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18 April 2008

Now that our initial encounter with the tax man is past it may be somewhat easier to take in new ideas, to focus on some possibilities. To begin, let me say that the attitudes, ideas and conclusions I intend to introduce and hopefully, generate discussion and debate about in the coming months, are not the ultimate answers or solutions; they are not exceptionally ingenious or brilliant, nor are they 'new,' in-so-far-as unheard of.

What they are is common sense; well reasoned, logical and thoughtful common sense. They are the result of more than thirty years of experience, growth, development and serious inquiry; and these attitudes, ideas and conclusions are my honest thoughts.

For example, our United States Internal Revenue Tax Code is the primary instrument and the machinery used by the proponents of the Status Quo to sustain the position, power, and wealth of Elite Minority Faction rule. Unless our system of taxation radically and completely changes, and unless the purpose and functions of our government institutions does the same, the United States, as we now perceive and recognize it, will fail.

It will fail in the sense that the geographical area- the place - known as the United States may remain, but the idea, the concept, the mythology, and most likely our original Constitution, will be replaced by something akin to the same kind of tyranny, despotism and oppressive government we revolted and fought a war against to gain our nation's independence. In other words, we, as a nation, will have completed the circle and cycle.
Once the cycle is completed, once the circle is closed, the United States and its government will have become the tyrant and oppressor. Either revolution from below, or invasion from without will signify the end of the original United States, and the beginning of something else.

Our current tax code and system of taxation is the most obvious process of government symbolizing America's failure. Its failure to live up to and enforce the terms of its legally binding Constitutional contract with citizens; failure to establish the ideals, purpose and function as described in that contract. Our tax code is the most convincing evidence that from the very start our nation- of the people, by the people, and for the people- is in fact, and in practice no different than any other in the history of the world.

All known government systems that have existed thus far in civilized human history have been controlled by an Elite Minority Faction consisting of those with position, with power, and with land and wealth. All government systems define the Status Quo and function to secure and sustain this relatively small and limited group.

It does not matter whether the government system is theocracy, authoritarian tyrant, revolutionary despot, fascist, socialist, monarchy, democracy, communist, or republic. Or, as in our case, representative democracy. Neither does it matter how they begin, or why. All known government has been ,and is, the product and tool of an Elite Minority Faction designed and implemented to protect those with power and wealth on the backs and with the lives of average common citizens.

The next logical adaptation in the evolution of government systems is a system of government that is based exclusively on human progress and happiness, on absolute equality of status, privileges, and rights for ALL citizens, and on the unqualified ethical conduct of government in all its functions and activities. These are the cornerstones of the foundation upon which Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is built. How does this tie in with our tax code discussion?

Out of the system and process contained in the philosophy of Humanistic Equalism I have developed the framework for a method of taxation designated as, "Equal Taxation." The complete and detailed explanation of Equal Taxation is recorded in a manuscript introducing Humanistic Equalism that I recently completed. For the moment it is only necessary to lay out the general idea and key points.

Equal Taxation's primary purpose and fundamental uniqueness is absolute equality. Equal Taxation's most radical and revolutionary features are that EVERY CITIZEN-PRIVATE AND CORPORATE- who makes more money or earns profits greater than the minimum tax-free threshold amount WILL PAY TAXES; and, that citizens filing personal income tax will be able to direct their president and representatives as to how they are to spend our nation's tax revenue.

After years of research and thought I determined two things regarding citizens' general hatred of government and taxes. First, our tax system is excruciatingly unfair; second, unwise and ineffective spending of tax collected by government. So, the challenge was how can taxes be made equal (because by default equal is fair), and how to give citizens first say-so in how tax dollars are spent.

To meet the first challenge it was determined that every citizen who qualifies to pay taxes will pay the same rate, or percentage. Also, that it is necessary to eliminate and prohibit all exemptions, tax credits, deductions, deferments and tax-free status- such as religious, non-profit, foundations, etc. THE LAW IS THAT IF YOU OWE YOU PAY.

To meet the challenge of giving citizens first control over how presidents and congress spend our money I have devised a means wherein our annual personal income tax form will consist of a brief section to figure out if any taxes are owed. (Since there will no longer be any itemized deductions, tax credits, etc., calculating one's taxes will be easy, straightforward, and simple.) The calculation section will be followed by a longer one containing a relatively detailed breakdown of the previous years' spending by the federal government.

Under three main headings representing the three branches of our government, spending by each branch will be further broken down by department, agency, and program. Citizens will then have the option of checking a box at the beginning of this section of the tax form that essentially tells the president and Congress to spend that citizen's tax payment however they see fit. Or, they may go through the entire spending section, maybe to one particular branch or agency, and check off those items that they wish their federal tax dollars to support. Citizens may also indicate what they DO NOT want their money spent for.

Once all citizens have filed their income tax forms and analyses are completed a final report with a well defined broad outline will be issued to the president, to congress, and to the public indicating what citizens want their tax money used for; what they do not want it used for, and how much on any particular item. If the president and congress do not agree they will have to convince citizens to allow them to do otherwise.

With this system lobbyists will no longer have any influence. Congress, presidents and those running for office will no longer be able to sell our tax code and regulations for campaign contributions or to secure employment after leaving government work. Those who now manipulate tax law or create schemes to reduce or avoid taxes will have to find an honest job. Our federal treasury will have more than enough cash. But most importantly, for the first time in history citizens will have real and substantive control of how and why a nation's money is used.

As I stated above the full description and explanation of Equal Taxation is more detailed and deals with most of the issues that readers might be thinking have not been taken into account. I will share more of those details at a later time. For now I will ask you to just consider the possibilities. If we implemented this system as it is basically outlined here, the United States of America could soon achieve a level and degree of economic and social equality that, in all of human history has never been accomplished.

Please let me know what you think and I will communicate with you again on, or before, 22 April 2008. Give Peace a chance.

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