Monday, November 17, 2008


17 November 2008
Irrespective of our electing the first president of color in the person of Barack Obama, the United States of America has been and is the most consistently racist society in modern history. Our collective racism goes beyond Black and White. It extends to so-called "immigrants" and "illegal aliens." And, though it is only slightly different because the bigotry and discrimination is directed at a class of citizen, the treatment of homosexuals is essentially another manifestation of racism in America. Racism and racist behavior will not end or even necessarily diminish as a result of the election of Barack Obama.
In order to clearly understand how adopting Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government as the underlying philosophical foundation for a new government will effect issues of race, immigration, bigotry and discrimination it is necessary to consider their source and purpose. By source I mean, where do these ideas originate; by purpose I mean why are these ideas employed, embellished, and perpetuated, by whom and for what benefit. Simply stated, the source is Christian orthodoxy and the purpose is to divide, conquer, and control.
As to the source, Christian orthodoxy. Admittedly there has been, and still are, many sincere and good self-proclaimed Christian believers, and various worthwhile organizations and groups affiliated with Christian denominations. This number, however, is a relatively small percentage when compared to the total number of so-called Christian believers. The point is that, yes, there are some Christians that have always tried to do the Human thing but, there have always been many more that do exactly as they believe the Bible commands them to do.
Throughout its history the Bible has been, and still is used to rationalize, justify, support and uphold the most cruel and inhumane treatment and conduct by humans upon others. Though there may be some argument on this point it cannot be denied. Christianity was adopted by "White" people and is still considered to be the "White man's religion." This fact alone is ample proof that Christian orthodoxy is the original source of the ideas, attitudes, and actions associated with race, racism, bigotry and discrimination.
I should state that, although in the United States Christian orthodoxy is the key source race, racism, bigotry and discrimination is common to and cultivated by all developed religions. In other words, racism is a product of all religion. Consequently, the degree of racist expression and conduct within a given society will will be directly proportionate to the extent that a society's primary religion influences it's government.
What is the purpose of racism, bigotry, and discrimination? What does racism achieve, and who benefits?
From its inception the primary purpose of racism and racist behavior has been to create the " other" - the "them" of "us and them." Once this potential threat to the well-being of the majority, or status quo, is in place the general population can then be further subdivided. By dividing the citizens into smaller factions, then playing them off each other, an elite ruling minority faction exerts authority. It is well known and well understood that a most effective means to quiet dissent, quash rebellion, and control the mass of citizens is to keep them divided and agitated against each other. The more divisions that can be created the easier to manipulate the individual factions.
When this has been accomplished and a nation's population is divided against itself that nation has, for all intents and purposes, been conquered. The obvious next step is to control that which has been conquered. Racism, bigotry, discrimination and racist conduct sanctioned or ignored by government has proven to be entirely sufficient to effect control and oppression. I am not revealing anything new, or that is not well known by most people and thoroughly understood by the ruling class.
Division and fear have been, and continue to be, the moving principles of every government that has existed in human history- including the United States of America. The premise of every government in human history has been a variety of things. Such as, absolute power, expansion, wealth, resources, and God to name a few. There has never been a notable system of government that existed solely for the progress. prosperity, and happiness of all citizens. There has never been a government in human history that had as its moving principle absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens.
Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government establishes a philosophical foundation for just such a government. Humanistic Equalism defines and describes a system and process by which such a government can be instituted and maintained. With the system and process provided by Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government racism, racist behavior, bigotry and discrimination would be eliminated with regard to our federal government. In other words, all citizens recognized by our United States Constitution would be given and treated with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights by the United States Government.
In concluding this discussion of race, racism, and racist behavior- what this is, where it came from, why it is used, and who benefits. I wish to make clear that I do firmly believe that our election of Barack Obama is both in act, and in fact, a tremendous and severe blow to the elite minority faction ruling status quo. I am also just as firmly convinced that for Barack Obama to do what his supporters believe that they elected him to do will require constant and unbearable pressure from average American citizens. In other words, unless we, the people, make Obama, make the House and Senate act differently- make the changes- they will not. Obama's campaign of change rests entirely with us.
This land is your land, this land is my land...Until next time, Give peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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