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19 September 2008

Maintaining the status quo,that is, continuing the same actions based on flawed reasoning to achieve misguided ends, will only bring the same results we are experiencing today. Violence and war cannot resolve any issue, nor can they establish peace. The United States of America was born in blood, expanded by blood, industrialized and made wealthy with the blood of the poor, with that of slaves, women, immigrants and the weak. America’s traditional philosophy of government is the same as every empire that ever was. Consequently, the results have been, and will be, the same as that of empires past. As long as our government makes law and conducts policy that value’s property over citizens our future will be as violent and bloody and divided as our past. The cycle of momentary success followed by failure and violence will continue until the United States, as we now know it, is no more.

Many people argue with me about that statement, but they are wrong and the statement is true. Since becoming a legally established country in 1789 America has taken what it wanted by force. Our actions may be justified and rationalized, one can proclaim ‘manifest destiny’ and insist that what America has created, invented and given to the world far outweighs any of its minor indiscretions. Indeed, those protestations and claims might sustain that argument for a moment or two. However, if the quality of an action is determined by its consequences, I believe the historical and current evidence leaves no doubt that the status quo is a decisive failure. Is there any valid logic, reason or common sense in fighting so hard to keep doing something that always fails?

If the purpose of our government is to insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare, I ask, is our government doing it? Anyone that says yes, is, whether by nature, nurture or choice, cognitively disabled (retarded). Either that, or they are a bold-faced liar.

I ask, if our government is supposed to provide security to enable all citizens to pursue life, happiness, and property in a state of liberty, is it; has it ever done so? If one answers yes they must be brain dead, extremely wealthy, or they are a bold-faced liar.

Our government, the purveyor and symbol of the status quo, is incapable of securing anything except its own power and position. It does this by fomenting fear. Through propaganda we are convinced of a monstrous ‘new’ enemy. We imagine just who they might be, what they might do, and where they might strike. Citizens are constantly demoralized and terrorized by our government and Christian orthodoxy. Everyone foreign or with different convictions is a suspect. The status quo is thoroughly corrupt, its objectives amoral, and its power is held on to through intimidation, secret spying and by applying all the force and resources of state and federal police agencies against citizens in the name of protecting citizens.

Guardians of the status quo know full well that they cannot defeat so-called terrorism, they know that our citizens can never be safe. Ask yourself one question: "Who or what was really protected or profited by the more than one Trillion dollars spent by the United States government in FY2007?" Did you, your family or business become more wealthy or better off?

Terror and terrorism cannot now, nor will it ever, be defeated by any amount of force or money employed by the status quo. Why? Terrorism is a means driven by an idea to resolve an untenable condition. It is generally known and widely accepted that an idea can never be eliminated or beaten by oppression, faith, opposition or force. Terror and terrorism can be fought openly as with warfare, or covertly under cover of secrecy and blackness. Agents of terrorism can be bought or bribed. They can be cajoled, placated, even negotiated with. Terrorism can be supported if it serves our purpose, and denounced to establish our credibility or to gain an advantage.

Those among the status quo concerned with such matters know very well that terrorism and terror will, in the end, always win simply because it cannot be ignored. The status quo have accepted this reality and are now actively seeking avenues and opportunities to make terrorism and terror a profitable wealth generating multinational enterprise.

In practical terms this means that instead of attempting to establish genuine security for America and Americans, the machinery of the status quo has adopted the persistent nature and reality of terror and terrorism as a business model and marketing tool for a wide range of "security products". This is yet another exhibit in the already overwhelming mountain of evidence that our pseudo-aristocratic government, on behalf of elite minority faction rule, believes it is supported by a divinely inspired and therefore protected philosophy. It is a philosophy operating on principles of piety, profit, power, and with supreme control that places the highest and most desirable value on property, position, and wealth, while regarding human life as either a cheap commodity to be exploited or as a disposable tool.

Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government appreciates the momentary pleasure and motivational value of personal achievement. It has great respect for creating wealth and actively encourages success, profit, power and position. There is no question that these are important goals and desires natural to human beings and the advance of civilization. However, Humanistic Equalism ultimately regards these and all exclusively self-aggrandizing materially motivated pursuits as secondary and subservient to the progress, happiness, and improved conditions in which all our citizens, and indeed all people everywhere should live and function.

