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4 February 2009

Citizens arise! Stand up! Realize the tremendous overwhelming power that we possess. Take to heart the words of Thomas Paine that " the rich are slaves to power and money; the rest of us are a slave to the rich." (paraphrase)

President Obama is trying. He is saying many of the right things. By "right," I mean that he talks the talk of the people, of the progressive. But, his actions continue to favor the status quo and the elite minority faction ruling class.

Let us consider the issue of health care for example. President Obama talks quite sincerely about radically altering our current health care system, of seeking "universal" coverage, of lowering costs and making it better for all. He absolutely knows and understands that this aspect of American life is out of control, that is is literally killing us. Our president acknowledges that the outrageous cost of health care is an unbearable burden on business, that it sends thousands of individuals and families into bankruptcy every year. Yet, he, and most of the people around him, continue to talk about change in terms of "insurance."

The care of our health is not, and should not be considered as a matter of insurance. Why do I say this? Let me ask you, "What is insurance?" "What is its purpose?""Why do we buy insurance for our vehicles, our boats, our personal property, our houses and our life?"

Insurance is a bet based on risk. Insurance is a way to hedge against an unknown unforeseen unexpected event or circumstance. Vehicles can be involved in accidents, boats can be wrecked by storm, personal property can be stolen or damaged, a house can be destroyed by fire, tornado or termites. One's life can be ended suddenly at any moment. However, such things are only a risk, not a certainty. For these type of occurrences insurance serves an acceptable function and has a valid purpose.

In other words, for all these and other such things insurance can be a wise purchase or investment to offset the unknown unfortunate risk inherent to the nature of life. It can prevent complete financial ruin, ease the pain and suffering related to an accident, or provide the means to continue in the event of a tragic sudden loss of life. When it is attached to chance or possibility determined by risk insurance can be a good bet that is beneficial to all concerned. But, with human health there is no chance or possibility and the element of risk does not exist in the same way or to the same extent.

Micro-organisms, bacteria, virus, plants, trees, animals, ecosystems, and the human body all require proper care, conditions, and circumstances. Relatively speaking all organic natural life depends on a specific and near perfect environment to be born, develop, grow and reach maturity. All living things a subjected to countless brutish obstacles and forces within nature. Consider the innumerable miscarriages that occur everyday in women that become pregnant, or the flowers, fruits, and vegetables planted that fail to take hold and grow.

My point is that all living things demand constant attention and care to become and remain viable, to develop and reach maturity. Even after reaching maturity they require constant regular maintenance. This is an undeniable inarguable fact. With respect to living things, especially human life, there is no insurable risk, chance, or possibility; something can and ultimately will go wrong. Regardless whether a person is fortunate enough to be born with excellent health, to have an accident free exceptionally healthy childhood, to reach maturity and middle-age with a strong body and mind. Such a person cannot avoid the eventual inevitability of old age sickness and decline. It is in this regard that I say there is no chance, no possibility, no risk. I feel confident stating that no human being has ever lived from conception to coffin in perfect health without any physical harm, illness, injury or accident.

Therefore, the idea or concept of "insurance" as it relates to human health is a fallacy. It is a lie and a fraud. It is contrary to all reason, all logic, all evidence. One cannot in any way be "insured" against that which is known, natural, and unavoidable.

As long as President Obama and the so-called "experts" continue thinking, speaking, and acting based upon a premise of "insurance" there will not be any substantive change to our system or the cost of health care. The wealthy will stay healthy while the rest of us get poorer and sicker.

Health insurance companies and so-called "providers" such as HMO's are nothing more than government sanctioned fraud that carry out legalized theft. They do not provide any part of health care, nor do they insure us against the unavoidable ravages of time and old age. In so far as the definition and purpose of insurance these things are not insurable.

By associating the care of our health with the capitalist profit business model of "insurance" we are making money more important than people. We are allowing profit to be more valuable than human beings. Permitting health insurance companies and the like to continue existing and operating in America is immoral. If President Obama and our leaders insist on supporting self proclaimed health insurance providers to go on stealing our money, wasting our time and our resources this is sufficient cause for Revolution. We, the people, must force our leaders to protect our right as citizens, our human right to be healthy.

There is near unanimous agreement that our present health care paradigm is wrong, that it needs to be changed. In the United States our health care is reactive. In other words, health care in America generally only happens in response to symptoms, to sickness, to emergency. Our health care is not designed and constructed to prevent or cure, but to treat or control. It is built upon the idea of making money.

In order for all citizens to have the best opportunity, the greatest possibility for a truly vigorous healthy life we must completely change the premise and paradigm upon which the system is built and functions. Our government is legally bound by our United States Constitution to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty" for all citizens. This is not some pie-in-the-sky wish, or abstract desire. This is the legally binding obligation of our federal government.

So, I say again, Citizens arise, stand up! Do not compromise, do not accept promises or excuses. Our leaders and our government are not above our law or our Constitution. We are not their slaves. Our government is just that, OUR GOVERNMENT. Our leaders serve at our pleasure, they work for us. President Obama, every member of his administration, every Representative, every Senator, every judge, every Justice, every police person and military person is there to serve and protect every citizen of the United States of America. They all work for us. But unless we exert our power and force them to do what we demand, to serve our needs, to act on our behalf neither our leaders, nor our federal government will do it.

Next time I will demonstrate that providing free health care to all citizens is practical, possible and exactly the right thing to do. Until then please Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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