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The following slightly paraphrased excerpt is from “The Ruins Of Empires,” by C.F. Volney, 1791...

Nations and states prosper because their social institutions conform to the true laws of nature. And because the people, enjoying liberty and security for their persons and their property, can display the full extent of their faculties. That is to say, all the energies of their self-love.

However, when all the principles of society are dissolved, there is no longer any common interest, no longer any public spirit. This causes a distinction of casts and races to arise, which then reduces the maintenance of disorder to a regular system. So that one who is born of this or that blood, is born a slave or a tyrant—property or proprietor, privileged or poor..

With oppressors being less numerous than the oppressed it is necessary to perfect the science of oppression in order to support this false equilibrium. The art of governing has become the art of subjugating the many to the few. To enforce an obedience that is so contrary to instinct, the severest punishments are established, and the cruelty of laws render manners atrocious.

The distinction of persons within the state is established by two codes, two orders of criminal justice, and two sets of laws. Placed between tendencies of the heart and an oath uttered from one's mouth, people have two consciences in contradiction with each other. Ideas of justice and injustice no longer have any foundation within understanding.

Under such a system, people fall into dejection and despair, and occurrences of nature are added to the other evils that assail them. Prostrated by so many calamities, people attribute the causes to superior and hidden powers. Because people have tyrants on earth, they fancy others in heaven, and superstition aggravates the misfortune of nations.

One consequence of this is fatal doctrines with gloomy and misanthropic systems of religion become dominant. They paint their gods like their despots, wicked and envious. To appease them, humans offer up the sacrifice of all their enjoyment. Surrounded in privation, they reverse the order of nature.

They conceive pleasures to be crimes and suffering as expiation. People endeavor to love pain and renounce the love of self. Because of religion, humans persecute their senses, hate their life, and with a self-denying and anti-social morality, plunge a nation into the apathy of death.

When a holy indolence spreads over the political world, fields are deserted, empires are depopulated, monuments are neglected, and deserts multiply. Ignorance, superstition, and fanaticism combine their operations to overwhelm the earth with devastation and ruin.

Thus agitated by their own passions, humans, whether collectively or individually taken, are always greedy and improvident. They pass from slavery to tyranny, from pride to baseness, from presumption to despondency, making themselves the perpetual instruments of their own misfortunes.

These, then, are the principles, simple and natural, which regulate the destiny of nations and states. By this regular and connected series of causes and effects, they rise or fall, just in proportion as the physical laws of the human heart are respected or violated. In the course of successive changes, a hundred different nations, a hundred different empires, have, by turns, been humbled, elevated, conquered, overthrown, and repeated their instructive lessons for the earth.

However, since the experience of past ages is lost for the living—since the errors of progenitors have not instructed their descendants, these examples are about to reappear. The earth will see the tremendous scenes it has forgotten, renewed. New revolutions will agitate nations and empires. Powerful thrones will again be overturned. Terrible catastrophes will once again teach humankind that the laws of nature, and the precepts of wisdom and truth, cannot be infringed with impunity.

Presumptuous and ignorant people, who arrogate the earth to yourselves! If your imaginary God were to gather all the generations of past and present what would be of Christians and Muslims, of the sects calling themselves universal? What would be the judgment over the real universality of humankind? It is by this judgement that knowledge loses itself to incoherent systems. It is by this judgement that evidence exposes truth. And, it is by this judgement that the powerful and simple laws of nature and reason, of a common and general mover resides.

The only true God is the laws of nature, impartial and just, shedding rain on a country without asking who is its prophet, that causes the sun to shine alike on the entire human race—on white as on black, on the Jew, Muslim, Christian, and on the Idolater. It is nature that rears the harvest wherever cultivation is diligent, that multiplies every nation where industry and order prevails, that brings prosperity to every empire where justice is practiced, where the powerful are restrained, where the poor are protected by laws, and the weak live in safety. The real universality of humanity can only be found in those places where all people enjoy all rights given by nature, and a compact is formed in justice.

