Thursday, February 25, 2010


"No God has ever succored the weak, the oppressed, or the enslaved."
R. G. Ingersoll

I wish to be perfectly clear, I am not a racist. I see no "color," only shades along a continuum. I am not anti-Semitic, or Anti-Jewish. I harbor no hatered or malice towards any ethnicity or group. I do not attack or hate human beings. I attack ideas, creeds, and ignorance. I hate gods, dogma, oppression and slavery-of body or mind. JBT

With that said, Israeli's and other Zionists, had better pay attention. They seem to be unaware that they are treading on very thin ice. This arrogant, self-important, self-chosen tribe of liars, thieves, and murderers are becoming Nazi's. They have been in the process for nearly a quarter century, much more so in the past ten years.

However, in all fairness, I will say that Jews, to some degree are victims, innocent victims. They are simply doing what they have been told to do, following orders, living according to law. And, ignorant as they are, Jews genuinely believe they are correct. 

Of course, these orders they follow were given by a second tier, insecure, petulant, self-admitted jealous vengeful God, called Yahweh, or Jehovah. And included in the law Jews follow is a set known as, Jehovah's "Laws of War." Look them up (Old Testament, Pentateuch, Torah), ask any honest Jew.

Everything the Israeli's are currently inflicting on the Palestinian's, all the inhuman barbaric treatment-taking their land, homes and businesses by force and by fraud; isolating them into ghetto-like areas that grow smaller and smaller, Israeli's keep them locked within these concentrated prison camps. Surrounded by heavily armed, bloodthirsty young soldiers and police,they are under seige. 

Israeli's deny Palestinian's liberty, food, water, medicine, building supplies, work, income, education, electricity, fuel...and on and on. The Israeli's perpetrate constant terror and threat, they attack at will, they kill women, children, anybody in the line of fire, and they kill Palestinian's around the world with impunity. 

The truth, that is, the facts, as determined by the undeniable record of evidence, is that Israeli's and other Jews have nearly become the mirror image of the ideas, ideology, and conduct that, in the 20th Century, resulted in massive death and tremendous suffering among Jews.

Jews have only one card to play, the Holocaust card. Without Holocaust, Jews have nothing; no leverage, no power, no ability to manipulate. But, Israeli's and other Zionist's are beginning to reveal their true colors. The guilt is wearing thin, and hate is, in most instances, more powerful, more intoxicating, more seductive than everything else is. 

Jews have hated Islam, Hitler, Nazi's, and Holocaust for so long they are becoming what they hate. Israeli's are now committing exactly the same kind of malevolence upon Palestinian's that Hitler and the Nazi's enacted on Jews. Israeli's are Nazi. They should either kill all Palestinian's and put them out of their suffering, or stop this crap and move on. 

There is not now, and never has been any El, any Yahweh, any Jehovah, Allah, or God. Jews are NOT "Chosen" people. Jews, like every other living person, are nothing more, or nothing less than human beings. There is no such thing as a Black, no Red, no Yellow, no Arab, no Chineese, no Indian or Asian or White person. There is, on this planet, only one species of Humans, only shades of Brown, only one Human Race.

As long as Humankind worships some God, allows the idea of some supposed Supernatural being or force to keep it subjugated by ignorance, darkness, and fear; allows Superstition and creed to dominate and control government, education, and science, and poison human actions and minds-as long as this persists, Humankind will continue to stagnate. 

Just as long as any God or Religion holds power over people, Civilization cannot, will not advance. Our only real hope is human beings, us. Only humans can save Humanity.

Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A. 

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