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22 April 2008

Today, 22 April 2008, is the day of the much anticipated Pennsylvania primary. Barrack, Hillary, all their supporters and detractors, along with the rest of us are obliged to pay attention.Why? In the end, when this year's presidential and congressional elections are over and decided, regardless of who wins, everything and every issue that concerns or matters to you and I - average citizens and common struggling working people - will remain the same as it ever was. The only true and consistent winner in American elections is the Status Quo. Status Quo is the promoter, protector and vicious defender for Elite Minority Faction rule. Consequently, I wish to begin this post with several questions for readers to ponder.

Is military power and dominance a greater achievement than productive, prosperous and happy citizens?
Is profit and property more important than people?
Are unfettered so-called "Free Markets" more valuable than improving the conditions and lives of all our citizens?
Are they the intent and purpose of our United States Constitution?
Is it really better to live in a nation that is, for the most part, poor, sick, and stupid, such as the United States is?
Do we truly believe that a nation of more than 300 million citizens where 90% of all wealth and benefit is owned and controlled by approximately 400-450 families and corporations is the "greatest nation" in history?
Is the United States of America really any different than the former Soviet Russia, than present day Iran, or than the known world was when it was dictated by some corrupt Vicar of Christ, some Pope in Rome?

The obvious and intellectually honest answer to all these questions is a resounding, NO!

As I have watched and listened to the current political productions being staged at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, and in the name of democracy, freedom, security and equality I have laughed and I have wept. My laughter is at the ignorance and credulity of our citizens; my tears flow freely for the same reasons. I wish to make a prediction, and I ask that you hold me to it.

My prediction is this: The course of our nation and the condition of average working citizens in America will not improve or substantially change no matter who is elected. Things might get worse, but there is absolutely no chance our daily lives will see any benefit as a result of the upcoming election process.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have any desire, will, motivation or the intelligence to initiate or engage in real changes to make our nation and our citizen's lives better or different than they are now. Just as it was in the beginning when King George of Great Britain was our lord and master, our only hope lies with and in the people. We are the only true source of power and the only chance Americans have to to actually change the United States and the lives of our citizens.

We must carry out a second American Revolution. It is our Constitutional duty and the obligation of our citizenship to overthrow the Status Quo power structure and remove a corrupt harmful government of Elite Minority Faction rule. Like our Fore-fathers and mothers did, we must re-declare our independence by establishing a new system and process of government. A government whose sole function, purpose and focus is empowering and improving the daily lives of it's living citizens. We must rise up and cause a radical and lasting shift of power.

I call for Revolution - not with guns and violence - but by using the arsenal of weapons embedded within our United States Constitution for this very reason. Revolution by Constitution!

In my post of 18 April 2008 I briefly described a method and means of taxation that is equal and gives primary control of our nation's revenue to the people. This is only one of four major and revolutionary changes arising from Humanistic Equalism: Philosophy for Ethical Government. A unique and new philosophy, system and process for politics and government.

In addition to Equal Taxation we must require a brief period of National Service for all citizens that are not too physically or mentally impaired to function without constant care. We must amend the Constitution to make "free" health care and "free" education a guaranteed right of citizenship available to all citizens beginning in the womb and continuing throughout their life until death.

In the coming weeks and months I will discuss in detail why we must do these things. I will tell you how they can be done. In the meantime, think about the questions posed at the start of this communication and please let me know your thoughts and opinions. I look forward to our next encounter on or about 25 April 2008. Give Peace a chance.

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