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25 April 2008

I have a question or two. Did it ever occur to anyone that our nation only became a nation as the result of compromise? Has anyone ever taken a few moments and thought about it or seriously considered it? What the implications are? Remember, one must always include the law of unintended consequences when engaging in contemplation, reasoning, or just plain old thinking about stuff.

So, has it ever occurred to anyone, have you given any amount of thought to the fact that if not for compromise the United States of America may never have existed? What do you think were the two key compromises that facilitated the completion of the Constitution and its subsequent submission to the people of the various states for ratification (or rejection)?

I encourage everyone to give it some thought and let me know. In my estimate the two compromises that, if not made, would have set the colonists occupying this continent off on a completely different time-line, a different historical revelation, is the compromise concerning slavery and the compromise to immediately address the issue of individual and human rights through amendments upon ratification of the Constitution. We got lucky with that one. Although, those amendments, known to most citizens as "The Bill of Rights," have kept the police, the lawyers and the courts in business and very well fed.

I am sure that most readers, when prompted, do in fact instinctively know that the United States is the product of compromise. Truthfully, there is a certain sense of pride about it. It is fair to say that most everyone agrees that successful politics in the American system is synonymous with the so-called " Art of Compromise." I concur. After all, we are a reasonable people. We are willing to compromise, to take what we can get, to settle for what is possible right now.

How many times have you heard on a newscast, or read in the news paper a story or headline telling how Senator McGreedy and Senior Senator Stickyfingers reached a compromise agreement today clearing the way for... ? I will tell you something; every time citizens hear or see that scenerio, or some variation, average Americans are in the process of being diminished and devalued, deceived and discounted. Compromise is the cornerstone and the curse of our nation.

Some may say, "But wait, there is no way you could have a government, especially our kind of government, without compromise." That belief, that firm and uncompromising mind-set is an element, a rhetorical device crafted into the mythological marketing presented in the story, or tale, as it were, of American history and education. Our nation's historical record, until recently, and to my mind, recounted most eloquently and accurately by Professor Howard Zinn in his, A People's History of The United States, has always been told as a glorious and triumphant emergence of greatness. Lots of struggle, overcoming tremendous hardship, the fountainhead of invention and creative genius, humane and caring- a protective Uncle, a nation concerned with the security and well-being of the oppressed and those less fortunate. Does that sound about right?

I am fully aware that what I am about to commit to writing is offensive to many and a call to arms for more than a few of my fellow citizens. However, it is my obligation as a human being, and my responsibility as an American citizen to always express my honest thoughts. Although, because I am sensitive to the power and effect of words and understand that readers will most likely infer something that I did not imply, I strive to chose and organize my words and thoughts carefully. My objective in bringing unpleasant subjects to the ether for comment, discussion and debate is to stimulate thinking, reflection, and introspection. I have no desire to attack, offend, or make any reader angry or defensive. Unfortunately, honesty, and the expression of one's honest thoughts, often achieves those very results. So, all I can ask is please do not take my honesty personally; and to implore that readers extend to me every right that they claim for themselves.

It is my honest conclusion that the observable, documented and knowable evidence that is the actual history of the United States of America, reveals a shameful, inhumane, uncaring, overbearing and murderous nation. A nation, pious and arrogant, owned and dominated by Caucasian Anglo Protestants.

There is no conceivable argument that will disprove this reality. From the establishment of Jamestown, through the intolerance of the Puritans, the industrialization of slavery, the Imperialism of the "White Man's Burden," the extermination of Native American culture, or the exploitation of immigrant labor in order to create the world's greatest amount of wealth for the least number of people; from our very beginning through this very moment, the Elite Minority Faction that is served and protected by America's pseudo-Aristocracy and the Status Quo, have taken what ever they wanted. In other words, what America wants, America gets. Our hubris and our wrath, like the God of Christians knows no bounds; they are infinite and we are supreme.

This is an honest description of the actual day-to-day events upon which the mythological tales of America's history are woven, written and reprinted as texts used to educate future generations. All of it, the brilliant and heroic mythology, and the honest shameful truth was, and continues to be made possible by practicing the [Black] Art of Compromise. Compromise, within the context of government and governing, is the first act of corruption.

I had planned to delve deeper into compromise, but I believe that this is a good place to stop. I have the distinct feeling that some readers need time to digest this honesty and think, to let any anger or defensiveness that may have surfaced to dissipate. I sincerely hope readers will bare in mind that I do not attack persons I attack beliefs and ideas, perception and lies. In this instance it is the idea and lies of compromise. When a degree of calm is regained, and thinking is somewhat more reasoned and rational, I wish that you would share your thoughts and tell me about them. We will continue with this discussion on or before 30 April 2008. Give Peace a chance.
P.S. For anyone interested Cambridge University has put the Complete Works of Charles Darwin on-line at

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