Wealth, position, profit, and power in their proper context with relation to government and society are interim and immediate results that should serve as an additional means to loftier ends. Ends such as leading all citizens toward the long held commonly desired goal of accelerating human progress, happiness,prosperity and advancing civilization. Wealth, position, profit, and power should not be governments motivating purpose or function. The purpose and function of government is to guarantee equal access, equal opportunity, and equal consideration by hearing all and favoring none. Government must clearly define the rules and parameters regarding the products and wealth our citizens create and produce. The benefits of human ingenuity and labor are a society's common product resulting from common sense for the common good; they are not the property and machinery of an elite minority faction.

The point is that if wealth, position, profit, and power are prioritized properly and governed by a humane rather than ordained political philosophy, all citizens will have an equal shot at the brass ring. Those that start at birth in fortunate material circumstances will be able to achieve even greater heights. While those born with nothing more than a strong heart, strong intellect, and strong back will have just as much opportunity to accomplish something and rise above the circumstance of their birth. After all, is this not the American Dream?

The next natural evolution of political philosophy and systems of government can only be one where the entire reason for a government to exist is to make sure the playing field of public business and public interactivity is level and the rules apply equally to all citizens at all times. To make sure that no citizen is penalized for the course of their life by the circumstance of birth. In practical terms this means that no citizen should ever be kept down burdened with poor health, insufficient inadequate education, hunger or lack of shelter as a result of to whom and in what circumstance they were born.

I do not understand when anyone tries to argue that there is any other reason for government power than to defend and secure the basic necessities of life. In previous times that meant defense from invasion, food, clothing and shelter. In the 21st century it means good health, unlimited education, reasonably priced healthy food, and equal treatment by authority. It means equal access to process, equal opportunity with equal enforcement and equal justice. Government, though it is of society, cannot function or act like it. Society is brutal. Society is a buyer beware, every person for him or her self, I'm gonna get mine jungle; it is neither fair nor equal. And why should it be? Individuals make up a society and their primary concern is their own well being.

Government, on the other hand, must be the controlling authority and force of consistency guaranteeing every citizen absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights by the impartial and ethical conduct of all its action, function, and responsibility. Government must be the home-plate umpire calling balls and strikes, fouls and outs; a neutral objective third party whose only function is to enforce the rules that have been approved by all, for all.

There is no doubt or argument that government must assume the primary responsibility of defining and enforcing the law of contracts and use its full force and authority to protect private and personal property. Government must also define, enact, and enforce a civil and criminal code of laws; and it should be entrusted with all necessary power and authority to keep order through justice. But since all of these matters concern the affairs and effect the lives of all the people, it is they, and not property or other things, about which contracts are entered into, which are of the greatest value.

Government, first and foremost, must be base its action and function on human beings, their needs and progress. The proposed Humanistic Equalism system and process of government controlled by the objectively neutral Three-question Test process will accomplish something never before done by the status quo or any government thus far in history.

Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government adopted as our government system and process will translate into real and substantial security for all America’s citizens, for our homeland, and for our foreign interests by establishing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen in all matters by its ethical conduct of equal consideration and treatment. When United States citizens, and those of other nations are treated equally, with dignity, with respect and with consideration of their needs and progress; only then will security, prosperity, and hope prevail. Only then will human civilization advance beyond its historical and present condition of misery, decay, and terror.

In the case of continuing to uphold and support the institution and tradition of the status quo versus a second American’s Revolution and shift of power to a government of Humanistic Equalism. I believe that I have presented sufficient evidence for a decision and ruling in favor of Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government and radical change. If my fellow citizens will consider the testable and factual evidence on the merits and not whether this new philosophy and system of government will rock the boat, stir things up, or cause them to be uncomfortable and inconvenienced, there can only be one logical outcome.

If Humanistic Equalism is considered with intellectual and personal honesty, unfettered by shackles of dogma and creed, failed political ideology or the fraudulent prestidigitation of miracle our course of action is clear. One must consider the facts and evidence as a United States citizen by rising above petty selfish affection and attachment to inherited personal beliefs. When the evidence is weighed based only on that which is knowable and true, a citizen must decide in favor of Revolution, in favor of overthrowing the status quo.

This concludes our initial examination of the broad subject of "Security." On 15 October 2008 Blogger's Unite will sponsor another "blog-in." This time bloggers around the globe will be coming together to address the subject of poverty. I will be among those blogging about this egregious condition plaguing America and the world. So, in preparation for, and leading up to 15 October 2008 I will be discussing on this blog site economics as it is and as it could be under a government of Humanistic Equalism. Please come back soon and Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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p roberts said...

from a certain point of view, it's hard to object to the government's mass bailouts as similar debt-producing methods were put into action to bring the U.S. out of the Depression... our economy has been supported and driven by debt ever since