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5 May 2008

Is inequality the price we pay for civilization?

Most everyone confuses FAIR with EQUAL. We are told early on that, "life is not fair," which is no doubt a true statement. Neither life, nor society is fair; never has been, never will be. It must follow then, that if life and society is not fair, neither can be equal. FAIR and EQUAL are two very different ideas, and Equalism is not about fair.

In an April post I briefly approached the subject of absolute equality and Equalism. What is Equalism? To start with it is the second principle in the philosophical doctrine of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Conduct of Government. It is, perhaps, the keystone in the arch of a Humanistic approach to government and politics. I will define it for readers more precisely.

"ism" is a suffix added to the end of a root word that means action, process, or characteristic behavior. It is a state or quality that can imply doctrine, theory, or a system of principles. Therefore, in the specific context of Humanistic Equalism, when "ism" is added to the root word equal, creating the term Equalism, the meaning is narrowly defined as describing the active practice and process concerning the doctrine and principle of equal, or equality. In other words, Equalism, is a system whereby absolute equality is actively applied.

When I was researching the word "equal" I discovered an interesting notation that turned out to be extremely important in crafting the narrow focus of this new term Equalism as it applies within the context of Humanistic Equalism. The notation to which I refer points out that until very recently the word equal has always been considered in terms of absolute equal -that two or more things were either equal or they were not. However the advance of Relativism seems to have thrown the "absolute" nature of equal into question. Therefore, so that readers have no doubt upon the matter, I chose to reclaim the traditional "absolute" nature of equal for use in regard to this newly developed political philosophy, wherein, Equalism means absolutely equal.

It means absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen. It means that government must be the promoter and guarantor of absolute equality in its actions and functions. "Not possible," some readers are thinking. Perhaps that is true; it is especially true as long as citizens remain subjugated to protect and preserve the Status Quo. If, however, we, the people, reclaim and exercise the full force of our power, throwing out our current ineffective and corrupt government, and apply a new and different philosophical foundation to the framework of our United States Constitution, a true, meaningful, and lasting shift of power can and will occur.

I have established that life, society and government are not inherently fair; nor can human beings be forced to be fair by law or any other means. We live within a society of individual citizens that are by their very nature concerned first and foremost with self-preservation, their own needs, desires and ambitions. Society is a living body, a swirling jumbled mass of personal necessity and aspiration. One that is constantly changing and adapting. Government, on the other hand, is an institution, a creation and construct, man made and laid upon citizens. Thus far, as a general rule of human history, government is neither fair nor equal; how could it be in light of the facts?

Since "fairness" is a perception, a subjective judgement that can be facilitated by equal and may lead one to act fairly under certain circumstances, even in the absence of the condition of equality. Since fair treatment cannot be legislated or forced upon citizens in their dealings with each other; and since government is an artificial institution arising from the citizens in order to serve their various needs. I submit that it is the responsibility and duty of government to establish and maintain the condition of absolute equality with regard to its activities and functions, thereby providing equal treatment, consideration, enforcement, opportunity, support and choice for all citizens. That is to say, if our government is predicated on the condition of absolute equality of status, privileges, and rights for every citizen, it will by its very nature be fair.

For example, in an earlier post I introduced the Four Changes I am convinced that our nation must make if we are to have any hope of reversing the inexorable process of decline and eventual ruin now unfolding all around us. These changes are: Equal Taxation, National Service Benefit Development, American Citizen's Good Health and Care, and United States Universal Public Education. Every one of these changes depends on, and will only work if they are applied and affect every citizen absolutely equally. Everybody, including our Founding Fathers and the Framers of our Constitution, agrees that equality is fundamental to human life and liberty; when it comes to the idea of equality everybody talks a good game. But the factual truth is very different.

Equality is great, as long as this group, or that special interest is, for whatever reason, treated a little more equal. Equality in the minds of certain pious persons, certain victims of abuse, certain members of government and, of course, all those that are among the wealthy powerful members of the elite minority faction ruling class is good so long as it does not infringe upon or threaten their position, their privilege and their expectation of being the "most" equal. As time goes forward I will discuss each of the Four Changes noted above extensively with relation to Equalism and equality. I am going to start with truly universal free womb-to-tomb health care for ALL citizens because it is such a huge issue in the 2008 presidential contest, and because the ignorance and stupidity preventing us from having free lifetime health and care is literally killing us.

Now that readers have a clearer and better understanding of what Equalism is, and what I specifically mean when I use words such as equal and equality it will make our next meeting and discussion concerning the condition and future of our health, our care, and our continuation as a nation much more meaningful. As a preview I will tell you that everything we are currently being told by the major presidential candidates is pure unadulterated smelly crap. Everything they say is a calculated lie, until we, as citizens, overcome our own credulity and ignorance, until we shut down and permanently prohibit such flagrantly fraudulent institutions and businesses known as health insurance companies, and health care providers, families will continue to fall into ruin, soldiers will continue suffering the fate of political deal making, and many, many more babes and children will die unnecessarily.

I am very anxious to know your thoughts and encourage readers to leave any comments they may have. If you think someone you know might be interested, you can email this post to them directly from here, and finally, while you are here and thinking about it please save "Shift of Power" to your bookmarks or favorites. I will communicate with readers again on or before 9 May 2008. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to begin by saying I completely agree with you. It seems that equality on any basis is being undermined little by little; and some of us gladly consume the sugary vomit that is the corporate media. The only allegory I can summon that accurately describes this horror, would be the film "The Matrix". Indeed, it seems the Overclass are parasites, feeding off the labor, time, and life of their victims. All while keeping many blissfully ignorant; preferrably so to some.