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12 September 2008

Because of the horrendous events of 11 September 2001
the United States is now spending nearly half its annual federal budget – more than one Trillion tax dollars – to manufacture and sustain a delusion of so-called National and Homeland Security. The status quo, in full support of the elite minority faction, keep telling us we can even more get security by invading and occupying some nations and threatening others. Pretending that America is safe and citizens are free, we are neither.

There is more than a general consensus in 2008 that real security in the United States is doubtful. In spite of all the borrowing and spending by congress and the executive, in spite of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, war, torture, degenerating civil rights and liberty. In spite of a vengeful fundamentalist unitary executive who acts like a king issuing decree by executive order and legislative signing statement, the United States is impotent against terrorists and terrorism.

The inadequacy and failure of the status quo model and minority faction rule is now being exposed. If we, as a nation, choose to pass up a rare historical opportunity to carry out another American’s Revolution, make a new system of government, and cause an irreversible shift of power, the current status quo will be the condition and position of America until its demise. To establish what most citizens imagine and think about when discussing security terms must be redefined and our nation's means and objectives re-framed. Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is, for the moment, the only viable solution.

In his essay "The Ultimate Power," found in Passionate Declarations, Professor Howard Zinn discusses redefining terms and changing the framework of our objectives writing:

Statistics indicate that, of the industrialized nations, those that spend the least for military purposes show the greatest economic progress. … [The] habits of governments [are] so deeply dug into old policies of militarism and war … if a great popular movement should develop to insist on change, … if it became large enough to threaten the political power of government …[it] must be driven by a vision. … The vision in this case, for people all over the world, is the most inspiring of all, that of a world without war, without police states, … and with immense resources now free to be used for human needs. …It is, of course, an enormous job to be done. But never in history has there been one more worthwhile. … All we need to do is make the first moves, speak the first words.
…The conversion of resources requires a conversion of language. New definitions of old terms could become a part of the common vocabulary. The old definitions have misled us and caused monstrous harm.
The word for security, for instance, would take on a new meaning: the health and well being of people, which is the greatest strength and the most lasting security a nation can have. (A simple parable makes this clear: Would a family living in a high crime city feel more "secure" if it put machine guns in its windows, dynamite charges in the yard, and tripwires all around the house, at the cost of half the family income and less food for the children?) The analogy is not far fetched. It is an understatement of what nations do today.

Following up on Professor Zinn’s ideas keep in mind that our nation is now spending more than one Trillion dollars annually to produce nothing more than the illusion and delusion of national and homeland security. Future spending is projected to be even higher. Citizens must ask and answer some simple but very serious questions.

Would we not in fact be substantially and measurably more secure if every citizen were guaranteed the best basic medical care from conception to coffin? Would we not be more secure if every citizen were guaranteed the best education and training throughout the course of their life? Would our discernible security not be more reliable if every citizen actively and willingly contributed to the nation through a brief period of useful work on its behalf? Would citizens not be more united and devoted to each other and America at large if every person, every business and every corporation that should pay taxes actually paid them? If all citizens had an opportunity to exercise authentic material control over government actions and spending would we not substantially increase the meaning and degree of national and domestic security? And finally, is it not undeniably obvious that America and American citizens would be infinitely more secure if every citizen were guaranteed that our United States government treats all living citizens in a truly equal way by establishing and maintaining absolutely equal status, privilege, and rights, and conducting its business in a consummate ethical manner?

As for national security with regard to foreign affairs, is it not reasonable to believe American security is more likely if our government does not invade and occupy other countries, or engage in constant bullying by threatening others? If leaders used our know-how and influence to aid and support those around the world that are struggling against totalitarian rulers, tyranny, ethnic cleansing, or religious genocide because it is the right and humane thing to do and without expecting anything in return, would we not be infinitely more secure? For example would we not be better off supporting Venezuela rather than Israel or Saudi Arabia?

If, instead of flouting our alleged superiority and very real military arsenal to force untenable Milton Friedman wild west capitalist economic terrorism and social changes upon places where they are unwelcome, unwarranted, and unwanted, would we not enhance our own reputation and thus our security? If we employed our ingenuity, technology, and authority exclusively to help others less fortunate, those mired in devastating poverty or oppression? If America helped them to rise up and determine their own destiny, while allowing them to remain true to their traditional beliefs and culture, instead of trying to make them more like Americans. If, instead "giving" Democracy to those that do not necessarily want it at gunpoint, or forcing the American way of life upon other cultures, the United States lived up to its own ideals, would we not find ourselves with greater demonstrable security?

America has always claimed and, until recently, always been believed by other nations to be the world's first and strongest protector of basic Human Rights. I ask, if our foreign policy were to be equal to our marketing and mythology what nation, what group or cause, what ideology or terrorist would have reason or grievance to attack the United States or any of its interests, facilities or territory? Honestly? Really think about the implications. Our hubris, ignorance, and cupidity – our hypocrisy – is the source and cause of any terrorism, any attack or disruption we are now experiencing or will face in the future.

If our nation acted as it spoke, practiced what it preaches, or did unto others, as it would have them do unto America, we would have no enemy. Only when someone is wronged, intentionally or otherwise, will they become an enemy.

Generally, people treated with common courtesy, respect, honesty and without deception will not and cannot become an enemy. They may still hurt you, but any such action would be motivated by something else; like greed or a need to dominate, something emotional or psychological but not the venom and vitriol that inspires terrorism and real enemies.

Imagine the United States being a humanitarian super power rather than a military super power. Imagine America being a facilitator and supporter of people and nations rather than an invader and occupier. Imagine being the world's healer and the planets’ supreme protector rather than its interrogator, torturer and plunderer. Imagine if the United States government, its citizens and its corporations, were focused on and dedicated to improving human living conditions for all people around the world rather than increasing the wealth, position, and power of an elite minority faction. Imagine that human progress, happiness, good health, unlimited education, opportunity and absolute equality of status, privileges, rights and ethical conduct by government is the most important objective of United States citizens and government. More important than profit, wealth, conquest, oil, or even image and prestige; imagine that people are more valuable than anything of or beyond this world. If you can imagine these things, then you can imagine the true spirit and purpose of the United States of America and its aspiration as expressed in Declaration of Independence. Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government will make it possible.

Can you imagine the United States of America being this kind of nation? Certainly the two major presidential candidates and the two ruling political parties do not and cannot inspire such high minded thoughts. Until we, the people, carry out another Revolution throwing out our bad government and instituting a new one based on Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government our security and safety will remain as a source of fear, oppression, and profit.

Next time I will conclude my examination of security with an in depth look at terror and terrorism. Until then, Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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I am 55 years old. As a "baby-boomer" and legacy of the "make love not war" philosophy and morality of America's original and only "Hippie" generation I have endeavored to seize and live the days of my life, to explore, to question and investigate any and all matters that piqued my curiosity.
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