Does any of this sound familiar, or ring true to you? Until next time give Peace a Chance.
James Tinsley, B.A.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


11 November 2010


“Just as long as people worship a God in heaven, there can be but little liberty on earth.” R. G. Ingersoll

Following a time of personal turmoil, uncertainty and upheaval in recent months, I am back. Before moving on, I would like to point out that Israeli Zionists continue to act like Nazi's; arrogant, self-important petulant persecutor's. God, that is, the God imagined by Moses, appropriated by Christian's, and used by Mohammed, is the underlying cause of nearly all humankind's suffering and war. And will be so long as It is considered or accepted as necessary or important to any aspect of government, or governance.

God and religion and religious practices may be just fine for individuals; I said “may be” just fine. So far there is no substantive proof or evidence of this, but if ignorance and superstition is someone's personal lifestyle choice, that's their deal. However, God, religion and religious practices are absolutely irrelevant and immaterial to any aspect of government.

If our species our civilization is to advance beyond our present condition and level of development anything and everything to do with God, religion and religious creed must be exorcised from our government. Then it must be somehow permanently prohibited in future. Keep in mind that as an American citizen I am primarily concerned with and speaking about United States Federal, State's, and local government. I do not have a vote in any other part of the world, therefore I have no say-so in other people's internal affairs. Although, while my concern is for all people everywhere, the United States of America is where I live.

This brings us to the current topic and my observation of ignorant American's electing idiots. That is to say they continue to elect idiots. According to American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Edition, the first definition of an idiot is a foolish or stupid person. A stupid person is one that is slow to learn or understand. It is hard to imagine anyone challenging the assertion that our politicians, our elected representatives and officials are in fact, stupid. That is, idiots. Bear in mind that idiocy has little to do with education; Einstein is a great example of a brilliant is Rain-man.

But, our politicians are simply the resulting effect of general ignorance that permeates United States citizens and society. All of us. Ignorant is different from idiot. According to the same source cited above ignorant is lacking education or knowledge; unaware or uninformed. Again, I feel confident that, broadly speaking, there is very little room for argument or dispute that as a nation we are definitely lacking in education and knowledge. America's current rankings with the rest of the developed world regarding reading, math, science, health care availability, infant deaths, maternal deaths, disparity between the very wealthy elite and everyone one else, poverty rates, and with respect to basic human and civil rights is undeniable evidence of our ignorance.

Of course, when I or anyone points this out, the nearly unanimous response from fellow American's is defensive consternation. Another glaring indication of the pervasive pall and pox that is symptomatic of our ignorance. That is, our lack of education and knowledge.

But then again, why should we expect anything different or better? When a recent in depth survey by the Pew Research Foundation revealed that slightly more than ¾ of all Americans say they believe in some kind of God, Supernatural Power, or Force that either controls or interferes in the affairs of this world. Moreover, nearly 60% of our citizens claim that they pray regularly, believe that prayer is answered and can effect outcomes in their daily life, as well as throughout the world as a whole. Most of our nation's “God-believers” claim to be Christian whether or not they are affiliated with an organized group, church, or particular religious creed. More proof of ignorance plaguing the majority of our people.

Finally, to close out this posting I ask the reader to consider the following questions.

What good or long-lasting positive contribution has any God or any religion ever been with respect to humanity or civilization? Has belief in or worship of any God ever added to or unconditionally promoted the advancement of education, human discovery, science or invention? Is there any credible substantiated proof or evidence that any God, any prayer, act of worship or sacrifice ever prevented disease, famine, earthquake, flood, tornado, heart attack, or any of life's natural suffering or processes? Has any God or religion ever prevented war?

