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25 March 2009

We can only truly resolve our health care system dilemma by instituting single-payer health care.

While I am in no way or form suggesting the elimination of private health care in favor of so-called "socialized" medicine. I am absolutely certain that as long as any citizen is required to pay any third party entity for access to basic health care we will be unable to effectively address our current on-going crisis. There is only one solution that will fully accomplish "health care for all", Single-Payer, or Medicare for All. The vehicle for this is ready to be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for debate and vote. That vehicle is HR-676.

I wish to make myself perfectly clear with respect to health insurance companies, H.M.O.'s, or any kind of third party administrator/ provider. They are all nothing more than fraud, legalized fraud. They take our money, stand between citizens and a healthy life, and provide absolutely no part of caring for any person. They contribute nothing to our health, nothing to our nation's well-being or prosperity, nothing to our children's future, nothing to our society. They are parasites. profiteers, liars, thieves, and con-artists.

Who doesn't want a single-payer system? Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Republicans, most Senators, and President Obama.

Conversely, who wants a single-payer federal health care system? 59% of all physicians, nearly all nurses unions, a majority of small, medium and large businesses, National Chamber of Commerce, and most importantly 70% of our citizens. That fact alone should be enough to make it happen.

On Democracy Now! recently I heard about a group that is being organized to demand that single-payer health care be included in the debate and ultimately enacted. I am actively participating and strongly encourage everyone to visit their website, sign up and get involved. Obama is doing exactly the wrong thing and unless we bring him to heel, make him realize that he works for us, and force him to do what we want I promise you nothing of any real substance will change for most American citizens. The website is I also advise that everyone should google HR-676 and read it.

Think about this. With single-payer every citizen will have REAL choice regarding doctor and every aspect of basic primary health care. No co-pays or deductibles for doctor visit, hospital, prescription or therapy.
We can eliminate the bureaucracy and cost of the Veteran Administration and every veteran will get all the care they require, they will be able to simply make an appointment for treatment where-ever they want and go to the doctor when they need to go. Veterans will be able to get the care they deserve and were promised without all the bullshit.
Small and medium size businesses will no longer have to be concerned with trying to pay for benefits or offer them. Therefore, they will be more profitable. Large corporations, such as American auto makers might not be forced out of business. All business would become more profitable.
More than 50% of all family bankruptcy could be prevented. Infant mortality would become minimal, all children will be healthier. Even if the initial cost is outrageous (which is extremely doubtful considering the billions our government is already spending on subsidies), within one generation (about 18 years) all medical related costs would begin to decline rapidly. And, within two generations (about 30 years) medical costs will be greatly reduced and remain relatively flat thereafter.

President Obama has betrayed his own belief. Pryor to becoming the Democratic nominee, for his entire public service career, he repeatedly declared that "single-payer is the only way to go." Now that a brother is in the White House, has been permitted to join the ranks of pseudo-aristocrats among the elite minority faction ruling class he is in subjugation to money and power. He is doing everything in his power to protect and enhance the profit, power, and position of his fellow elites at the expense of every common American citizen. He, and his kind must be stopped. We, the people, gave him the power he has, we endowed him with all the authority he now wields, we permitted him to rise to the top. And WE CAN TAKE IT AWAY.

Please start telling everyone to email, write, call their Representatives and Senators. Tell them to email, write and call the White House. After you have gone to and signed up, tell them to do it. If I do not act now, if you do not act now, if we all do not demand that everybody should be provided free health care for life and do it now, then this opportunity will be wasted and we will all remain sick and poor. God Damn It! Do something NOW!
Until next time, Give Peace a Chance.
James B. Tinsley, B.A.

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