Thursday, April 10, 2008


10 April 2008

I do not know how it was or is for others when they first begin to participate and create in this medium, but for one who is computer competent and technically ignorant, such as I am, starting something, putting a thing in motion is time consuming, challenging and, at times, frustratingly difficult. In addition to this blog site I am also building a googlepages web page (site).

Shift of Power, this adventure, is one of the means I am employing to introduce and share what I believe to be a genuinely new political philosophy construct. The website is the beginning of a long term multi-faceted project regarding history.

Like most average people in our nation I am, in all candor, a materially 'poor' individual. But I have made an effort to really live my 55 years, tried to pay attention, to learn from my own ignorance, immaturity, impatience and indiscretion - and from that of others. Like most common citizens I have a sharp mind, I am curious and I adapt and learn quickly. Unlike many in America, however, I was fortunate in that I learned to read at a very early age, more importantly, I was apparently taught, and subsequently developed, excellent comprehension skills. Until I was offered an opportunity to attend college when I was forty-nine years old, the ability to read well, to understand and later to critically analyze and reason, to actually apply logic enables me to do essentially whatever I choose to do. Enough about days gone by and what I may or may not have done. It is 2008, April in America.

Amidst the vernal reawakening and rebirth over half our planet, the changing of weather, longer days, planting, marriage, reproduction. In the midst of the progress of nature the United States of America cowers and defensively postures, boasting of its "only remaining super-power" status while the corruption and profit of war create perpetual fear and darkness over the nation and throughout the world. Milton Friedman's Chicago School Free Market terrorism, with its sanctification and worship of unfettered privatization and profit, plunder and privilege, like an approaching super cell or hurricane, having reached our horizon. Its thick swirling all-encompassing black clouds hang menacing and low smothering our economy, fostering depression.

Friedman economics and religious terrorism -Christian and Muslim, domestic and foreign- combine to complete the dark shadow inundating America and blocking the life giving sunshine of liberty, hope, and prosperity. In the United States it is more like late December than April. Why? I submit it is because our nation, our government, our culture and society, as a product of Christian orthodoxy- Christianity's moral values and principles- considers piety, privilege, profit, property and power to be more important and valuable than the progress and happiness of living human beings.

This fact is what led me to create, develop and now present for edification and debate this new philosophy, system, and process of government, Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. Next time I will lay out the premise and the principles upon which it is organized and constructed. I am sincerely looking forward to your comments, opinions, and an extended and spirited exchange as this conversation moves forward. I will communicate with you again in four days, that is on 14 April 2008.

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