Conversely, has the idea or cause of God and religion actively prevented and even punished by torture by sentence of death practically every positive contribution, every scientific discovery and advancement made by humans? Has the idea or cause of God and religion ever been propagated by force with sword or guns? Has any war or conquest ever been perpetrated in the name of God or religion? Has the idea or cause of God and religion ever rejoiced and celebrated human life unconditionally without restraint? Has God or any religious orthodoxy ever been about human happiness here, and now? Is the idea of God and religion dedicated to human liberty and equality, or is it fundamentally about subjugation, servility, and suppression of human instinct, free thought, and all that is natural to the human condition of life and living?

I leave you with this to think about. The future of our nation depends entirely on people, not God. Our United States of America is in decline headed for certain failure because of Christianity, because of the deleterious destructive dogma associated with religions arising from the code of Moses, because of God. Our only real hope is to get God and religion as far away from our government as possible, and focus all our attention on the only thing that has any true value or meaning: human prosperity, growth, and happiness.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.

James Tinsley, B.A.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


"No God has ever succored the weak, the oppressed, or the enslaved."
R. G. Ingersoll

I wish to be perfectly clear, I am not a racist. I see no "color," only shades along a continuum. I am not anti-Semitic, or Anti-Jewish. I harbor no hatered or malice towards any ethnicity or group. I do not attack or hate human beings. I attack ideas, creeds, and ignorance. I hate gods, dogma, oppression and slavery-of body or mind. JBT

With that said, Israeli's and other Zionists, had better pay attention. They seem to be unaware that they are treading on very thin ice. This arrogant, self-important, self-chosen tribe of liars, thieves, and murderers are becoming Nazi's. They have been in the process for nearly a quarter century, much more so in the past ten years.

However, in all fairness, I will say that Jews, to some degree are victims, innocent victims. They are simply doing what they have been told to do, following orders, living according to law. And, ignorant as they are, Jews genuinely believe they are correct. 

Of course, these orders they follow were given by a second tier, insecure, petulant, self-admitted jealous vengeful God, called Yahweh, or Jehovah. And included in the law Jews follow is a set known as, Jehovah's "Laws of War." Look them up (Old Testament, Pentateuch, Torah), ask any honest Jew.

Everything the Israeli's are currently inflicting on the Palestinian's, all the inhuman barbaric treatment-taking their land, homes and businesses by force and by fraud; isolating them into ghetto-like areas that grow smaller and smaller, Israeli's keep them locked within these concentrated prison camps. Surrounded by heavily armed, bloodthirsty young soldiers and police,they are under seige. 

Israeli's deny Palestinian's liberty, food, water, medicine, building supplies, work, income, education, electricity, fuel...and on and on. The Israeli's perpetrate constant terror and threat, they attack at will, they kill women, children, anybody in the line of fire, and they kill Palestinian's around the world with impunity. 

The truth, that is, the facts, as determined by the undeniable record of evidence, is that Israeli's and other Jews have nearly become the mirror image of the ideas, ideology, and conduct that, in the 20th Century, resulted in massive death and tremendous suffering among Jews.

Jews have only one card to play, the Holocaust card. Without Holocaust, Jews have nothing; no leverage, no power, no ability to manipulate. But, Israeli's and other Zionist's are beginning to reveal their true colors. The guilt is wearing thin, and hate is, in most instances, more powerful, more intoxicating, more seductive than everything else is. 

Jews have hated Islam, Hitler, Nazi's, and Holocaust for so long they are becoming what they hate. Israeli's are now committing exactly the same kind of malevolence upon Palestinian's that Hitler and the Nazi's enacted on Jews. Israeli's are Nazi. They should either kill all Palestinian's and put them out of their suffering, or stop this crap and move on. 

There is not now, and never has been any El, any Yahweh, any Jehovah, Allah, or God. Jews are NOT "Chosen" people. Jews, like every other living person, are nothing more, or nothing less than human beings. There is no such thing as a Black, no Red, no Yellow, no Arab, no Chineese, no Indian or Asian or White person. There is, on this planet, only one species of Humans, only shades of Brown, only one Human Race.

As long as Humankind worships some God, allows the idea of some supposed Supernatural being or force to keep it subjugated by ignorance, darkness, and fear; allows Superstition and creed to dominate and control government, education, and science, and poison human actions and minds-as long as this persists, Humankind will continue to stagnate. 

