Thursday, December 31, 2009


"Liberty cannot be sacrificed for the sake of temperance, for the sake of morality, or for the sake of anything. Liberty is of more value than everything else."
R. G. Ingersoll

In the new year, 2010, I predict nothing substantial will change. Living standards, conditions, and expectations of average American citizens will continue to deteriorate; orthodox Christian fundamentalists, evangelicals, and Biblical Zionists will re-emerge as the primary driving force of common politics, foreign policy and homeland security, with respect to terrorism, Islam, and Israel. By the end of 2010, after the election, battle lines will be even more sharply drawn, fortified fronts established, and, as a result, further division of the people of the United States into many fractions vying for influence, power, and authority will set the stage for more frequent violent conflict. 

The religious zealots insanely pursuing Armageddon and the Rapture, will begin to directly challenge the wealthy elite minority faction for full control of financial matters and constitutional politics, that is to say, the politics of war and federal power. I predict the anti-Christians and anti-religionists will become much stronger, louder, and reactionary. Labor, teachers, nurses and other professionals will return to organized union to conflate their number and enhance their power in preparation for battle. Within each of these major forces untold numbers of smaller more targeted and sectarian fractions will begin to grow and, by year's end, be more numerous and obvious. 

I predict that in the coming year, 2010, the most wealthy will increase their money and power, the rest of us will continue to let them take our wages, our power, our health, our intellectual development, our labor, and our lives. I predict by the end of 2010 Americans will have less liberty, less equality, less, money, education, general welfare and security. By the end of next year citizens of the United States will be more subjugated to God and less human; more enslaved to religion and state, less free to speak and act; more afraid of our government and each other, less confident and empowered. 

For the new year, 2010, I prophesy that ignorance, cruelty, and hypocrisy, the perpetual fruit of ALL RELIGIOUS ORTHODOXY, will dominate the mind of the nation, exert unnatural influence on our politics, and thereby substantially increase suffering, despair, and dissatisfaction. As a result of this the darkness of decline will deepen, and, absent any counter-action, the process of America's deterioration and ultimate failure will continue to accelerate toward an eventual conclusion in the not-to-distant future.

There is always the possibility we, as a nation, could make that next leap forward in intellectual development to realize that Human Beings, not some imaginary vengeful jealous God-thing, are the true source and most important valuable asset on planet Earth. It is possible by doing this and then acting to support, enhance and empower people that we might begin to reform our Humanity, then our nation, and finally the world. There is a slight possibility that we will make health care, education, living conditions, personal choice and security, that is to say, human liberty, equality, and happiness more important, more valuable, more desirable than excessive profit, power, or piety. 

The probability is, unfortunately, that we are so afraid, so subjugated and controlled, so weak, ignorant and superstitious, we will do little or nothing. The probability is we will continue to grovel and serve our masters, heavenly and earthly; that we will believe and propagate the lies, fraud and terror perpetuated by religious orthodoxy and our Untied States government; that we will compromise until there is absolutely no liberty, no justice, and no chance for any equality, whatsoever. 

"Compromise is the process by which hypocrites deceive each other." R.G. Ingersoll

I close hoping the best for every person in the United states, and around the world. Until next time, Give Peace a Chance. 

James B. Tinsley, B.A.