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25 January 2009

I am feeling extraordinarily radical, so please bear with me. First, some context.

Last fall I joined Daily Kos hoping to contribute to their partisan Democratic Party discussion. I truly wanted to play devil's advocate and stimulate some lively interaction and possibly promote my blog, Shift of Power.

As it turns out I only made three or four diary entries. I realized very quickly that not all, but certainly the vast majority of DKOS participants are historically retarded and naive to the point of extreme credulity. They are venomous and arrogant. I suspect the reason for this is that they are mostly young middle and upper middle-class Caucasians below the age of thirty-five. But I digress.

The point of my DKOS experience is the diary entries. I attempted to employ sarcastic humor in all my writing. DKOS readers were not amused. In my first diary I claimed and offered evidence the BARACK OBAMA IS A LIAR; in my second I claimed and offered proof that OBAMA IS A PHONY, A GREAT BIG PHONY, and in my third diary I stated that it appeared that OBAMA DONS KNEE PADS in order to be comfortable while performing the Lewinsky Love Massage upon the elite minority ruling donor class, and select members of the pseudo-aristocratic Status Quo. I went on to say that Obama had successfully become the perfect Democratic Party whore. I then offered evidence to support my statement and ended by asking a series of questions regarding some of the candidate's most recent actions and statements. This was in mid-September when the bottom began falling away from under our economy during the 700 billion dollar Wall Street rescue.

I received many many responses to each of my entries. Interestingly, the evidence I presented was never challenged and not one of the questions raised was answered. Out of several thousands responses there was no serious issue-oriented comment. I am beginning to think that I now understand why.

From 4 November 2008 through his inauguration 20 January 2009, and since, President Obama continues to reinforce my initial conclusion. At the end of his first very active and busy week our President has said nothing, nor taken any action or signed any order that substantively demonstrates that he is anything other than a liar, a phony, and a perfect Democratic Party whore. I stand by my original assessment of the man.

Now, based on what I have said thus far, what I am going to say next may surprise you. In every DKOS diary entry, and every time I have written about Barack Obama here or elsewhere, I have always supported his rhetoric. I always hoped he would get the nomination, was convinced he would win, and was deeply moved when he did win. Watching the inauguration was emotional and inspiring; and when he took the oath of office (ignoring that Roberts screwed it up) it brought tears to my eyes.

Our nation has done something exceptional. I strongly believe that we, as a people, are greatly enhanced by our act of freely electing a person of color to be our chief executive. I am glad and proud that Barack Obama is our president. Now, he must unequivocally prove his character and worth. He must be a leader and actualize his self-declared values, beliefs, ideas and plans. He must clearly and overtly demonstrate that he is NOT a liar, a phony, or a Democratic Party whore.

And, we must make him. Every citizen needs to become or stay involved. Every citizen needs to stay on Obama's ass like a bad headache and force him to do only what is best for all citizens. We, the average people, have to push President Obama to be a real leader for all the people. He has to keep us well informed, answer our questions, be honest, and most of all he must feel free to tell us who in Congress is preventing the will of the people from being done. If our president will be honest and open with us then we will direct the full force of our pressure and turn our wrath upon anyone in the House of Representatives or Senate that stands in our way. This is called Revolution.

Obama and his campaign started this Revolution and now we must see it through. When I call for Revolution I do not mean violence, killing, and bombings; nor do I mean destruction or chaos. I am fomenting a Revolution of political philosophy, of ideas about the true purpose and function of government, its conduct and activities. I am convinced that the weapons and ammunition for a truly radical Revolution were written into the United States Constitution by the framers. If citizens accept their responsibility and exercise their power to the fullest extent the only way to stop us will be to kill us, and they cannot kill all of us. They may have the guns, but we have the numbers.

There seems to be a general consensus that if we really want change, if we really do want President Obama to succeed, then he will have to be supported and pushed hard from the "bottom." That's us, common people, average working people, the working poor and those in poverty. We also need substantial help from those in the middle-class, as well as the technical and management class. This idea that Obama's success can only happen if there is continual and relentless pressure from the "bottom" is prevalent among a wide variety of informed respectable observers, especially on the liberal left and among progressives. Many conservatives agree.

This is what I mean by Revolution. We, the people must make demands, stand our ground, make no compromise. This is our nation, we the common people are the true source of all power, all wealth, and all the labor that creates it. There are millions more regular people than there are within the elite minority faction ruling class. The truth is without us the powerful and the super wealthy would have nothing.

Revolution is the word. Congress and Obama are the targets. It is the right time to overthrow our bad government and institute a new more effective one. Let us unite, organize, and move en mass to make our nation and President Obama the greatest and most successful in history by doing what is right and best for human progress, prosperity, and happiness by guaranteeing absolutely equal status, privileges, and rights for every citizen.

Until next time, Give Peace a chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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