Just as long as any God or Religion holds power over people, Civilization cannot, will not advance. Our only real hope is human beings, us. Only humans can save Humanity.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A. 

Thursday, December 31, 2009


"Liberty cannot be sacrificed for the sake of temperance, for the sake of morality, or for the sake of anything. Liberty is of more value than everything else."
R. G. Ingersoll

In the new year, 2010, I predict nothing substantial will change. Living standards, conditions, and expectations of average American citizens will continue to deteriorate; orthodox Christian fundamentalists, evangelicals, and Biblical Zionists will re-emerge as the primary driving force of common politics, foreign policy and homeland security, with respect to terrorism, Islam, and Israel. By the end of 2010, after the election, battle lines will be even more sharply drawn, fortified fronts established, and, as a result, further division of the people of the United States into many fractions vying for influence, power, and authority will set the stage for more frequent violent conflict. 

The religious zealots insanely pursuing Armageddon and the Rapture, will begin to directly challenge the wealthy elite minority faction for full control of financial matters and constitutional politics, that is to say, the politics of war and federal power. I predict the anti-Christians and anti-religionists will become much stronger, louder, and reactionary. Labor, teachers, nurses and other professionals will return to organized union to conflate their number and enhance their power in preparation for battle. Within each of these major forces untold numbers of smaller more targeted and sectarian fractions will begin to grow and, by year's end, be more numerous and obvious. 

I predict that in the coming year, 2010, the most wealthy will increase their money and power, the rest of us will continue to let them take our wages, our power, our health, our intellectual development, our labor, and our lives. I predict by the end of 2010 Americans will have less liberty, less equality, less, money, education, general welfare and security. By the end of next year citizens of the United States will be more subjugated to God and less human; more enslaved to religion and state, less free to speak and act; more afraid of our government and each other, less confident and empowered. 

For the new year, 2010, I prophesy that ignorance, cruelty, and hypocrisy, the perpetual fruit of ALL RELIGIOUS ORTHODOXY, will dominate the mind of the nation, exert unnatural influence on our politics, and thereby substantially increase suffering, despair, and dissatisfaction. As a result of this the darkness of decline will deepen, and, absent any counter-action, the process of America's deterioration and ultimate failure will continue to accelerate toward an eventual conclusion in the not-to-distant future.

There is always the possibility we, as a nation, could make that next leap forward in intellectual development to realize that Human Beings, not some imaginary vengeful jealous God-thing, are the true source and most important valuable asset on planet Earth. It is possible by doing this and then acting to support, enhance and empower people that we might begin to reform our Humanity, then our nation, and finally the world. There is a slight possibility that we will make health care, education, living conditions, personal choice and security, that is to say, human liberty, equality, and happiness more important, more valuable, more desirable than excessive profit, power, or piety. 

The probability is, unfortunately, that we are so afraid, so subjugated and controlled, so weak, ignorant and superstitious, we will do little or nothing. The probability is we will continue to grovel and serve our masters, heavenly and earthly; that we will believe and propagate the lies, fraud and terror perpetuated by religious orthodoxy and our Untied States government; that we will compromise until there is absolutely no liberty, no justice, and no chance for any equality, whatsoever. 

"Compromise is the process by which hypocrites deceive each other." R.G. Ingersoll

I close hoping the best for every person in the United states, and around the world. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance. 

James B. Tinsley, B.A.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Christianity Destroys United States;
Declares American Spirit is Blaspheme

"Infidelity is liberty; all religion is slavery." (R. G. Ingersoll)

A great deal has transpired since our last contact just over a month ago. The most alarming events and happenings all appear to indicate that the worst is indeed occurring. Everything will remain the same as it ever was; the Status Quo will prevail, and nothing to improve or contribute to human progress, citizen's progress, will change. In fact, the powerful and wealthy elite occupying America's pseudo-Aristocracy and ruling class are in the process of codifying our retribution for daring to be impudent enough to demand to see a doctor and interfere with projected quarterly profit. 

