and I include Mr. OBama among this number- when it becomes clear and they fully realize that any so-called "change" that may be the result of this historical election cycle will be nothing more than cosmetic, a slight adjustment in perception or interpretation of the rules and how they apply. When this occurs if citizens react as they have in the past and extricate themselves from the process to focus on self-interest this will, in my humble estimate, signal that the United States of America has reached the point of inevitable decline, that our nation's failure is no longer a question of "if" but "when."

If we do not change our system of government to one that exists solely to serve all citizens absolutely equally in an unqualified ethical manner; if we are unable to elevate our living citizens to a higher priority, see and treat citizens as being of greater value than profit, property, position or power; and unless our government and society begin to love people more than we fear God, attend to the affairs of this world this life and stop allowing the worship of a tyrant in heaven to integrate with and undermine our Constitutional foundation our fate is sealed. If average citizens of America fail to do these things with in the next 25 years-give or take a decade-this nation must continue its decline and will fail. It will no longer be recognizable as what we now think of and know as the United States of America.

Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment. I will appreciate it. Have a great week, we will continue exploring a Shift of Power soon. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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