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29 May 2008

I just watched a very good interview on Democracy Now; Juan Gonzalez interviewed author historian Tariq Ali for more than half the hour. I recommend that people check it out at

Mr. Ali has a new book entitled, Street Fighting Years. It is his historical observation regarding the 1960's. The !960's, of course, is, as I have noted before, when I began to awaken from the slumber and relative security of childhood and adolescence. It was rock-and-roll, radical ideas and revolution; the 1960's was sex, good drugs, imagination, dreams , hope; and it was oppression, suffering, violence, despair, frustration and desolation. And I am only speaking of what the 1960's were in the United States.

There was a whole bunch of stuff going on around the world. Big stuff! Social and political revolutions in all of Western Europe, parts of the Soviet Union, in the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Knowing about these things, about events and struggles happening in places other than the quasi-revolution that occurred in the United States, having knowledge of history is so damned important. It is perhaps one of the most powerful weapons, cunning strategies and overwhelming tactics citizens possess collectively. In any age in any country informed engaged involved citizens that have awareness and understanding of not only their own history, but the history of others have the greatest amount of control and authority over government action and function.

Unfortunately, this condition does not exist very often, or for very long. It is no secret that most American citizens-people born here-know just shy of diddly-squat about our country's history, and even less about the rest of the world. And, as a matter of fact, the history a great many Americans do know is the Caucasian Protestant Mythological account. You know exactly what I am referring to; White is Right, Jesus is Lord and protector of the United States-that there is no question but that God is on OUR side.

The story about Columbus discovering America, Pilgrims coming for religious freedom, a Declaration of Independence and The Rebellion; The American Revolution for life, liberty, and the individual pursuit of happiness. The thrilling story about a new kind of government, a wonderful and unbelievable Constitution in a new nation. One in which all are equal before the law, justice, personal liberty, speech and expression were guaranteed and outside the reach of government. Yes, according to the myth, The United States of America is indeed God's country. Well, much to our chagrin, and my sadness, this nation has been, and presently is God's country.

To be quite honest God can have the country, but He needs to get out of our government, and stay out. The true purpose and only reason for government is to serve, uphold and promote all citizens equally. Government derives its just power from the consent of the governed- the people its citizens; conversely, the people the citizens- the governed are obliged to exercise the full force and scope of their power. I am convinced this can only become animated and true when there is a shift of power away from profit, power, position and piety in law and government. And with a shift of power, focus and attention toward human beings, that is to say, the governed- the people our citizens. Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government contains the foundation, facts, system and process necessary to achieve this Shift In Power.

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James B. Tinsley,B.A.

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