Thursday, May 22, 2008


22 May 2008

Before diving into and wrapping up this initial discussion about absolute equality and why the United States not only can, but must, begin as soon as possible to provide all citizens with free health care I must tell some thoughts that have been rumbling around my brain in the past few days.

I am more than a little frustrated that I cannot generate more interest in this blog, or inspire those that do stop by to make some comment. I have certainly tried. It is, I have concluded, for various reasons that I will not go into, but suffice to say, it is most likely due to my own ignorance about what makes a blog attractive to others. So, going forward from this post I am going to try a different tack. I will be posting more often-when the inspiration hits me,- I will try to "lighten up," and I will do my best to stop being so erudite and preachy, academic and educational. In other words, to be more spontaneous.

For example, normally I pre-write my post and the post I wrote for today is almost four handwritten pages, but instead of using it, I will simply tell you what is on my mind regarding the stupidity and cruelty of allowing more than fifty million people in America to be denied or unable to receive all the health care needed for a relatively happy and productive life.

As stated in my last post in support of Bloggers Unite for Human Rights the seed at the core of all human cruelty and suffering is religion. In America it is Christian orthodoxy. In all the annals of mankind, no God has ever succored those that are truly innocent, the weak or the oppressed. There is absolute no credible evidence that any God has ever been more than a phantom created and perpetuated within and by the human mind. The majority of Christians, at least those that claim to be "true" or "real" Christian believers, are not kind, loving and gentle. They have been throughout history the most aggressive, heartless, shameful hypocrites, bigots, and anti-human happiness force ever known.

How many times have we said, or heard said, that our children and future generations are our greatest treasure; that we must do this or that for our children and grand-children? How can any Christian, or any person for that matter, make such a declaration and yet refuse to insist upon providing every child of American citizens with all the free health care that is required throughout the course of a lifetime? How is it possible for any person that lays claim to the idea that Christ or Jehovah is their lord and savior even entertain the idea that caring for all our citizens health is wrong, or that it should be available only in exchange for money? How can there be any rationalization or justification by wealthy corporate executives, powerful politicians and influential preachers and pundits that say they are believers in the glory of God and mercy of Christ; who righteously proclaim that profit and property are more valuable than people and take precedent over the well-being of all our citizens is any part of the Bible or their Christian convictions?

The truth is, it is all a fraud and a lie. It is the most glaring and obvious indication that, in spite of all our discovery, invention, mechanical development and technological advance; in spite of everything mankind has achieved in the past five thousand years, the relative comfort and material wealth we have accumulated and possess, people have not evolved and progressed, have not changed. That is to say, humans treat each other almost exactly the same as we always have. If one thinks differently, believes differently, comes from some place else, acts or talks in an unfamiliar manner or language, or belongs to that "other" group or race, then they must be regarded with suspicion, ostracized, and if they give the slightest indication they may be threat to the Status Quo they must be neutralized, eliminated-KILLED.

In the past five thousand years, or more, there have been three constants concerning civilization that have not evolved or changed, that exert dominance and control over the way people think and act toward each other: RELIGION, GOVERNMENT, and GREED. The last two arise from the first. Political correctness, humanitarian effort or movements, so-called democracies and republics declared to be of the people, by the people, and for the people, Christian "charities" (I place quotes around the word because Christians do not give any thing away-there is always a price, a payment to be made)- none of these things, or rather all of these things are a chimera, illusions people have conjured up to show how the human race is no longer a cruel and barbaric species. All people believe humanity is more advanced, that we are truly clever, classless, and free-especially in the United States. But the human race in 2008 is not, at its most fundamental level, in any real and demonstrable way different from our most ignorant ancient and savage ancestors.

Though we may indeed be more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, more devious, destructive and somewhat better fed than all those that came before us. There is no indication, no verifiable evidence that we, as a species, are more compassionate, more loving and understanding, and certainly we are no more humane. In spite of everything, human beings have failed to cultivate humanness. This is what lead me to create, organize and develop Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, the reason I wrote it into a manuscript and started this blog.

I know that government, religion, or force are not capable of changing the nature of people, of making us better or really improving the terms and conditions of life. Only we humans can do that. But if we did have a system and process of government that existed exclusively to protect and promote improvement of conditions in which people live, the advancement of humane and human society, and dedicated to establishing human happiness; a government that acted, functioned, and treated all citizens absolutely equal, and that required unqualified ethical conduct within its institutions and agencies. If we had government that strictly prohibited and precluded the overt or covert influence of any religious dogma, doctrine or creed upon its policies and laws; and one that considered property and profit as the product and means not the purpose and ends of government, we will stand a better chance of substantive, measurable and lasting evolutionary growth and development as a species, as a culture and society.

Our only hope, our only true path to redemption and salvation depends entirely upon us. The entire future of all mankind, all the grand victories and aspirations of the world must be accomplished and achieved by humanity, and humanity alone.

If do not agree, or if you do; if you agree or disagree only somewhat, say so. Leave a comment, do not be afraid or shy-speak up! You can send this to a friend (or enemy) using the email icon below. Save this blog to your favorites or bookmarks or blog roll, tell someone about Shift Of Power. Please come back to visit. And, if you are so inclined, you can rate this blog using the button at the bottom of the side panel. I look forward to our next visit! Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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