Mark my words, the so-called "health care, or insurance reform" that will become law by year's end, will ultimately be recognized and exposed as yet another massive transfer of public taxpayer wealth (our hard earned and desperately needed cash) into the possesion and control of the richest one percent. An elite minority of select people that currently own more wealth and assets than 95% of those that earn less combined. Again, 1% of Americans own and control the flow of more cash and assets than 95% of Americans put together.

Yes, I know many will think that I am just saying that because Michael Moore happens to use this fact in his latest movie. It is not true. I first encountered this number several years ago while reading a book by journalist, tax expert and investigator, David Cay Johnston, formerly with the New York Times Newspaper. I have also heard the same statistic used by several economists in the past year. The point is, 95% of us all together have just slightly less economic power and resources than 1% of us. How does that happen, how is it even possible?

Throughout human history those who seized, assumed, inherited, were Divinely chosen, or thrust into power by abused and desperate subjects, employ the same means to manipulate and pacify, subjugate and control the restless rabble. Every major or influential society, state, nation, confederation of nationstates, and empire in the whole course of human civilization has been, and remains so today, the same in this regard. Even the self-declared, self-appointed "Greatest most powerful democratic nation in human history," the United States of America, is the same as every other that came before, or exits today. 

The most effective and cost efficient means used byr those in power to remain in power is fear, or terror; also, division, despair, and dependance. These tools of authority are always reinforced with state or government approved brutality-physical and mental, restricted liberties, imprisonment or death. It is also a fact that a government can only brutalize, frighten, and abuse the people for just so long before chaos and anarchy destroy the system bringing down the entire society. 

Besides, it is utterly impossible to change a person's beliefs and convictions by any amount of force. So, in order to minimize the harsher methods of excercising power and authority, the ruling elite in most of your more durable longer lasting civilizations offer their citizens promises of a better tomorrow, a brighter more plentiful future for their children. 

I ask each reader, off the top of your head, what can you think of that uses division, despair, dependence, and fear in conjunction with the threat of force, punishment, or death. While at the same time attempts to console and bribe your acquiescence, your support and devotion, by offering hope for, and promises of, a better world. A heaven, if you will. Not now, but later. The most obvious answer, to my mind, is religion. In the United States, that would be Christianity, that is, Christian orthodoxy. 

The Christian God, in fact, all gods, supreme beings, creators and supernatural powers, infinite and omnipotent, were created by humans to manipulate and control others; to stay in power. Yes, the concept, or idea of an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful being or force was invented as a way to explain this harsh and scarry universe in which we live to our savage ancestors. But, isn't it true that the one that purports to communicate with or have knowledge of "the answers," that can explain "why," fundamentally holds the reins of power and control?

I submit that the overwhelming majority of pain, suffering, torture, slavery, slaughter and cruelty human beings have inflicted in the past, and continue inflicting upon each other today, is perpetrated, that is initiated, by priests, pontiffs, and preachers. As long as any God is believed to be above and over humankind and the affairs of this world liberty and equality are nothing more than mere words. Empty meaningless sounds used as nouns. 

Let me be clear. I do not care one bit, nor is it any businees of mine whether someone believes in or worships some God or God-force. I do not hate religious people, or think that every Christian is bad. I do not hate or despise people. I hate and despise creeds; I abhor dogma and sectarian doctrine. As far as I can tell most believers are honest, and most ministers sincere. If a person decides that religious belief and worship is necessary to their well-being and happiness, I have no problem with it. I will fight and die to ensure they have that right. But, the instant that supporters and promoters of religion, any religion, attempt to legislate their beliefs, enact there creed or commandments to be enforced by the full force and authority of law, I will do whatever it takes to stop it. 

