Tuesday, April 1, 2008


1 April 2008...

What I would like to know from you is why you overwhelmingly continue to support the status quo?

Hello. My name is James B. Tinsley, I am glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to an extended and provocative discussion about the need for a second American Revolution. A Revolution that can be carried out using the weapons and ammunition found within the 'four-corners' of our United States Constitution and provided by those who constructed the framework of our nation expressly for the purpose of getting rid of bad government. A Revolution in our government structure; its function, purpose and conduct. A Revoultion to break the shackles of manipulation, suppression and control exerted and maintained by the status quo of elite minority faction rule. A revolution to cause and sustain a true shift of power in the United States of America.

I have recently completed work on what I believe to be a new political philosophy: Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government of Common Sense, by Common People, for Common Good. I hope to stimulate vigorous debate, along with serious consideration and analysis. I am convinced that Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government is the first new approach and process regarding the execution of government in more than five thousand years. Yes, that is a bold and heady claim, but so far as I can discern it is as true as it is justified. It is a claim that I want you to assist in refuting, or verifying, with your comments and criticisms. Next time I will begin laying out the specifics for edification.

For now, and to put the matter in motion, I am interested to know why it is that American citizens fight so hard to keep the status quo and resist, with the tenacity of a snapping turtle the undeniable need for, and the inexorable inevitability of change? It is going to happen, we all know it happens, generally, we expect it to happen. Yet, the advance of time, the unstoppable development of human understanding and intellect; and natural advances regarding the processes of civilization resulting from technological and scientific progress all continue to be vilified and feared by the average citizen. Our status quo today is the legacy of our nation's history. If that legacy, our current status quo, is broken as most citizens believe that it is, why do we fight tooth and nail to keep doing that which is failing; maintain a system, a process and a belief that has thus far yielded our nation's present state of decline? So, if you will please think about it and give me some feedback on why you think this is so, or not, I really appreciate your thoughts. More soon......James B. Tinsley, B.A.; contact: jtinsley01@gmail.com.

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