Friday, August 22, 2008

Gaza-Denver-Democratic Convention-Joe Biden-How Many Houses?

21 August 2008

What is the case for citizens of the United States rufusing to accept chang and fighting with all their might to keep the Status Quo in place: because it is familiar and convenient; because it will be really hard, confusing, and scary to act otherwise. To challenge the power structure of the Status Quo would interfere with our comfort. Rather than only being concerned about some selfish special interest, getting what we want when we want it like spoiled children, citizens will have to think of our nation and act like mature adults. Citizens believe, for the most part, they must not upset the Status Quo, but instead manage it with compromise so as to protect the property, profit, power, and position currently held and manipulated by the elite minority faction. I have also presented the basic philosophy, system, principles and process of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government, its desired ends and the means to achieve them. Do we choose people and progress, or the Status Quo in order to achieve the greatest degree of security for our nation and ourselves?

“National Security” by the Status Quo only exists as statistics and delusion. It is a conceptual or virtual product. The need or demand for national security is stimulated among citizens by the president, congress, and media, which use fear and terror as the core of its marketing strategy. By continually terrorizing America’s general population and creating a demand, our Status Quo government is free to divert an endless flow of taxpayer dollars and public wealth to private sector corporatists and disaster complex capitalists.

To be sure there is lots of flash and bang and bodies contained in the security product manufactured by government, media and capitalist interests but it is nothing more than propaganda and show. As a tangible measurable and verifiable substance security in America is not apparent, and it cannot be demonstrated to exist. The entire national security manufacturing procedure, from creating the demand to selling the conceptual product to citizens, is just another method of protecting and sustaining the position and domination of the super rich and religiously influential; the Status Quo.

The United States is now spending nearly half its annual federal budget – more than one Trillion tax dollars – to manufacture and sustain this delusion of so-called National and Homeland Security. The Status Quo, in full support of the elite minority faction, keep telling us we can get even more security by invading and occupying some nations and by threatening others. Pretending that America is safe and citizens are free, we are neither.

It is more than a general consensus in 2008 that security in the United States is doubtful. In spite of all the borrowing and spending by congress and the executive, in spite of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, war, torture, degenerating civil rights and liberty. In spite of a vengeful fundamentalist unitary executive who acts like a king, issuing decree by executive order and legislative signing statement, the United States is impotent against terrorists and terrorism.

Not even by eliminating due process, habeas corpus and keeping people imprisoned for years without justification or charges, or funding American companies to create mercenary security forces that oversee a growing franchise of torture facilities around the world is able to make us truly secure. Nothing being done or supported by the existing power structure is making the United States, its citizens and its interests, any safer today than we were on 10 September 2001. In fact there is every indication that our nation is more vulnerable and likely to be attacked now because the only thing about security the Status Quo is interested in is its earnings and profits.

Based on the evidence and our experience thus far, it must be concluded that there is not and cannot be any security by keeping the Status Quo. America’s future security, if left to the Status Quo, will not improve or, for that matter, change. It will remain as it is; the Status Quo. Our nation’s ominous security outlook was captured earlier in the 2008 presidential campaign. One of the candidates was fond of saying that the security challenge for the United States in the foreseeable future is a transcendental one; it is the very real and serious danger posed by radical Islamo-fascists.

Nearly all the presidential candidates of both major parties, to some degree or other, expressed a belief that our future security at home and abroad is threatened by this fundamentalist element. Simply stated, this is the position of those that support and defend the Status Quo. Our biggest and most serious security challenge is not transcendental, nor is it radical Islam or terrorism. The obstacle to real security and peace is American citizens refusing to demand that the forces of government and institutions of authority make progress, prosperity, and the condition of citizens lives the focus and objective of all government action and function. Our only real obstacle is American hubris, ignorance and cupidity.

More soon. Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley,B.A.

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