Religion and religious dogma are irrelevant and immaterial to the actions and function of government. Government must be for this world. It must be for human security, for the progress, proseprity, and happiness of all citizens absolutely equally. The United States of America is in the condition it is currently in because nearly everything this nation has done since before the American Revolution, until this very moment, has been done to establish the Holy Bible, God, and Jesus Christ as supreme, and Christianity as the one true religion. Christian orthodoxy, its promoters and ardent supporters, are bringing our great country to its knees, they are in the process of causing the ruin of America. 

Unless, and until, the citizens of America, whether believers in religion, or not, act to scrub our laws and government officials clean of the entanglement and influence of Christian orthodoxy. That is, unless, and until, we take aggressive action to eliminate the deleterious and insideous influence of ignorant superstition from the purpose and function of our government, our nation will continue to deteriorate, decline, and will, in the end, fail. We still have a choice: either God, or people. It is in our hands. Until next time...Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A. 

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3 September 2009

It is four days shy of three months since my last posting. Until just recently I drifted, or was thrown, into and out of various states of mind and being. All were overwhelmingly on the negative side of the continuum; sadness, frustration, depression, anger, despondency, rage. At one point near the middle of July, I literally woke up one morning saying out loud, "fuck it! the truth is that, as a general rule, people do not give a damn, we care about nothing but 'me.' It's all about I, me, mine." I spent the next several days thinking about why I, or anyone, should make any effort to make it better. Why do I keep imagining that anything that I might do, or say, will make any difference? Never did figure out the answers.

What I did decide is that, in spite of the futility, I will speak and write my honest thoughts, I will stand by my convictions to the very death. Even though I am fully aware that I am pissing directly into the wind, am speaking gibberish to idiots, and suffering with fools, I will not, I must not abandon the cause of human progress, prosperity, and happiness. Regardless of expected failure, I will, I must do all that I possibly can do to ensure that every citizen of the United States has, and is guaranteed, absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights by government. And, finally, I determined to undermine, to castrate all religion; and ultimately to disabuse Christian orthodoxy and their imaginary God of all authority, power and influence.

Understand, I do not say such things out of malice or hatred. Nor, do I excoriate from superiority, or out of arrogance. I, too, am an American citizen, and as such, I am no better, or worse than any other person; and conversely, no one-absolutely no other person is better than me. Some, however, are worse.

Take for example our current social war over health care, health cost, health insurance, health access, health privilege, and health rights. How is it even possible that we, as a nation, a people, a society, do not, cannot, will not, act to give every citizen of the United States proper, unrestricted basic care for all matters of physical and mental health from conception to coffin. How can anyone that claims the title Christian do anything else? What would your Jesus do? Actually it is a trick question. Those that market Jesus as love, mercy, forgiveness, as an advocate for the weak and downtrodden; as healer, as friend of the poor and enemy of the rich, must stand for universal and unrestricted care for all, or admit they are hypocrites. While those that kill physicians over what they insist is a "Right To Life," and wish to kill and destroy all dark skin people and Muslims in a vain and vindictive effort to avenge being driven from the Holy Land and the empty sepulchre of Christ by the followers of Mohammad. For those that hate all that is human, and love Jesus because they know He did not come to bring peace on earth, but instead came with sword to set daughter against mother, and son against father, must insist that their Jesus is the Holy Prophet of money, privilege, and power. They know, without any doubt, only the unclean, wicked, and evil will go without care. That Jesus, and His Father, God, will protect and care for all who are worthy.

Can any person with any degree of intellectual development and cognitive ability honestly say that we, as a nation, a people, a society, consider even one dollar to be more valuable, more important, more necessary than one human life, any human life? My friends we are adrift on a Ship of Fools, led by an ignorant Congress and President. We are stupid Americans.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


7 June 2009


As we dig deeper into the meaning and purpose of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, keep this in mind: Time flows, or moves, in only one direction-forward.

