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19 January 2009

Hello, again. I have greatly missed my relatively regular communication with readers. When I last posted in mid-November I had no idea it would take until mid-January 2009 to return. I wanted to write, thought frequently about writing, kept intending to write, but to no avail. I was through the looking glass trying to embrace the chaos of reality. My absence and neglect was unexpected and unavoidable.

I truly hope that all who read this had at least some joy and received some memorable benefit in the course of the holiday season just past. I hope that most are well and have, so far, been able to escape the most devastating effects of our nation's relentless economic decline. And, finally, it is my most sincere wish that those who read Shift of Power will think about and will talk with others about the need to break with the past. The United States, citizens and government, must seize the moment and abandon failed systems, processes, and political philosophies. We must create a new government, a new system with a new process that is based upon a new and genuinely different political philosophy.

We must act now! At this point in the new year, at this moment in history, we, the people, are entering a period with much that is new. We are in a new year, we have an historic new president, a new congress, new majority, new hope and new opportunity with tremendous POTENTIAL for substantial change and growth. Conversely, our citizens and nation are also precariously perched on the so-called "tipping-point" regarding many issues on many fronts. The future of our country, our society, and our culture is firmly within our collective grasp.

Every day every week from one year to the next, evidence demonstrating the inexorable deterioration and decline of the United States continues to mount. As it does, I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt the only best hope is government exclusively devoted to human needs along with equal status, privileges, and rights for ALL citizens by ethical conduct. This means that our nation and citizens will be required to stand up and finish the Revolution inspired and organized by Barack Obama. We have to demand that President Obama REFUSE to compromise our health care and education; and we must make him make congress insist that all citizens, all corporations, all who are economically prosperous, including religious and so-called non-profit institutions, pay an equal share of taxes through Equal Taxation. All citizens must be willing to insist upon themselves and their fellow Americans to willingly give a period of service to America.

If the United States is to be the nation of life, liberty, justice, and equality. If we, the people, are truly the sole source from which our government derives it's just power. If our leaders and system of government is honestly the benefactor of, and dependent upon, the consent of the governed. If any of these things are true, and if the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, then it is not only our responsibility it is our duty, our obligation, and our right to overthrow a bad government.

As United States citizens we do not have a choice. We are required to rid ourselves and our posterity of ineffective leaders and failed policies in order to institute a better more responsive system of government. The election of Barack Obama is only the first small act toward this end. Do not forget that he, and the new majority in congress, are DEMOCRATS. They owe many favors to many interests and, more than anything, their overriding desire is maintaining their power and position. Political parties will not and cannot significantly change the structure or direction of America. Only the American people have the ability and power to do that. So, unless enough of the people are willing to force President Obama and the new congress to work for, legislate for, and create policy for people instead of property, profit, power, and position this momentary condition of hope and national unity will pass without the desperately needed change we voted for and were promised.

Throughout 2009, and for the remainder of my lifetime, I will redouble my effort and continue striving to explain a new system and process of government, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. It is a political philosophy that will allow us to do what has never been done, or even honestly attempted in the history of human civilization. I will endeavor to demonstrate the fundamental truth and benefit of embracing and adopting Humanistic Equalism as the foundation and basis for a new system and process of government.

Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government provides the means for a system and process wherein human progress, prosperity, and happiness are the primary concern and reason for government to exist. It contains the philosophical building blocks for a system and process that puts in place and guarantees absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for EVERY citizen. And, Humanistic Equalism will lead to unqualified ethical conduct within and by every aspect of our federal government.

I have no doubt in my mind or heart that, as of this moment in history with respect to the development of human intellect and the advance of civilization, Humanism and absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens is the best and most obvious path. In the history of human civilization it has never been done and, so far, all systems of government have failed; all nations, all empires have fallen. Our nation, our "empire" is decaying rapidly and new ones are on the horizon. It is a natural fact that everything eventually dies, but the question Americans must answer is, "Is it time for the United States of America to die?"

There is, and can be, no argument that our country has been, and is currently in a state of rapid decay, that our eventual decline and death is accelerating. To arrest this process, to revitalize and reinvigorate our entire country will only become a real possibility when we, the people, and our institutions of government make human progress, prosperity, and happiness with absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for all citizens through ethical conduct our primary aim and purpose.

I hope that readers will contribute to this discussion. I invite readers to make comments, to tell others about these ideas, to share this blog, and, most of all, to return soon for more. Till next time, Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B. A.

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