Everything, absolutely everything in the known universe operates, that is proceeds, adheres to, one process. It is the process of birth, stabilization, decline, and death. This process is the signifier of change. Change is the actual observable experience of this process. Change is the consequence, or result of cause and effect, which is the natural law that underlies, drives, literally every aspect of what we call life. That is being alive, living. And finally, change is the natural expression of time. In other words, as a result of cause and effect nothing remains the same from moment to moment. Therefore, change is always occurring and cannot be stopped.

If we accept these statements to be true, and they are, then we face a perplexing paradox. The paradox is that in spite of knowing full-well (and I do believe that every human being, on some level, does know) that change is inevitable, a fact, a certainty, we-humankind- resist change even at the cost of our own life. Why?

This conundrum has perplexed me for decades. Why has humanity throughout civilized history wasted so much of it's physical energy and intellectual power trying to stop that which cannot be stopped? This puzzle is one of the primary reasons behind the creation and development of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, which brings us back to point of this blog.

The primary premise from which the logic of Humanistic Equalism Philosophy for Ethical Government flows is that if the sole reason for a government to exist is improving the lives and condition of all citizens by establishing, then guaranteeing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all, it will be an ethical government.

So far in this review at the beginning of the second year of publishing Shift of Power, I have emphasized the Humanistic element. I contend that meaning, or purpose of life, as far as we are concerned, is about only one thing: human beings. Human prosperity, human experience, and human happiness. The first law of nature is life, that is, to survive, to live, to stay alive. Thus, it is for human development and improvement society and government should, indeed must, exist.

The second law of nature is equality, or, as I have defined it within the context of my work, absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen. Equal, or equality, is not synonymous with fair. Fair is a subjective concept that flows from, is a product of equal. Equality is a principle. To put it another way, fair treatment is relative and subject to interpretation, while equal is either the same, or it is not. Equal and equality is constant. As such, if government functions treating every citizen, private and corporate, equal, then it must be fair. Within the context of my work, Equalism (here-to-fore unknown), arises by adding the suffix "ism" to the root word equal.

This next bit is somewhat technical, so please bear with me. The suffix "ism" means action, process, or practice that implies doctrine, theory, or system of principles. In the case of this political philosophy, Equalism is narrowly defined as a doctrine, or theory regarding the improvement of human life that is animated by the principle of equal, or equality with respect to the function of government. It contains a system that describes the process to actively apply the theoretical principles of absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens. Now, what does this mean in plain language?

After nearly fifty-seven years I have concluded that every human being inherently, naturally desires to be secure, happy, and treated as equal. Even the most ardent conservative, and the most dogmatic liberal must agree to this. What I mean is, I am convinced that human beings, every human being on earth, comes into this life with this desire. This is our natural condition, it is intrinsic to our nature, it's in our DNA. Of course, human history will testify that we have pursued fulfilment of this desire by mostly negative means, that is, fear, hatred, discrimination, and war. Human history is the story of coercion, force, conquest, and oppression. I submit that the source of these means and methods is religious orthodoxy and I argue in my work that religion's influence and entanglement in the function of government is the source for the failure of all states, nations, and empires.

Until we, human beings, act and govern exclusively and expressly for the purpose of improving and advancing the human race; and until we institute a governing process whereby EVERY citizen is regarded as having absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights our species, indeed civilization, cannot advance. There is no doubt that technology, communication, science, medicine, and all of our material existence will continue to develop. Our society, our social condition, the way we treat each other however, will remain just as it is this very moment.

Society today, that is, the way people treat each other and the way governments act and function have not changed noticeably in over five thousand years. The truth is humans are just slightly less barbaric than our cave dwelling ancestors. We may be more sophisticated, more subtle, more politically correct in our barbarism to each other, but we are barbaric none the less. I realize this is a strong statement that most people immediately reject as asinine and absurd. I wish it were not true. I encourage readers, once your outrage subsides, to simply take some time to seriously reflect and think about the news of any given day. If what happens around the world, and in your home town everyday is not inhumane and barbaric behavior, then the formal dictionary definition of barbarity, barbarism, barbaric must be changed.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.
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